Happy 2020 Mahasivaratri!!!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Tonight in Kadavul Temple we celebrate Siva's great night with a homa, an insightful upadesha by Satguru and finally an abhishekam to the small crystal Sivalingam at the feet of Lord Nataraja. Instead of worshiping Siva in form, we dive within ourselves to realize our oneness with Parasiva, as the formless, timeless Absolute. It is a time to meditate on the source of our identity. Simply be the source of awareness within your mind. That is Siva. Aum.

"That which is neither internal consciousness nor external consciousness nor both together, which does not consist solely in compact consciousness, which is neither conscious nor unconscious, which is invisible, unapproachable, impalpable, indefinable, unthinkable, unnameable, whose very essence consists of the experience of its own self, which absorbs all diversity, is tranquil and benign, without a second, which is what they call the fourth state--that is the atman. This it is which should be known." - Atharva Veda

The Self God:

2020 Thai Pusam Abhishekam

Vel Muruga!

Several days ago our monks observed an abhishekam for Lord Murugan on Thai Pusam. Satguru arrived back from his travels that very same morning and was able to attend. Sannyasin Siddhanathaswami performed the abhishekam assisted by Nirvani Tejadevanatha and the younger monks. Lord Murugan was bathed in milk, yogurt, honey, citrus and more. His blessings were invoked, as the prana from these substances is reflected back into the auras of those who are present (and mentally present) during the final arati. Aum Saravanabhava Aum.

Happy Thai Pongal!

Today we celebrate Thai Pongal, a harvest festival common in South India, giving our appreciation for the abundance the Earth and Sun give us. The day is marked by the Sun's entrance into the sign of Capricorn. This morning the we gathered at Iraivan Temple with the Siplis to perform an arati, give thanks and, of course, eat vadai!

Ardra Darshanam 2020

Aum Namah Sivaya

Several days ago the aadheenam celebrated Ardra Darshanam. While we can't take photos of the abhishekam to Lord Nataraja, we can show you photos from the early morning Siva homa that takes place before-hand. The homa invokes God's energies within the main kumbha which is then poured over Nataraja as the final offering during the abhishekam.

Preparing for Ardra Darshanam

Aum Namah Sivaya

Tomorrow morning the Aadheenam celebrates Ardra Darshanam with a Homa and an elaborate abhishekam for Lord Nataraja in Kadavul Temple. Offerings for the abhishekam are being prepared and the Temple is being decorated. Monks from the Siddhidatta Kulam, along with Yajatadeva, spent an afternoon juicing citrus, hand-picked from our trees. This morning the silpis picked a huge bag of sacred bilva leaves to be offered as well. This afternoon monks prepared for the morning homa and hung a new festival flower curtain on the temple's ceiling.

Happy Pancha Ganapati Day Five!

Jai Ganesha!

Today our monks enjoy a special evening dinner with Satguru to celebrate the final day of Pancha Ganapati. We wish you all a full and festive holiday! Aum.

"December 25, orange:The family sadhana for the final day is to bring forth love and harmony within all three worlds. Because of sadhanas well performed during the first four days, the family is now more open and aware of Ganeshas grace, and their love for Him is now overflowing. On this day the entire family experiences an outpouring of love and tranquility from the great God Himself. His blessings fill the home and the hearts of everyone within it, inspiring them anew for the coming year."

Happy Pancha Ganapati Day 4!

Art by: Uma Nath Maurya

December 24, green: The sadhana of day four is to draw forth the vibration of joy and harmony that comes from music, art, drama and the dance. Family, relatives and friends gather for satsang to share and enjoy their artistic gifts. Then all sit together before Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture, discussing Hindu Dharma and making plans to bring more cultural refinements into the home. More gifts are placed before Pancha Ganapati.

Happy Pancha Ganapati Day 3!

December 23, red: The sadhana for the third day is to create a vibration of love and harmony among business associates, the casual merchant and the public at large. This is the day for presenting gifts to fellow workers and customers and to honor employers and employees with gifts and appreciation. The sadhana today is the settling of all debts and disputes. Gifts received are placed unopened before the Deity.

Happy Pancha Ganapati Day Two!

December 22, blue: Day two is devoted to creating a vibration of love and harmony among neighbors, relatives and close friends and presenting them with heartfelt gifts. The sadhana of the day is to offer apologies and clear up any misunderstandings that exist.

Relatives and friends in far-off places are written to or called, forgiveness is sought, apologies made and tensions released. Gifts received are placed unopened before Pancha Ganapati.

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Happy First Day of Pancha Ganapati!!!

December 21, yellow: The family sadhana for the first day of Pancha Ganapati is to create a vibration of love and harmony among immediate family members. The day begins early, and the entire family works together to design and decorate the shrine with traditional symbols, rangoli, lamps and more. Then a grand puja is performed invoking the spirit of Pancha Ganapati in the home. The sadhana of the day now begins. The family sits together for the purpose of easing any strained relationships that have arisen during the year. They make amends one with another for misdeeds performed, insults given, mental pain and injuries caused and suffered. When forgiveness is offered to all by one and all, they speak of each others good qualities and resolve that in the days ahead they will remember the futility of trying to change others and the practicality of changing ones self to be the silent example for all to witness. Gifts are then exchanged and placed unopened before Pancha Ganapati. As family harmony is important to all Hindus, this sadhana must be taken very, very seriously.

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