Carving Progress on Iraivan Temple – December 19th, 2020

Aum Namah Sivaya

Currently, the siplis are working on several smaller projects in and around the main temple structure. Near the entrance, Adaikalam is carving flowers into the small square portions at the base of the pillars. On the outside of the temple, around the alcoves that surround the inner sanctum, Manikandan and Murugesan are working to fill some small wall sections where certain stones meet in the corners. Aum.

Iriavan Temple – Lavarock Wall Update – Dec 12

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we bring you quick update on the status of Iraivan Temple's Lavarock wall, which encircles the temple's concrete foundation. This week Umut and his team have made steady progress along the eastern side of the wall, bringing the whole southeast corner to near-completion. At a distance and as you approach the entryway steps, it looks complete. Theres just a little row of rocks to set on top. Much of this side of the temple has reached this point. Aum.

The Task of Tiling Iraivan Temple’s Foundation

Jai Ganesha!

Recently we have begun what will eventually lead to the tiling of Iraivan Temple's foundation plinth. Currently the entire plinth around the temple is bare concrete, but when complete, it will be topped with red granite tiles, accenting the white granite Temple and walls and continuing with the South Indian Temple theme of representing Siva and Shakti with whites and reds. White as the unmanifest and red as the manifest Universe. It's a process that requires a great deal of thought and careful calculation in order for us to be efficient and to produce the best result that we can. Click through the slideshow to learn a little more. It's wonderful to see yet another big part of the temple project begin to move. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Iraivan Temple Lavarock Update – November 28

Aum Namah Sivaya

While the Siplis are busy working on some smaller, detailed projects within the temple, the lavarock wall that surrounds the temple foundation continues its steady progression. The stones on either side of the entry staircase are beginning to look complete on the southern side. The stones along the entire east side of the temple are almost fully in place with the edge along their top almost complete. All the small stones acquired for the very top of the wall have been collected. The West side of the temple is also much further along with an entire row of stone having been added. Aum.

Iraivan in High-Dynamic-Range

Recently our monks have made a few fantastic HDR photos of Iraivan temple using photos from an iPhone. For those that don't know, these photos are made by combining three photos at different exposures allowing detail and color to be preserved in the shadows and highlights. Sometimes a little extra digital magic is added for fun, to make some outstanding visual experiences. Aum.

2020 Ayudha Puja

Recently our monks and siplis took time from their work in order to offer blessings to the tools with which we are able to do all that we do. Ayudha puja is a traditional day of blessings when we give thanks to our tools and equipment. This is especially important in the sipli tradition. Satguru and some of our monks joined the siplis at Iraivan Temple for a short puja to Ganesha and Saraswati, an arati was passed over the many tools which have built this temple. Following a ceremonial stone-chipping, Satguru presented each sipli with dakshina and everyone then enjoyed some wonderful prasadam prepared by Chinnu. Aum.

Iraivan Temple Lavarock Wall Update – Oct 22

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we talked with Umut and his team from Innov8 Construction about their progress on Iraivan Temple's lava rock wall, which clads the temple's 4-foot-high concrete foundation. They are making steady progress to bring the wall to height an all sides. Currently the east side is furthest along, with the rock reaching the top guide-string on about one-third of its length. The north and west sides are coming along as well, growing higher every week. At the temple entrance on the south side, the team has begun a push to build up the stones around the entry stairway. This type of lava rock construction requires massive attention to detail, as each stone must be fit perfectly with minimal chipping and no small stones stuck in between. If chipped too much to fit, the team risks exposing too much of the lava rock's blue interior, which will be noticeable in the final result.

A Short Summary of Two Great Temples

Recenty Jiva sent us this short comparison of Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjavore and our own Iravian Temple here in Hawaii. See below.

From Gurudeva:
"Visiting a Hindu temple, receiving darshan from the majestic Gods of our religion, can altogether change the life of a worshiper. It alters the flow of the pranas, or life currents, within his body. It draws his awareness into the deeper chakras. It adjusts his beliefs and the attitudes that are the natural consequence of those beliefs. But the change is slow. He lives with the experience for months and months after his visit to the temple. He comes to know and love the Deity. The Deity comes to know and love him, helping and guiding his entire evolutionary pattern.

"Darshan coming from the great temples of our Gods can change the patterns of karma dating back many past lives, clearing and clarifying conditions that were created hundreds of years ago and are but seeds now, waiting to manifest in the future. Through the grace of the Gods, those seeds can be removed if the manifestation in the future would not enhance the evolution of the soul."

Moving the Sanctum Doors to Iraivan Temple

Jai Ganesha!

Recently, several of the monks and the siplis brought Iraivan Temple's sanctum doors out of storage and into the temple. These doors are made of solid teak and are fully clad in decorative bronze work depicting ten forms of Siva. Currently the doors will remain in the temple while we move forward with the exacting process of fitting them to the stone entryway of the temple's sanctum. Aum.

Iraivan’s Temple Lavarock Update – September 20

Aum Namah Sivaya

A quick update to show us the progress on the lavarock wall along the eastern side of Iraivan Temple. To top layer of stones is gradually being completed. Following a taut string, which perfectly defines the top edge, each stone is hand selected to fit just right, and chiseled ever so slightly to get a perfect straight line all along the top of the lavarock face. These top stones have been completed along 1/3 of the eastern side of the temple.

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