Island School Visit

Island School is a private school on Kauai, and the social studies classes have taken a field trip here almost annually during the period of the year when they study world religions. The teachers say the students always enjoy their visit here because it's so different from anywhere else on the island. Pat Gegen is the teacher who brought the students this time. He said, "I really enjoy bringing the students because they are so amazed and it interests them - they leave with a much better understanding and a greater appreciation for the Hindu world." Here are some photos of the group visit a few days ago.

Final Portion of Bala Alaya Puja

A few days ago we posted about the Bala Alaya events to transfer energy from Kadavul Temple Nandi, Balipeedam and Dhvajastambha flagpole to a miniature wood replica so that craftsmen can soon do upgrade stone work around the bases. Here we present photos of the final event when the shakti was transferred from the kumbha pots into the replicas, just after the priests, Satguru and monks paraded all the kumbhas from the yagasala in Banyan Mandapam into Kadavul Temple in front of the Iraivan Sivalingam.
The shakti is contained in the water inside the kumbha pot, so a small amount of water from each kumbha was poured over each replica accompanied by powerful chanting, followed by decoration, dhupa, deepa, naivedyam. Toward the end, the priests chanted selections from all four Vedas, as is traditional at an event like this. Finally, they honored Satguru and he gave them the traditional tray of gifts and dakshina for their efforts.

Chinmaya Mission Swami Visit

Swami Sarveshananda from the Chinmaya Mission center in Dallas, Texas, visited our monastery for the first time as part of touring some Hawaiian islands. He attended the Siva puja first, then sat with Satguru for a few minutes to reminisce their previous interactions in Dallas/Fort Worth. Afterwards we took a walk out to Iraivan Temple. He was very charmed with the temple and surrounding grounds, noting various sacred trees and flowers as we walked. Swamiji recently installed a two-foot crystal Sivalinga at a Chinmaya Mission branch in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. When we were inside Iraivan Temple, he recalled being taken up inside the Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu Brihadeeswara temple vimanam tower by a priest who showed carvings of the Siva Tandava poses and said those were the first carvings copied from the original book about bharatanatyam dance. More about Swamiji here--

Yagasala Construction for Kadavul Nandi Mandapam Puja

We are getting ready to attach granite ornamentation to the base of the Kadavul Nandi and adjacent flagpole. In order to do this work, the shakti needs to be removed and stored temporarily in kumbhas through a special homa/puja. The Agamas prescribe a yagasala structure to contain the shakti until the work is done and we are ready to reactivate the area. Priests are being flown in to perform the pujas on Sept 11 and 12. Here are some photos of progress in the yagasala construction by the Siddhidata Kulam in our Banyan Mandapam. The kumbhas will be stored in the central platform. In the last photo they are preparing to paint red stripes.

Growing Green Gardens

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Recently work has begun on the landscaping immediately surrounding Iraivan Temple's foundation. For the most part this means preparing the ground for the hardy grasses that will surround the temple. In other areas, the landscaping is growing in lush and full. Below we present to you some aerial footage of the plants and streams along Rishi Valley, to the west of the temple.

"God is with us always, even when we are unaware of that holy presence. He is His creation. It is an extension of Himself; and God is never apart from it nor limited by it." - Gurudeva

New Banner for Festival Pujas in Kadavul

We recently received a colorful new banner to help enliven the atmosphere in Kadavul Temple during festival pujas. It has cute Nandis, elephants, roosters, a Sivalingam and kumbhas sewn on it.

Ganesha and Muruga Cleaning

Happy monthly Ardra nakshatra abhishekam today! The evening before Ardra, the Nataraja murti is cleaned and polished with tamarind paste and vibhuti. Speaking of cleaning, while our SSC sishyas--Sivaram Eswaran family--were here on pilgrimage, Sivaram cleaned the Ganesha and Muruga murtis who bless the entrance to our Svayambhulingam area at the end of San Marga path.

Iraivan Dhvajastambha Panels and Sivalinga Tiruvasi Installed

For quite some time there's been a blank space on the four, flat, bottom faces of the wooden dhvajastambha ("flagpole") in the Nandi Mandapam at Iraivan Temple. Blank no more! The gold-plated copper plates arrived in the recent (and final) container shipment, along with the gold-plated Tiruvasi (brass arch) Which will rise behind the Sphatika Sivalinga.

All the items were installed just days ago and are exquisite, as you'll see in this photo collection. Beautiful miniature yallis (guardian figures) mount on the four corners of the dhvajastambha panels.

In the photos the tiruvasi is still wrapped in plastic, which will be removed a bit later.

Final Iraivan Temple Shipment Arrives at Last!!!

Today was the long awaited arrival of the final shipment of stones and other items for Iraivan Temple. After a long journey from Bengaluru, these final containers landed on Kauai several weeks ago. They've been going through detailed import inspections and today, at long last, their contents have made it to the Aadheenam grounds. The delivery contained, among other things, the remaining rose granite flower pots which will grace the walls of Iraivan Temple's perimeter wall, the stone carved cladding for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Mandapam and Kodimaram, Iraivan Temple's new Nandi, and the golden Tiruvasi which will stand behind Iraivan Temple's Crystal Lingam once installed. Om Namah Sivaya!

Monastic Family Visit

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami's sister, Devi Marks, recently visited for about a week after a couple years break. Besides spending time with the monks, there were a number of new things to see, such as the stately lava rock San Marga bell arch. And she got to witness the concrete foundation pour for the Iraivan Temple stone bell tower.

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