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Iraivan Temple Construction Update – June 1st

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today is a bright, dry and sunny day at the aadheenam. Perfect for construction efforts. A tour of Iraivan Temple reveals the quickening progress on the lava rock wall which surrounds the temple foundation. All along the east side we already have two layers of stone in place and work has begun on the western side as well. The angles this rock wall requires are complex, yet they present a natural simplicity. On other fronts, or on THE front, rather, the temple's entry steps have gained some more completed steps. Not too many left to go before Iraivan's grand stairway is compete. Aum.

Painting the Walkway

Jai Ganesha!

Here we find Yajatadeva working on a project at the greenhouses. Today he's painting the walkways there with a concrete sealant to help them last longer in our tropical weather, and to help reduce the growth of algae, moss, or anything else that might take root. Good job Yajatadeva!

Our Cedar Room Table, Part Two: On the Home Stretch

This is the second of two posts about the creation of the conference table for the Media Studio. It is a table made of Formosan Koa in an unusual style. Here is a look, over many months, into the building of the table base, the completion of the top, and the adding of the copper end plates to the top cross members. Enjoy.

Lavarock Work Continues!

Jai Ganesha!

With restrictions on construction loosening in our state, Umut and his team of rock layers have restarted their work. They are currently laying the first layer of stones which will serve as a barrier for the concrete which will be poured in behind the stones. Here they are carefully sorting out each stone from their hand-picked collection and determine which ones will be placed.

Iraivan’s Entry Steps Take Shape!

At Iraivan Temple the siplis have nearly completed the installation of the first four stone steps that comprise the temple's main entrance. These slabs are fit over the existing stair-shaped foundation. They are then carved along the joints to make them relatively seamless.

The Evolution of Our Cedar Room Table, Part One: Preparing the Top

Sometime in 2018, we began thinking again about what the new table for the Media Studio's cedar room would be like. We had created an oval design several years earlier and even milled out and cut the top planks, but it became clear it just wasn't going to be up to standard, so we scrapped the idea and went on to other aspects of the Media Studio completion, with the help of Aditya Vinadhara, Jnani Cevvel, Kanda Alahan and other selfless volunteers. Tasks included the soffit around the building made from camphor, installing the storm shutters, completing the trim around the big window and installing wainscoting and window treatments, etc., in Kumarnathaswami's office. Then it was time again for the table. We got some ideas from vintage examples, such as the one on the second slide....Somewhere around two years later, we have the finished product (as you will see in the next post).

Interactive Slider: Iraivan 2003 and Today

Today after, some code warrior work, we are showcasing a new capability on TAKA. (Cue the drum roll) Introducing our interactive slider, the amazing little gadget that shows two photos in the same space. After posting this, we learned that it is acting oddly in Chrome, but works perfectly in iOS and Firefox. More engineering to be done.
This first example comprises "before" and "after" shots of Iraivan Temple, taken from the same location in the west garden, one around 2003 and the second captured a few days ago. Hold your mouse (or touch on your phone) on the dividing line, and drag it left and right, back and forth to reveal each photo. Here with a simple swipe you can witness 17 years of progress!

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Placing the First Stones of Iraivan Temple’s Fronts Steps

Jai Ganapati!

This week our masterful team of siplis has placed the first layer of step stones for Iraivan Temple's main entry stairway. The stairs have a precisely measured concrete foundation over which the granite pieces are placed. After spending weeks adding fine details to the stones and making sure the spacing was just right, it was time to start placing them. As the detail carvings are completed more and more layers will be added. Aum Namah Sivaya

Installation Puja for Iraivan Temple’s Entry Stairway Yalis

Yesterday we observed a small puja for the installation of the handrails on either side of Iraivan Temple's main entry stairway. These yalis have been in the works for years and, as you've probably seen here on TAKA, the siplis have been adding extra ornate details to them over this past year. For the event Satguru placed gems below the yali and the siplis moved the massive stone into place. Yoginathaswami performed an arati and Satguru then gave small gifts of appreciation to honor each sipli. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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