The World Belongs to Those Who Let Go

A view of our sacred mountain today. The rolling rains clouds have brought us thunder and many glistening waterfalls which shine from Waialeale.

Missing Volcanic Glass

Aum Namah Sivaya

We've recently observed an interesting happening at the aadheenam. Out front of Kadavul Temple has long sat a rather lovely piece of volcanic glass which was gifted to the monastery many years ago. Several weeks ago it was stolen and has not returned. Word (and misinformation) has spread, and we have had a few frantic calls from our island Kama'aina who have thought that it was the large 700 pound crystal that was gone. So to everyone we would like to say, don't worry, the Crystal Lingam is more than safe. Aum.

Wailua Mission Rudrakska Day

The biggest donor to Iraivan is? Guess what? The Rudraksha Tree! Each month the Wailua Mission prepares the rudraksha beads grown on San Marga for sale. The proceeds from the Mini-Mela go to the Iraivan temple. We just had "Rudraksha Day" on July 27th.

Napali Coast Catamaran

Several days ago a catamaran ride was sponsored for some of our monks and for our taskforcers. The afternoon catamaran tours depart midday from the west side of our island and make their way north, up and around the Napali Coast--the beautiful northern cliffside of our island. You might recognize these cliffs from Hollywood films such as Jurassic Park or Pirates of the Caribbean. These are some of the most quickly eroding geological formations of this scale and can be seen to drastically change in just one lifetime. Upon reaching the top of the island the catamaran turns around and raises its sail for the ride back, making for a relaxed dinner cruise before sunset.

Did you know that the word "catamaran" comes from the Tamil language. It is originally "kaṭṭumaram." Kattu means "to tie" and maram means "tree," describing a vessel made with wooden outriggers.

The Great Hawaiian Protector

Our monks enjoy a blessing from a Hawaiian Aumakua, an ancestral guardian.

To the Hawaiians the owl is a protector and guide, held as sacred. This sentiment is encapsulated in the saying "A no lani, a no honua" meaning "Belonging to heaven and earth."

Our Cows Enjoy The Sunshine

Today was Ashram Sadhana day, a day where all the monks come together to clean and tidy up the Aadheenam. A few monks did some fence repair for our cows pasture, and the whole herd came over to say hello.

A Visit From a Hawaiian High Priestess

Today the monastery enjoyed a visit from Leimomi Mo'okini Lum. She is the soon-to-be 93 year old, Hawaiian Priestess who originally presented Gurudeva with the Kuloulou Staff. The staff still sits to the right of the Guru Pitam, opposite to Satguru's Silver Danda. She is currently doing wonderful work to restore and utilize a large Heiau—an ancient Hawaiian Temple—on the big island. You'll note that Leimomi is currently in a wheel chair, but it's not because she's too old to walk, it's because she hurt her ankle while hiking! We have much to learn from this bright soul.

"Kulou" means to "bow the head," for the Kuloulou Staff is considered one of the most sacred Hawaiian symbols. Today Leimomi replaced the special Hawaiian cloth which covers the staffs spherical top. While here she also enjoyed a tour of Iraivan Temple and a visit to the Media Studio to "talk story" with the monks there.

Ending the Phase

"Running water will run faster if you remove an obstruction here and there. You need not do much more." Siva Yogaswami

After a six days phase the monks will head into their two day retreat. Here, the sun sets over Kauai's Mount Waialeale, the Wailua River and Iraivan Temple. Aum Namah Sivaya

Banana Propogation

Over the retreat the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam attended a class on banana propagation, along with 40 other local growers. It was quite an informative seminar, covering professional details of propagation along with providing information on dealing with bunchy-top, a local virus that causes a lower yield from banana plants. During the class, everyone got to try out some hands-on propagation and there will be a follow up class in a few months to see how our bananas are growing.

Ending a Productive Phase

Aum Namah Sivaya

The monastery has enjoyed a busy phase, as we ready for the arrival of pilgrims for our 2018 Mahasamadhi celebrations. Also this phase, the Hinduism Today team has been hard at work finalizing the next issue of the magazine. After our retreat Mahasamadhi phase begins with a early morning homa and days of classes and events for pilgrims. See you agian soon!

"As long as there is searching, Parasiva has not been found, for searching is two, while It is one." Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

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