Iraivan Update – August 12th

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today the siplis are focusing on two main areas: some finishing work in the Nandi Mandapam and the details on the two large yalli handrails. In the Nandi Mandapam, the base stones for the Kodimaram have also been placed. As another notable point the drain for the Mandapam's gomukai has been successfully installed in the foundation. Aum

Kadavul Cladding Continues

Jai Ganesha!

We've just received these photo-updates from the team in Bangaluru. Here you can see the stone cladding that is being carved for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Mandapam, Bali Pitam, and Kodimaram (not pictured). When complete and installed, these will totally transform the entrance to our beloved Kadavul Temple. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Ending the Fifth Sun

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today marks the fifth day of our lunar week, which means tomorrow and the next day the monks take time off from their normal duties and attend to other projects. So today we wrap up the week with a look at some of the progress made this week on Iraivan Temple, the Greenhouse and the Pillayar Kulam Office

A Day for Nandi

Today we received several photos from across the world that all related to Nandi, Siva's most ideal bhaktar. First, a photo from the carving site in Bengaluru, which shows the new Nandi being carved for Iraivan Temple. For those unaware, the current Nandi which had been carved, turned out to be 8 inches too long to fit inside Iraivan's Nandi Mandapam. But don't fret, he may have a bright future nonetheless. This new Nandi is quickly progressing. Here at the Aadheenam the Siplis continue to make progress in the Nandi Mandapam as they work on the foundational stones for the Kodimaram. Also in Bengaluru, the stone cladding for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Peedam and the base of Kadavul's Kodimaram are nearing completion. This somewhat unknown project has been progressing for some time, and soon Kadavul Temple will have some of its own beautiful stone work. On another note, in Mysore, India, several giant 16th century Nandi's, dating back to the post-Vijayanagar period, have just been unearthed. Must be a day for Nandi!

Building Progress at the Pillaiyar Kulam

The new Restrooms for guests, at the Pillaiyar Kulam office, is quickly progressing. With the walls going up the the roofing added, Jeff is happy he can now work under cover from the elements. Aum.

Fitting the Kodimaram Kavacham

Today the silpis and the monks of the Siddhidatta kulam placed the Kavacham pieces over the kodimaram, the temple flagpole. This is a test fitting, which will finalize the height at which stones around the base of the kodimaram must be carved too. After this the pieces will be taken off and the final steps towards completing the kodimaram will commence before they are placed a final time.

The Wall Continues

The first layer of Iriavan Temple's perimeter wall is now well on the way to completion. Most of the stones on the north, east and west sides have been set in place, while at the same time the two large yallis for the entrance steps are receiving some finishing touches.

Pouring a Cement Foundation

Today the cement foundation was poured for the upcoming bathrooms outside the Pillayar Kulam Office. These facilities will be much appreciated by our ever growing crowds of guests who visit the Aadheenam each day.

Iraivan Update – May 30th

With the Nandi Mandapam being so far along, some of the focus is shifting back to the perimeter wall and some of the finishing detail work, such as the ceiling carvings near the sanctum.

Discovering Iraivan Temple’s Doors

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today several of our monks worked to uncover the doors for Iraivan's sanctum, which had recently arrived from India. These teak doors have a wonderful metal cladding of incredible beauty and detail. Each door displays five different forms of Lord Siva and are almost worthy of worship themselves. Though they will not be installed for some time, here at least is a detailed look at their artistry. Aum.

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