Iraivan Kodimaram Installation Puja

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Today we witnessed the blessing for Iraivan Temple's flagpole. Satguru, the monks, the silpis and several devotees arrived at the Temple's Nandi Mandapam to observe a short puja and then carefully position the neem wood pole prefectly upright. With that, we were then able to fill the base around it with compacted sand. In a delightful twist, the Inner Sanctum's teak wood doors from India arrived at the monastery just hours before this event. Photos coming soon. Another historic day at Kauai Aadheenam!

Intricate Work By the Silpis

Around the base of the kodimaram, on the elevated floor of the Nandimandam is a "collar"' of stone that needed intricate carving done here on Kauai.

Nandi Mandapam Unveiled!

We have been keeping this secret for a week, while we waited until Satguru returned from his travels and got a chance to see it first. The scaffolding around the Nandi Mandapam was removed on Wednesday, March 27th, a Sun One. And Wow! What an exquisite, intricate structure of carved white granite, now available for everyone to see!

Uncrating a Big Shipment

The last shipment of stones was huge. They were off loaded around the temple. Now comes the difficult, painstaking job of removing the crates, without damaging the stone. More perimeter stones along with the final course of the perimeter wall, and other wonders.

New Stones Arrive in Three Containers From India

Three containers arrived at the dock in Nawiliwil with stones destined for Iraivan. Yoginathaswami visited the Garden Island Movers with the siplis on their outing day, where the stones where off-loaded, to be taken by truck up the monastery.

Kodimaran Placed Into Iraivan!

Yesterday was a marvelous day at Iraivan. The Kodi Maram was lifted by crane and four top roof stones of the Nandi Mandapam roof where placed around it. It was magical. It is really tall! Congratulations to the Siddhidata Kulam and especially the silpis and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami. The logistics of the operation was a "smooth as glass!"

Kodi Maram Unwrapped

Today the Kodi Maram was removed completely from its crate and prepared for Larry Conklin, our crane operator, to place it in the Nandi Mandapam. The bottom of the Kodi Maram is wrapped with lead sheets to preserve the wood. Brass screws are used to secure to lead sheets to the Kodi Maram.

Clearing the Ford Culverts

To go to Himalayan Acres, which is what we call the agricultural endowment lands on the south side of the river across from Iraivan, requires that we drive one mile north of the Aadheenam and then take a left to go west and across the river.

To make that crossing we go over a ford that has about 10, two-foot culverts buried in concrete that take river water under the flat surface that provides a bridge over the rocky base of the river. Of course, when the river is in spate, then 5 feet or more of water flows above the ford, and we cannot makes the crossing.

Recent floods blocked the culvert with rocks and even when the river was low, we could not cross.

Acharya Arumugaswami, who heads the noni operation, was determined to clear the culverts which make ford crossable ever when the river is a little high. Off we went for adventure on dry, sunny day to see what could be done.

Kodimaran Wakes Up After 10 Years – Going to Iraivan

It was in 2009 that a giant tall teak tree was harvested and purchased in Karnataka. It came to our site for carving and arrived in Nawiliwili harbor on December the 17th, 2009. From there he was placed into hibernation, in the "Loha Guha" (a giant metal QUONSET HUT warehouse at the Aadheenam.) Today after ten years, the pole is on the move, soon to be the Dhvajasthambham or Kodimaram of Iraivan.

Carpentry Project Underway

Jnanideva Cevvel came down from cold, cold, Edmonton, Canada to work with Acharya Kumarnathaswami on finising up the last corner of the media studio.

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