Ending the Phase

Today is the 5th sun of our lunar week, so tomorrow the monks will be heading into a two-day retreat. This afternoon we all gather in Kadavul Temple for our monthly puja to Gurudeva's Paduka durning the hours of the Chitra nakshatra.

This was a full week for the monks. They banded together to clean the monastery for a day. They conducted round-the-clock temple pujas as is the norm. They digitized their archives. They worked to steer Iraivan Temple construction on its steady course. They cared for our cows, and the aadheenam's vast wildlife. They did the important work of finances, shipping and publication sales. They worked to create another issue of Hinduism Today magazine. They made repairs and did upkeep around the monastery. They harvested fresh grown vegetables; they meditated upon the Absolute.

But for all this, there is the feeling that nothing is happening. All this movement is as natural as the rains that patter upon the taro leaves or the trees that ever so slowly reach for the sunlight above. It is all Siva's dance.

Hanuman’s Many Forms: CHAPTER EIGHT

Our seven tales of Hanuman have captured a small but historic event that unfolded at Kauai's Hindu Monastery and reverberated far and wide. We have seen how life, if responded to from a spiritual place, is full of blessings, not all of which are immediately obvious. In truth, it is all Siva's doing.

Today in this last chapter of our story we stop to reflect on other forms that Hanuman has taken around the world. Some are giant, some are elegant, all are heroic, for that is Lord Hanuman's spirit: courage, loyalty and service to the Divine. Our second photo today shows the hands of Barack Obama, holding among other things a small metal Hanuman he kept for strength and protection.

From there we travel to India and Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. Come along as we seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman that our life, like His, can be one of pure love of and service to God. Jai Hanuman!

Jai Swaminarayan!

The monastery had the pleasure to host two sadhus from the Swaminarayan Order, Swami Mangalnidhidas and Swami Paramtattvadas. The two have been around the island sightseeing, interviewing with our Acharyas and attending the 9am Siva puja. Their visit to the aadheenam is following their youth program which had over 3,000 kids, and the World Sanskrit Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Our talks were very fruitful and many great things will come in the future thanks to the help of the BAPS Order.

On Taskforce

A few days ago Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam arrived from Mauritius. He'll be here enjoying nearly six months of taskforce. Vel is always a bright and enjoyable addition to the aaadheenam's Siddhidatta Kulam, helping with the many and multifarious tasks and events that take place here. Welcome Vel! Aum Namah Sivaya

Sivamani Plays at Kadavul Temple

Each month, during the auspicious day of the Ardra nakshatra, the monks of Kauai Aadheenam celebrate with an abhishekam to Nataraja in Kadavul Temple. Today, Anandan Sivamani visited the monastery to offer his music to Siva.

Bodhinatha Returns

Satguru's tour around the world is over for now. The monks welcome him and Shanmuganathaswami back home with a short pada puja and arati, first to him and then for him in Kadavul temple.

Hanuman Is Broken: CHAPTER THREE

What follows may startle you. We hope not, because it has such a delightful end. As we said in Chapter One, the master carvers of South India spent four years crafting what we regard as the most graceful, powerful, and artistic Hanuman ever made. It was originally sculpted in Mahabalipuram, then shipped to our site in Bengaluru, about 450 kilometers away. Then our team there spent another two years refining it. Finally in 2013 the 13-foot-high Hanuman made his voyage to Kauai where He was displayed for all to see, as we waited for the day of His installation.

One day when the monks were out near Iraivan Temple, where He lay on a massive steel pallet, they saw what appeared to be a crack on his ankle. Looking more closely a far more serious realization came: Hanuman had broken in half (perhaps a micro flaw in the original stone), the lower legs and mountain had been completely severed from the main body.

What happened, we came to know, was that the hard white foam (which you can see in this first photo, had grown soggy over the years of exposure to rain and sun and rain and sun again. The top part of Hanuman's body settled, a mere 1/8th of an inch. But the bottom half, with his feet and the mountain) could not move as they were locked down by the supporting crate. That small movement had broken Hanuman in half.

What happens next proves that all things in life are a boon, if we but react and respond to them with higher consciousness.

Monk Hike

A belated adventure photo journey from several monks who went up the river after one of our largest storms in recent history. One can see the damage the water did, but also the beauty it exposed.

Hanuman Arrives on Kauai: CHAPTER TWO

After a 9,000 mile sea voyage, Hanuman reach the Kauai shores and was brought up the hill on July 9, 2013. He was carefully taken down from the truck and laid in a display area on the Northwest corner of Iraivan Temple. The elephants arrived on the same truck, eager to get out of their shipping cages and move about. Hanuman would sit here in this spot for over three years. He thought he was waiting to be installed, to go from this on-my-back resting position, to the upright stance for which he was designed. But that was not what happened, as Chapter Three reveals.

Gifts for the Guru Peedam

Three days back a pair of large orange DHL boxes arrived from India and yesterday the monks opened them to find the most amazing collection of bolsters and pillows ever made. Each one a work of art, varying in style and color but radiating a sense of culture and design unique to India.

Every piece was clearly agonized over, from the fabric selections to the sewing, from the wild tassels to the classy way the zippers are hidden. We had to immediately go to the Guru Peedam and install the first one of the four sets sent. Bodhinatha has a nice surprise waiting for him when he returns from Mauritius on July 10th.

The boxes also held ten meditation cushions for Kadavul Temple and a curtain to hang behind Satguru, a red and gold one fit for a raja, or in this case a Satguru.

With our deep appreciation to Jigisha Patel and her talented tailor friend Uma (and her entire team based in Gujarat).

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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