Natchintanai – 73 Spiritual Songs! Now in Unicode!

A book of Natchintanai by Siva Yogaswami:

Seventy-three songs full of the wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma and the enlightened vision of one of the most evolved siddha yogis of modern times, Siva Yogaswami.

Since 2009, Natchintanai – 73 Spiritual Songs was available with MylaiSri text for the Tamil. It was not possible to put it online, because that Tamil font would have rendered as gibberish. But now that Tamil has been re-entered in Arial Unicode! Now that it is in unicode, it can be copied and pasted across any web platform or in your email. The publication is also available in the EPUB:


This song book is dedicated to Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, affectionately known as Gurudeva. He gave us these instructions regarding the heritage of songs from his guru, Siva Yogaswami of Jaffna, Sri Lanka:

“All my followers shall revere as sacred scripture the songs of Sage Yogaswami, called Natchintanai, which entirely embody the teachings of our lineage and command one and all to ‘Know thy Self by thy self.’ Aum.

They and my noble mathavasis all follow the path of service so vigorously hailed by Asan (spiritual master) Yogaswami in his many Natchintanai hymns which embody our philosophy.”

Final Portion of Bala Alaya Puja

A few days ago we posted about the Bala Alaya events to transfer energy from Kadavul Temple Nandi, Balipeedam and Dhvajastambha flagpole to a miniature wood replica so that craftsmen can soon do upgrade stone work around the bases. Here we present photos of the final event when the shakti was transferred from the kumbha pots into the replicas, just after the priests, Satguru and monks paraded all the kumbhas from the yagasala in Banyan Mandapam into Kadavul Temple in front of the Iraivan Sivalingam.
The shakti is contained in the water inside the kumbha pot, so a small amount of water from each kumbha was poured over each replica accompanied by powerful chanting, followed by decoration, dhupa, deepa, naivedyam. Toward the end, the priests chanted selections from all four Vedas, as is traditional at an event like this. Finally, they honored Satguru and he gave them the traditional tray of gifts and dakshina for their efforts.

Kadavul Balalaya

Big News! As you may know, soon we will be adding the granite cladding to the bases of the Nandi Mandapam, Bali Pitham and Kodimaram (golden flagpole) in front of Kadavul Temple. This however, requires an important ritual, as is done for any construction that is to take place on an established temple. Beginning on the 11th, priests Kumar Gurukkal and Arul Vishvanathan performed a powerful ceremony which transfers energy out of the temple's Kodimaram, Bali Pitam and Nandi into a bala (small) shrine. This shrine is placed in Kadavul Temple, and mystically serves as these structures for the duration of construction and repairs. The event occurred in two parts over two days. The energies are transferred into kumbha's (water pots) and later from those pots they are transferred to the bala shrine. During the event various pujas occurred around the temple but a majority happened within the yagasala—a temporary structure for housing energies from the temple. The very first ceremony in Kadavul was a traditional puja which gives the priests permission to become temporary proxies for Satguru. As in the Agamas, the elaborate performance of these rituals is performed by the guru himself. They also asked the Kadavul Temple deities for permission to begin. Without this permission the remaining ceremonies would not be fruitful. The next homa was in front of the temple's kodimaram and as soon as it began, unusually heavy rains poured until the moment that it was complete. Perhaps we should warn our neighbors next time. Next, through various pujas and homas the power was transferred out of the large stone Nandi in front of the temple and into Kumbhas. The following day the kumbhas were paraded by Satguru and the monks from the yagasala into Kadavul Temple. There they were used to transfer the power to the bala shrine. This fig wood replica of all three structures now sits in Kadavul in front of the Crystal Lingam and all rites that would normally happen around Nandi are done to the replica instead. Now the silpis can work on Nandi's base without disturbing Kadavul's energies.

Take a moment with each photo experiencing the event as if you were here with us!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Ganesha Chaturthi 2022

Join us today at 3:00pm Kauai-time for Kauai Aadheenam's humble abhishekam for Ganesha Chaturthi! For more information about this important annual celebration visit:

New Banner for Festival Pujas in Kadavul

We recently received a colorful new banner to help enliven the atmosphere in Kadavul Temple during festival pujas. It has cute Nandis, elephants, roosters, a Sivalingam and kumbhas sewn on it.

Mauritius Satguru Purnima, and Gurudeva Pavilion Unveiled

This was a special Satguru Purnima padapuja at our Spiritual Park because it was the first to be held since lockdowns were ended. A new addition to the Spiritual Park made it extra special. We now have a beautiful new pavilion to honor Gurudeva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami as the founder. It is in a appropriately prominent position, just across from the front entrance gate and very close to the Panchamukha Ganapati Mandapam. With a oval wood floor and water tank/fountain wrapping around Gurudeva's photo, the design is elegant. Click here for many more photos of the opening ceremony followed by padapuja to the paduka of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

2022 Guru Purnima

Early this morning the aadheenam celebrated Guru Purnima with an early morning parade and puja honoring Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Following the chariot parade down San Marga, our monks and devotees sat down for a pada puja as Satguru entered deep meditation. After the puja, satguru gave blessings to all present.

Kularnava Tantra:
GURU devotion

Lord Siva: "There is One Real. Call it Siva. This Parabrahman is formless, stainless, one without a second, changeless, beyond the highest. This Mahesvara is all-knowing, all-doing, sovereign of all, self-luminous, without beginning or end. All embodied souls, jivas, all the born creatures, are portions of Me, like sparks of the fire. But human birth is the most important, for it is then that one becomes awake, aware of his state of bondage and the necessity of release. It is then that one is in a position to take steps for his liberation from bondage's hold.

"Humans have a self-will and are not totally subject to the impulses and drives of nature as are other creatures. It is only on this earth--and that too in a human body endowed with a soul--that one can choose one's path for spiritual progress. But not all are aware of the precious opportunity afforded by human birth, which is truly the ladder to Liberation. The Self is to be realized only here in this life. If here you do not find it and work out the means for your Liberation, where else is it possible? It is possible nowhere else. It has to be worked out by yourself from within yourself.

"The world you reach after the physical body is shed is determined by the level of consciousness reached while in the body. So, as long as the body lasts, exert yourself towards the goal of Liberation.

"Remember, the physical body does not last forever. Age prowls like a leopard; diseases attack like an enemy. Death waits not to see what is done or not done. Before the limbs lose their vitality, before adversities crowd in upon you, take to the auspicious path.
Therefore, choose, then worship a Satguru. Worship his feet. Cherish the very sandals (paduka) which hold his feet. All knowledge is founded on those paduka. Remember and cherish those paduka, which yield infinitely more merit than any number of observances, gifts, sacrifices, pilgrimages, mantra-japa and rituals of worship."

Photos from Vaikasi Visakam 2022

Vel Muruga!

We hope you had an inspiring and meditative Vaikasi Visakam.
If you missed the puja the live stream video can be found on our Youtube Channel. In this post we bring you some photos of yesterday's abhishekam.

June Gurudeva Chitra Padapuja

On June 11th morning we celebrated Gurudeva's monthly padapuja to honor his Mahasamadhi on Chitra nakshatra. Thanks to local sishyas for providing new flower arrangements for the occasion. An update of Gurudeva's year-long calendar of quotations will be printed soon, this time including some quotes from Satguru Siva Yogaswami and Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

2022 Vaikasi Visakam

Live Stream of Kauai Aadheenam’s annual celebration of Vaikasi Visakam

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