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An Upgrade to the Aadheenam’s Water Source

The State is upgrading a section of the ditch which flows from Wailua Reservoir (a short distance from the monastery) and winds its way through the entire monastery grounds. It is a source of water for our cows, gardens, the Rishi Valley ponds and more. It was shut off about two weeks ago to do this work. The engineers decided that the open ditch on the outside slope of the dam was weakening the overall structure by soaking the ground. They decided to upgrade that section of the ditch to a 200 foot section of concrete pipe, connecting to the culvert under Kuamoo Road. The water then opens to the ditch on the University of Hawaii's Agricultural Station adjacent to the monastery and then flows into our streams.

Off on an Adventure!

Recently Nirvani Tejadevanatha (camera man), Yogi Dayanatha and Yajatadeva took an exploratory journey up river. After our recent, record deluge this was a good opportunity, not only to hike through some of Kauai's natural beauty, but also to survey the many changes that had taken place following the storm. Countless trees and plants have been washed away and many rocks and boulders have been relocated. In the morning the three set out from our waterfall and walked upriver towards the mountain as far as the ford that we use to cross over to our agricultural land.

The Wailua River Floods its Banks

Several days ago the monastery witnessed a powerful lightening storm, which brought with it tremendous rains throughout the night. Many suggest this was the Wailua's largest surge in the last 50 or 100 years. By 2:00am the flooding river had broken the state river gauge and would soon remove trees and strip bare the the banks of plants and silt, leaving only rock. Though none of us saw it while it was at full hight, the massive instant landscaping was more than obvious the next morning. Thankfully it didn't quite reach our large banana patch!

Visit from Hawaii Kupuna

Recently we appreciated a visit from a group of Kauai elders, who all enjoyed a morning tour of our temples and sacred gardens. Aum Namah Sivaya.

An Outing to the North Shore

Over the retreat, Sannyasin Yoginathaswami and Nirvani Tejadevanatha took the siplis and Chinnu to the north shore to visit the beach. Beforehand they visited an American icon that the silpis deeply enjoy — Walmart, where they spend happy hours. It was a perfect, sunny day to visit the ocean. Even the oft rainy Halanei area was nice and dry. Aum.

Recent Public Tour

Here's a group from one of our weekly tour days. This day saw over 100 people, awed and inspired by their adventure through the Aadheenam's natural beauty and mystical artistry. Here they pose by the Sipli Pavilion before heading over to Iraivan Temple to see how it is carved, firsthand.

The Siplis Visit Maha’ulepu

Recently the siplis enjoyed and outing to the southern shore of our island with Nirvani Tejadevanatha and Yogi Dayanatha. The day's adventure was a hike along the Maha'ulepu cliff sides ad beach. The cliffs are ancient sand dunes that have been hardened and compacted into limestone ledges and cliffs. Over time the ocean has worn them away, making for some interesting rock formations to explore.

Silpis Visit Maha’ulepu

Over the retreat, Yogi Dayanatha and Nirvani Tejadevanatha took the siplis to the south of the island to hike along the Maha'ulepu Trail. The trail takes you along some beautiful cliff sides and leads towards the Makauwahi Cave Trial. Everyone had a chance to explore the archaeologically and geologically important Makauwahi Cave and then visit the nearby tortoise reserve.

Kauai High School Visit

Recently the aadheenam enjoyed a visit from students of the Kauai High School. While here they enjoyed a tour of Iraivan Temple and our tropical gardens. For many, this was their first time visiting the temple. Aum.

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