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Wonderments of Yalis at Iraivan Temple

Wonderments of Yalis at Iraivan Temple

Aum Namah Sivaya. In the coming weeks we will be holding the blessing for the installation of the two Yalis at the front steps of Iraivan Temple. In a timely bout of creativity, Rajkumar Manickam has put together this wonderful photographic essay about these wondrous temple guardians. Enjoy!

Silpis Chipping Stones

A short introduction to the ancient and astonishing process by which hereditary stone carvers can create beautiful works of architecture—such as Kauai’s Iraivan Temple—out of a simple hammer and chisel. This video will be accessible from the Sipli Pavilion near Iriavan Temple via a QR code which will be decoratively displayed nearby. Aum.

Video edited by Rajkumar Manickam

A Blessing for Iraivan’s Lava Rock Wall

Jai Gurudeva! Today we celebrate the chitra nakshatra with our monthly padapuja to Gurudeva and at the same time begin the fulfillment of his vision for Iraivan Temple's lava rock wall. Following the early morning padapuja we traveled out to Iraivan Temple's northeast corner to ceremoniously lay the first stone. Umut was there with Chenk and Apé who will both be helping him with the massive project. Yoginathaswami performed a Ganesha puja and Satguru placed gems beneath the stone, which was then set. Umut said that this will be his life's greatest work. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Iraivan Temple’s Steps Come to Life!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Last week, after months (and technically years) of careful planning, the concrete foundation for Iraivan Temple's front steps was finally poured. A team of local concrete experts flaunted their skills as they quickly constructed a complex wooden form in which to pour an exactingly engineered slab, which will eventually be cladded in granite. The team finished quicker than expected and unexpectedly–and almost without warning–called in the trucks and began the pour. The moment that these countless hours of careful planning, measuring, construction and chance all led up to you ask? None other than Mahasivaratri of course. Perfect timing! Aum Namah Sivaya!

A New Web App: Pillars of Iraivan Temple!

Aum Namah Sivaya

One of Gurudeva's instructions for Iraivan Temple was that it was to be a library in stone, depicting many important facets of our great tradition upon its 24 outer pillars. Each of these pillars is beautifully carved with stone images, replete with meaning. Until now it might be hard to find someone who could give you a full explanation of each one, so we've compiled all that info into an easily accessible web app on our website. We're hoping it can help visitors and our tour guides, as well as anyone wanting to learn more about Hinduism or our temples online. You can access it at:

The app works well on phones, tablets or a desktop. We hope you'll enjoy exploring its rich content. Aum Namah Sivaya

Temple Plinth

One of the visually critical parts of Iraivan Temple is in progress. As our first art work from S. Rajam shows, there is a lava rock base, a plinth, below the granite, a black-and-white contrast that will give the appearance that the entire Siva Temple is sitting on a Hawaiian lava rock base, four feet high. Of course, this is impossible, since such a base could never support the 3.5 million pounds of stone above. It is part of another concept, the coming together of India and Hawaii.

Our master artisan, Umut, is originally from Turkey, but established now as perhaps the most masterful of all stone workers in the Hawaiian islands. He is now collecting stones for the project, which will take a team of 4-6 men three to four months to complete once they begin.

Yesterday, as he was delivering the 7th of 20 loads of moss rock, we captured him on video. He said it was the first time in his life he had been filmed. We asked him to share his experience and told us off camera, "With stone of this quality, I can do the finest work of my lifetime." Just what we wanted to hear!

You can watch his brief interview below. And follow his progress in the months ahead.

Iraivan Update – February 5th

Aum Namah Sivaya,

Today, our taskforcer Yajatadeva brings us some photos of Iraivan Temple's current progress. The siplis have finished the detail work on the yalli handrails and are now engaged in the joining work for the wall section that was above the recently removed earthen ramp. While that is taking place, some of the siplis are working on the details for the front steps which will go between the yallis. A new foundation piece has been poured in front of the temple to support the steps and the drain pipes along the outside of the foundation are being completed, which will allow for the lavarock wall to move forward. Aum.

Removing the Ramp

Aum Namah Sivaya

Recently, machine operator Pradeep, removed the dirt ramp which has long served as the route up to the Temple's foundation. With the front steps being worked on and the wall being completed where this ramp had been, we were finally able to dig it out. Now this area of the wall is open to its future lava rock cladding and the temple feels another step closer to its final form. Aum.

A Completed Lava Rock Wall Sample

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Recently or Lava Rock wall team completed the sample section of Iraivan Temple's lava rock incline which encircles the Temple's foundation. For those who know lava rock, you'll know that this is excellent work, each stone fitted flawlessly with minimum shaping done to each piece.

Scaffolding for the Kodimaram

Recently the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam assembled scaffolding around Iraivan Temple's kodimaram. This will allow easy access for any and all work related to the temple flagpole. For example, now the temple's flag pieces can be added. These are three horizontal decorative pieces that point towards the temple's vimanam (central tower). Also, recent storms had blown off some of the protective covering, which needed to be replaced.

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