The Kauai Farm Fair

Over the retreat, Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Natyam Dayanatha visited the Kauai Island Farm Fair. This fair is the largest farm fair in Hawaii, and the biggest annual event on Kauai with some 35 to 40 thousand people attending (the island population is only 66,000). Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam, Chinnu, and our Iraivan Temple Silpis came along for the event. While there, our group encountered several local SSC members, including Vel Alahan who was stationed at the "Kauai Grown" booth, giving out samples of the monastery's very own Wailua River Noni Juice.

Hanuman Is Broken: CHAPTER THREE

What follows may startle you. We hope not, because it has such a delightful end. As we said in Chapter One, the master carvers of South India spent four years crafting what we regard as the most graceful, powerful, and artistic Hanuman ever made. It was originally sculpted in Mahabalipuram, then shipped to our site in Bengaluru, about 450 kilometers away. Then our team there spent another two years refining it. Finally in 2013 the 13-foot-high Hanuman made his voyage to Kauai where He was displayed for all to see, as we waited for the day of His installation.

One day when the monks were out near Iraivan Temple, where He lay on a massive steel pallet, they saw what appeared to be a crack on his ankle. Looking more closely a far more serious realization came: Hanuman had broken in half (perhaps a micro flaw in the original stone), the lower legs and mountain had been completely severed from the main body.

What happened, we came to know, was that the hard white foam (which you can see in this first photo, had grown soggy over the years of exposure to rain and sun and rain and sun again. The top part of Hanuman's body settled, a mere 1/8th of an inch. But the bottom half, with his feet and the mountain) could not move as they were locked down by the supporting crate. That small movement had broken Hanuman in half.

What happens next proves that all things in life are a boon, if we but react and respond to them with higher consciousness.

Monk Hike

A belated adventure photo journey from several monks who went up the river after one of our largest storms in recent history. One can see the damage the water did, but also the beauty it exposed.

June Tour Day

The first tour day of the month went swimmingly. Souls poured in from Vishva Guru's wrenching grip, seeking the light of clarity that Kauai's Hindu Monastery is known for. Most reports are similar in nature: "This place is so calm and quiet, so peaceful."

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami signed books in Satguru's stead; questions from seekers were framed around "unity in consciousness, consciousness in unity."

Devoting our lives to sacrifice, to service and to understanding the nature of the mind, comes with great burdens and pains--but the end result pales in comparison to any fleeting whimsy of the conscious mind. So what's your sacrifice? What is your burden? What is your meaning? Perhaps you can find joy inside the struggle of learning and come out wiser than before. Grace is then nothing but the manifestation of your hard work, the sum total of your hardship and enduring of the mundane. Maybe grace is just your own darshan beaming backwards into yourself, a reflection from the mirror-like granite murti worshiped in earnest. Who Knows? Somehow, in some mysterious way, the guru unlocks this grace. It is his seva, his dance.

Bodhinatha Returns to Kauai

Satguru's 3 week mainland/Europe mission has ended and his return home is ushered in with a short pada puja at Kadavul Temple. Bodhinatha marches off again on May 28, just a few weeks from now, to visit Malaysia.

Poipu Outing

A few of the monks and a taskforcer went to the beautiful land of Poipu during the three-day retreat. Here are some wonderful photos capturing moments of the trip.

Watching Trees Grow

The rows of tall trees in the center of this photo (notice a tiny Yogi Adinatha at the base of them) is a small part of our larger koa planting. This endeavor has been quite successful, and we understand ours to be the largest recent planting of koa in the state. Scientists at the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center have bred these trees specifically to be resistant to the infamous koa wilt disease, which is ravaging much of the island's koa trees.

Sounds of the Wailua

For anyone needing a little natural beauty straight from Kauai Aadheenam, here is a 360 video on the Wailua River. We suggest you use full screen and that you view it at the highest possible quality. Maybe you can have yourself a short, three minute meditation on the River's flowing waters.

"Not hammer-strokes, but dance of the water, sings the pebbles into perfection." - Rabindranath Tagore

Click and drag to pan

Iraivan's Final Stone Carvers Arrive

After months of visa coordination, on-site clearing, cleaning and preparation, the last batch of silpi artisans arrive on Kauai. Today they are getting settled in to their new home and start orientation tomorrow.

Yoginathaswami reports that the first objective will be to check where we left off all those years ago and measure critical markings on the Nandi Mandapam again so we can establish accurate continuity.

Much more to come from Iraivan in the days ahead. This is an exciting time to say the least.

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