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Kadavul Temple Now Open by Reservation

March 2021 Update — Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is required to follow COVID-19 related restrictions issued by the State of Hawaii and the County of Kauai that apply to all places of worship. These restrictions are independent of travel policies for Hawaii. These rules regarding places of worship require those inside Kadavul Temple to wear a mask when within six feet of those of another household and in general maintain social distancing of six feet of physical separation.

Kadavul Temple’s 9 AM Siva puja has been open to Saiva Siddhanta Church members and active Himalayan Academy students living on the island for some time. Two more categories of those that can attend have now been added. The first is island residents who are not Saiva Siddhanta Church members or active Himalayan Academy students. They are allowed to attend a maximum of once every two weeks. The second category is visitors from off island following an approval process. Observing these restriction, Kadavul temple is open, but with limited capacity (of 14 persons) and a reservation is required. Email: to make your reservation. Note that the monastery grounds are still closed.

History of Hindu India Music Video – Indians Love Pilgrimage

“Indians Love Pilgrimage” is the fourteenth song in Hinduism Today’s History of Hindu India Music Video series. It is a song for children intended to complement the fifth chapter of our popular History of Hindu India documentaries, “21st Century India.” The documentaries and songs neatly supplement the study of India and the Hindu religion in American middle schools. This music video covers the concept of pilgrimage in Hinduism, including descriptions of Amarnath Cave pilgrimage and the 22 purifying wells of Rameshwaram Temple. Throughout Indian history, pilgrimage has been a great unifying factor across the subcontinent.

Produced by Hinduism Today

Music and Video: Aks and Lakshmi (
Lyrics: Dragan Stojkovski
Subtitles: Igro Burenkov (,

Complete History Series Playlist:…

Alaveddy Update

During the 2019 Sri Lanka Innersearch, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami along with the Innersearch pilgrims from around the world, planted trees at our Sri Subramuniya Temple in Alaveddy.

Satguru gracefully planted the first sandalwood tree. Following that, another sixty-three trees, representing the sixty-three Saivite saints, were planted by the pilgrims.

These trees were planted around the temple property to create a lush green border. They all are growing tall and happy with new shoots of healthy and wide heart-shaped shining leaves. Thank you very much for your blessings Satguru!

Love, Thondunathan

Happy New Year!

Aum Namah Sivaya, Today we celebrate the solar new year. We now enter the Hindu Year of Sarvari, 5122. We know that many of you are confined to your homes, so perhaps this small slice of Kauai Aadheenam will help. Here are some 360 videos to transport you here. Click play and mouse around. Best to to watch full screen and use headphones or even a VR headset. If you have a good connection, click the gear and watch in full quality. Sit with Gurudeva near Narmada Stream: Perform Ganga Sadhana at Bali hai: If you miss going to work, you can join in alongside the Ganapati Kulam in their Media Studio: Meditate in peace at the Svayambhu Lingam: Aum Namah Sivaya

Welcoming Our Many Guests

By now we thought everyone was back to work or school, but tour day was as busy as ever: 100+ guests

Seven Wonders of Kauai Aadheenam

Inspired words from a pilgrim who attended the 2019 Mahasamadhi celebrations. Aum Namah Sivaya

A Visit from Sivakumar and Lavanya

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today the Ganapati Kulam enjoyed a visit from Sivakumar and Lavanya Saravan who are on pilgrimage here from Singapore. While here, their son Easan will be serving as a taskfrocer.

Nellaiappan and Maragatham, 40+ Years of Service!

It was about 1977 when Gurudeva went to India and met Mr. Lakshmanan Nellaiappan. At that time he was working for The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation, aka "Poombuhar". Through Poombuhar, (established on 1973 ) all the artists and craftsmen in Tamil Nadu were supported and found a venue for theirs creations to reach the world.

Gurudeva, besides working for the Hindu Renaissance through his books and Hinduism Today, felt it was important to bring the art of the Hindu tradition, to the west. So it was that the first statues of Tiruvalluvar and Tirumular that are now outside the courtyard where the have meals, were first commissioned and through Nellaiappan help and guiding hand, were brought to Hawaii/America.

Since then he has worked tirelessly for the mission for over 40 years! When our previoius Indian Liason Officer, Mr. Murthi, passed away, Nellaiappan become the official Indian Liason Officer for Saiva Siddhanta Church and Himalayan Academy.

During that time he has helped with countless projects from getting robes shipped for the monks, helping arrange the India programs for Innersearch, sending products for, facilitating communications with craftsmen... the list of what Nellaiappan has accomplished goes on and on.

Recent Satguru Darshans

Visitors from Greenland

Paramacharya hosted some special guests yesterday morning, from Russia and Greenland, LA and elsewhere. This first photo is of Ole, a native of Greenland, who says his lineage is akin to the Inuit. It was his 60th birthday and he was happy to spend it in a sacred space.

We learned there are no trees in all of Greenland (though it is fully 50% the size of the United States) as it is 85% covered with ice. Well, there are some trees planted in recent years by botanists, but precious few. The group is doing work to protect the Arctic, including a recent release of their documentary starring Mikhail Gorbachov whom Gurudeva met in 1990 at the Global Form for Human Survival. All enjoyed the story of "the Aum in the Kremlin," and Gurudeva's insight that this helped break up the old Soviet Union, just months later.

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