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Iraivan Temple Samvatsara Puja Live Updates

The first annual anniversary of Iraivan Temple’s consecration has arrived. Events take place on April 11th afternoon and April 12th morning. Besides footage that will be posted after the fact, we’ve set up a temporary album where footage will be posted live, as it happens. Feel free to regularly check the link below over these two days if you’d like a semi-live experience.

(Footage from this month’s Krittika Homa on April 11th morning is also posted in this album.)

Iraivan Temple Samvatsara Puja 2024

Iraivan Temple First Anniversary Puja Preparations

Preparations have been in full swing for Iraivan Temple's first anniversary pujas on April 11-12. From husking coconuts for kumbhas, to securing tents, to installing sitting platforms, a temporary homa kunda and hanging tombai decorations, these photos show a small portion of the details involved to get ready.

Observing Yogaswami’s 60th Mahasamadhi

Yesterday marked the 60th year since Yogaswami's grand departure. Here at the Aadheenam, the Satguru and the monks observed a small private arati at Yogaswami's shrine before beginning their morning meditation. In Sri Lanka, events were held at Columbuthurai, the Sivathondan Society and Alaveddy.

"Live a disciplined life. Everything else will take care of itself." - Yogaswami

Happy Mahasivaratri!

Iraivan Temple celebrated Mahasivaratri for the very first time on March 7th evening into the next morning.

From Dancing with Siva--
"Mahivartri is the night before the new-moon day in February-March. We observe it both as a discipline and a festivity, keeping a strict fast and all-night vigil, meditating, intoning iva's 1,008 names, singing His praise, chanting r Rudram, bathing the ivaliga and being near thevairgsas they strive to realize Paraiva."

We began with singing by devotees, then chanting Sri Rudram, followed by Satguru's upadesha on spiritual unfoldment through the four purusharthas, goals of life. The Pravin Kumar Gurukal performed homa, followed by the first kala abhishekam which ended about midnight.

After midnight, Gurukal continued with three more kala abhishekams, decorating Mahalingesvara sphatikalinga in a different manner each time, ending around 5am.

We Hope You Have an Insightful 2024 Mahasivaratri!

Tonight is Siva's Great Night. While our observance of Ardra Darshanam is a celebration of Siva as infinite creation, Mahasivaratri is much the opposite—an introspective dive into the perfectly still source of all that is.

Gurudeva describes Nirvikalapa Samadhi thus: “The inmost center of consciousness–located only after the actinic forces dissolve concepts of form and even consciousness being conscious of itself–is found to be within the center of an energy-spinning force field. This center–intense in its existence, consciousness only on the perimeter of the inside hub of this energy field–vitalizes all externalized form.” “Losing consciousness into the center of this energy field catalyzes one beyond form, time, space. The spinning hub of actinic energy recreating, preserving and dissipating form quickly establishes consciousness again. However, this is then a new consciousness, the continuity of consciousness having been broken in the nirvikalpa samadhi experience. Essentially, the first total conscious break in the evolution of man is the first nirvikalpa samadhi experience. Hence, a new evolution begins anew after each such experience. The evolutional patterns overlap and settle down like rings of light, one layer upon another, causing intrinsic changes in the entire nature and experiential pattern of the experiencer.”

Iriavan Temple Krittika Homa

Aum Namah Shivaya

At Iriavan Temple each month, during the Kirttika Nakshatra, Pravinkumar performs a special homa. Since Iraivan is not yet fully open to pilgrims, it is attended by Satguru and a few monks and devotees. This time, Rajen Manick was there to capture the event with his camera. This Krittika was quite auspicious, being very close to the full moon, with Ardra the next day and Thai Pusam being the next. This is a powerful time for inner and outer worship. Aum.

2024 Thai Pongal

Jai Ganesha!

Last week the aadheenam celebrated Thai Pongal. This annual celebration takes place during the month of Thai (~January), when the Sun enters Capricorn. It recognizes the solar new year and gives respect and thanks to Lord Surya, provider of light and life for our whole solar system.

On this day, the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam teamed together to make a special lunch for Satguru and the monks. They spent all morning making Channa Masala, Payasam, Vadai, Papadams Curries, Chutney, Sambar and of course, Pongal! To top it off everything was served on traditional banana leaves. Aum Namah Sivaya

Today is Gurudeva’s 97th

Happy Jayanthi, Gurudeva...

For decades January 5 has held a special place in our lives, the day we would fall at Gurudeva's feet and joyously wish him Happy Birthday.

In 1998, we held a special island-wide surprise party to honor his 72nd birthday. He regarded the 72nd as specially significant, entering the fourth stage of life, the sannyasa ashraa. The event was called "It's a Beginning!" Over 500 island residents were invited to the Kilohana Mansion for an evening of adventures. As the day approached there was much planning, but we only shared the minimum with him, so when he went out to get in the car, we kept walking and put him (amazed!) into a helicopter waiting in a field where Iraivan now sits for the five-mile flight to his party. Hawaiian hula dancers and chanters greeted him, and Hindu ladies offered the traditional arati at the entrance.

Inside, Gurudeva was brought to the stage where he danced with Kauai's Mayor, Maryanne Kusaka; he showing her Manipuri dance, she tutoring him in hula. We weighed him on a homemade scale and gave him a check for what his weight in gold was that day. A giant painting by Indra Sharma, a famed Indian artist, was unveiled to raucous applause. Butterflies were released; elders were honored by children (something Gurudeva stressed often); songs were sung and tearful testimonies shared; and a grand veggie dinner was served.
Today would mark his 97th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Gurudeva, as you continue to guide us in this and the inner worlds of light. Our offering today is not so social as that 1998 party, but our love, if anything, is stronger, and we place that as our gift at your feet today.

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