An Invitation to Innersearch Sri Lanka 2019

You’re invited to join Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and four of his monks on a spiritual pilgrimage across the island of Sri Lanka. The program will take place March 14th through 29th of 2019 and will take us to many of the holiest places of our guru lineage.

Sign up today at:

Enjoy this lovely aerial video of the sacred Nallur Temple in Jaffna, during its 2017 Chariot Festival.

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

Recent Monastery Guests

The aadheenam is buzzing right now with friends and devotees from all over the world visiting to see Nataraja and the monks. The Ganapati Kulam was fortunate to have the Tanzi family at their morning editorial meeting yesterday.

Rudy Tanzi is to the left of Paramacharya, Lyla and Asha Tanzi on the right. The family has quite the list of accomplishments--too many to list here. For more reading on Rudy, see his Wikipedia page at

Asha, a neuroscientist by trade, and her daughter Lyla are currently working on transforming our most recent publication Path to Siva into a kid friendly version.

Recent Visitors

Many Monastery Guests

During Guru Purnima time many guests and devotees arrive at the Aadheenam. For example Dohadeva and Nagavathy Shamugam are here from Singapore visiting with their Satguru and with their monastic son, Dayanatha. Vel Mahalingum is here on task force from Mauritius, and enjoyed helping with the recent Purnima preparations. Aran and Tara Veylan are visiting Kauai from Edmonton, Canada. Aran got a chance to help with the monastery noni operations. And of course we had a wonderful tour group the other day. All in all a busy and wonderful time of year. Of course we've had many other visitors who we didn't have photos of.

Recent Visitors

Neelu Chawla and daughter Meena, from Indiana

Recent Visitors

Vana Dineshkumar and Janani Easwaran from Toronto

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