Satguru Bodhinatha and Innersearch Pilgrims visit Sivathondan Nilayam

On Monday, March 18 evening, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami was accompanied by Innersearch pilgrims to visit Sivathondan Nilayam at 434, Kankesanthurai road in Jaffna.

Day 6 Alaveddy Pasupathiswarar Temple Sivapuja and Planting Trees around Ashram

Recently, Satguru led the Innersearch pilgrims to the village of Alaveddy where Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami received his introduction to Hinduism and Jaffna Saivite culture. The Ashram's Pasupathiswarar Temple has Yogaswami and Gurudeva's photo above the shrine. After puja, the pilgrims planted 63 trees including Sandalwood and Teak to beautify the landscape of the future Parampara Shrine area. Sanjai Shanmuganathan, the young contractor has started work in rebuilding the retaining wall area and later work on the Shrine.

Parade to Kopay Subramuniya Kottam and Gurudeva Pada Puja

On day four of the 2019 Innersearch, pilgrims joined students of the Kopay Kottam in an elaborate parade with music and flags. Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the pilgrims stopped at the local temple nearby to offer our worship and continued to Subramuniya Kottam in Kopay.

Bhairava Temple in Erlalai

Yesterday our monks traveling in Sri Lanka, made a brief stop over at the Santhirapala family’s Bhairava Temple in Erlalai. There they enjoyed a wonderful puja with the UK-based family, who are also attending the 2019 Innersearch program. Bhairava temple

Video of Bodhinatha’s Visit to Kopai

This video produced by Sivan TV and though the talks are in Tamil language, it contains the procession, some extraordinary dances, the puja for Gurudeva’s holy sandals and lively bhajans.

Yogaswami’s 55th Mahasamadhi Observances and Guru Puja

Our innersearchers had a spectacular day on Monday, March 18, 2019, for the foot pilgramage to Columbuthurai from Nallur Kandaswamy Temple. The traffic virtually stopped at each junction as pilgrims from all over Jaffna, together with the Innersearchers, took their journey to pay homage to Paramaguru Yogaswami. These photo are from two side-by-side shrines. The one with the silver Tiruvadi is where Yogaswami spent many years living and was later renovated. The other is where his Samadhi ashes are kept and a granite Tiruvadi resides.

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple and Visit to Nallai Aadheenam

The much awaited visit to Nallur Kandaswamy Temple took place in the early morning on Sunday March 17. The majestic Nallur is the epicenter of the Sri Lankan Hindu identity. No photos were allowed in the temple and watchful eyes made sure all rules were adhered to. Men do not wear upper garments, as is tradition. The temple's administration has a flawless discipline in punctuality, order and neatness together with a humble approach to the equality for worship. Whether a local pilgrim, a high-ranking official or an esteemed guru, all are treated the same here. Come on time and you can pray to Lord Muruga's Holy Vel in the inner sanctum. An Innersearch pilgrim's visit here with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami can only be experienced to be known and will be held in reverence forever. After Nallur Temple, Innersearch pilgrims walked a small distance behind the Temple to pay homage to Nallai Addheenam and Sri La Sri Somasunthara Paramachariya Swamigal.

Day-long Drive to Jaffna & Halt at Ganesha Shrine at Elephant Pass

At 6:30 am Innersearch pilgrims brought their luggage down to the lobby at Jetwing Blue Hotel in Negombo. We have a long day ahead to Jaffna. After breakfast the pilgrims split up and boarded into two buses, the Banyan bus and the Cow gomatha bus. Lunch was in Anuradhapura. The stop at Elephant Pass Ganesha Shrine was to pay homage to Lord Ganesha for our journey and to immerse us in the memories of the path taken by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami many decades ago when he undertook his journey to meet Paramaguru Yogaswami.

Visit to Yogaswami Thiruvaddy Nilayam in Colombo

The Innersearch pilgrims together with the monastics has an informal breakfast at the Jetwing Hotel in Negombo and later assembled at the lobby to board two large buses for an hour and half ride to Colombo to meet a band of Yogaswami Devotees at the Yogaswami Thiruvaddy Nilayam.

Sri Lanka Innersearch 2019 Welcome and Reception

Today pilgrims began to arrive in Negombo for the 2019 Sri Lanka Innersearch program. Some arrived as early as yesterday and by 3:00pm today the whole group had arrived.

The Jetwing Blue Hotel staff gave a warm welcome and provided an efficient room registration, despite us having such a large group. At 5:00pm the entourage gathered at the lobby to be shuttles in small passenger buses to a nearby hotel ballroom. Pilgrims waited outside for Satguru Bodhinatha's arrival with his monks. He was welcomed with a troupe of Kandyan dancers

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