Siva’s Great Night

The monks and devotees of Kadavul Nataraja celebrated the yearly festival known as Mahasivaratri. The temple was packed full of souls yearning to realize that divinity which lies within us all. Not only were we blessed by Siva's shakti, but also by a Yogi Tapasvin ceramony held by Satguru and the acharya's. Two young monks died as yellow robes took over their new bodies. When you get a chance, say hello to Yogis Mayuranatha and Jayanatha.

Our Mighty Murugan is Celebrated

The monastery recently celebrated Thai Pusam, the Kartikkeya-focused festival practiced around the globe. We enjoy this Mahadeva's shakti force as sweet items are poured over His temporary granite body. With Satguru present, and all the island members and devotees, all felt blessed and fulfilled.

Getting Ready for Thai Pusam

This full moon will be highly auspicious. Tomorrow we celebrate Thai Pusam. Vetri Vel Muruganukku! Haro Hara!

Ardra Nakshatra

Today the monastics and island devotees, along with about 60-70 attendees, celebrated our once-a-month Nataraja abhishekam for ardra nakshatra. Kadavul Nataraja was offered gallons of milk, quarts of honey and piles of holy panchamritham. After getting redressed in fine cloth and suffocated with fresh tropical flowers the Siva ashtottara—108 names—was chanted aloud. As tradition follows, photos of the main shrine are strictly prohibited, enticing you to make the trip and see Siva in the flesh.

Monks Celebrate Thai Pongal

To end last phase with a bang, the Siddhidata Kulam worked all afternoon to create a feast for their brother monks in honor of Thai Pongal. The harvest festival was decorated with a grand shrine in the middle of the kitchen, sugar-cane arch and as many fresh fruits and veggies plucked from the gardens as possible. Of course sweet rice and vadai overflowed in abundance, with colorful dal and veggie dishes as well. We hope you had a sweet Pongal and that your rice boiled over in the auspicious direction.

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