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May 2020 News Video

Our May 2020 News Video covers events of the month at Kauai Aadheenam, including the installation of the steps of Iraivan Temple’s main entrance; the lavarock work being done around the temple’s foundation; the completion of the most recent issue of Hinduism Today magazine; and a variety of other projects.

Satguru’s recent Upadeshas:

Testing Our Emotional Maturity

Four Perspectives of Consciousness

Into the Sunset

Aum Namah Sivaya!
We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! You know our monks have, as we worship in our temples, walk our jungle gardens, till our soil, and meditate upon the absolute. Today we wind down a six-day phase and enter into two days of retreat. See you in a few days!

“It is the day-to-day reactions to circumstance that indicate the attainment and not mere recorded knowledge about the path.” Gurudeva

An HDR photo of our classic view. Not actually a sunset as this post title suggests. Rather, facing west during the sunrise.

Carbide Chisels

Last week we told the story of how the team in Colorado (as a gift to the monastery) molded and cast copies of the carbide chisels now in use in sculpting Iraivan Temple. It is important that we show these chisels, partly because they are the brilliant invention of our own team in Bengaluru and partly because otherwise visitors in the future will be unaware of the change from mild steel to carbide-tipped tools.

Yesterday the monks installed them at the Temple Builders' Pavilion, on the stone you see here with two siplis seated. The slide show reveals details.

Afternoon at the Aadheenam

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today ends a six-day phase for our monastics. As their week winds down we take a few quick photos around the main monastery buildings to see what we'll find. Right now we have some orchids that have started blooming, we have a lively new kitten that loves to play, and our taskforcer Yajatadeva is about to board a plane for Malaysia having finished his time here. Aum.

Honey Bees, Ducks, Guru Bhakti and More

Aum Namah Sivaya

Over our monks' weekly retreats (their weekends), they find themselves working on a variety of projects, such as gardening, metal working, extra temple vigils, cooking, woodworking and more. This last retreat we find Iraivan Temple being soda blasted and pressure washed and a new image of Satguru being installed there. We also find monks beekeeping and we meet some of our other wildlife as well. Aum.

April 2020 News Video

Our April 2020 News Video covers events of this month at Kauai Aadheenam, including the installation of the Yali handrails at the front of Iraivan Temple as well as the first step of the temple’s main entrance; the completion of our most recent audio book; and our entrance into the Hindu New year and our spring season.

Click here to view our latest audiobook, “Guru’s Wisdom.”

Our Cedar Room Table, Part Two: On the Home Stretch

This is the second of two posts about the creation of the conference table for the Media Studio. It is a table made of Formosan Koa in an unusual style. Here is a look, over many months, into the building of the table base, the completion of the top, and the adding of the copper end plates to the top cross members. Enjoy.

Just Another Day in Siva’s Perfection

"If you are a king, will you have contentment? If you are a beggar, will you have contentment? Whatever your walk in life may be, you will only have contentment through knowing yourself by yourself." - Siva Yogaswami

All the Monks Are Fine

All the monastics are doing well. Thanks to Gurudeva's long term vision, we have the great good fortune of having nearly 72 acres of land upon which we stretch our wings daily. Lockdown for us means no guests, so it's a quiet time.

From the Kitchen!

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today our camera man visits with Chinnu in the kitchen while he makes another wonderful meal for our monks. Each day the monks of our Siddhidatta Kulam bring Chinnu fresh vegetables and greens from our gardens and greenhouses with which he cooks a colorful and flavorful meal. Lately Chinnu has also been making either spicy rasam or a hot soup each day, usually with lots of turmeric, ginger and moringa to boost our immune systems. Aum.

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