Satguru’s Travels Continue

More photos from Satguru's current adventures in Canada and the US, namely in Montreal, Vermont and New York. Satguru has been visiting with members and having satsangs. Members have also been showing Satguru around and taking him on fun excursions.

Satguru’s Travels

After a short time in Boise, Idaho, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami flew to Montreal, Canada. While there they spent time with devotees and explored the area on their morning walks.

Satguru’s Travel Update

A short update on Bodhinatha's location and status.

Satguru Is Up Up and Away

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami made their way to Denver for a layover before going to Boise, Idaho. After a few days there, the two will travel to Montreal, Vermont, Chicago, Kansas and back to Kauai. You can see all of Satguru's travels, and even join in on their mission, at our travel page

The Aloha Dinner, Pada Puja and Kumbhabhishekam In-Depth

Aloha Dinner

Click here and here for more photos of the Aloha Dinner

Pada Puja

Click here for description and more photos of Padapuja at our Spiritual Park

Sri Kaala Bairava Sivan Kovil kumbhabhishekam

Click here for description and more photos of Satguru attending kumbhabhishekam of Sri Kaala Bairava Sivan Kovil

Satguru with the President of Mauritius

Click here for more photos of courtesy call to acting President of Mauritius.

Satguru’s Arrival in Mauritius

Click here for more photos

Satguru’s World Tour Update

Shanmuganathaswami sends in a large batch of photos.

Satguru Travels the World in 18 Days

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Shanmuganathaswami have departed the small island of Kauai just this morning, and are headed off to Dubai, Mauritius, Switzerland and then back to the "very big island," what we call the mainland USA. Please visit our webpage for details and contact info.

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