Greenhouse Construction and Pulling Wire

Jai Ganesha!

With the help from Aditya and Jnanideva, who are both here on taskforce, the Siddhidatta Kulam was able to make progress on a "head house" for the greenhouse. This small building will act as a storage shed and more, for things like plant nutrients, which would get too hot inside the greenhouse itself. In other news, progress has also been made on a new electrical line which will allow us to abandon a much older line that runs through our cow pasture. This line feeds the Noni Building, the Greenhouse and another building. Our monks have long learned to never underestimate the amount of work it takes to pull a bundle of wire through a pipe.

Renovate Bodhinatha Ryokan, Pt 2

Part 2 of the Renovation Bodhinatha's Ryokan - Painting and Trim

Renovation of Bodhinatha’s Ryokan

Upstairs in the Aadheenam building are the Guru's private quarters. An area that was completely remodeled from the base members to new rooms by the monks and taskforcers just after we purchased the property in 1970. It includes a bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and gathering areas, where only the monks are allowed. Through the last 50 years, termites have had their way. Now we have to work hard to preserve the structure. The Guru's private area is called the "Ryokan", based on the Japanese style that Gurudeva liked. Inside the Ryokan we have taken apart and replaced the ceiling and walls of the northwest sides. We hope to have it complete but Bodhinatha's return for his Jayanthi.

Media Conference Table Creation – Part 4

This is part four of the creation of a new conference table for the Media Studio, made of formosan koa.

Media Studio Conference Room Table – Part 2

Tracking the progress on a new table for the Media Studio conference room.

Media Studio Conference Room Table, Part 3

This is part three of our work report on the construction of a new table for the conference from of the Media Studio, the monastery publications office, HQ of the Ganapati Kulam.

Bas-relief of Lord Ganesha to the Media Studio

Lord Ganesha

Greenhouse Electric Line Part 3`

We are seeing a lot of lot of construction, but we have a quiet retreat while the grounds took a break. A cow looks on.

Then today, back work! Yogi Adinatha and Sadhaka Tejadeva pour concrete in the trench where to electric line enter the greenhouse.

Big Handcrafted Conference Table – Part 1

Some Formasa Koa trees on our own property had to come down. They were huge and we milled them out in large slabs. They were kept in a dehumified container for nearly a year. They naturally took their own shape over time with twists and curves.

Now our team is work hard to make them flat. Jointing, sanding and planing them. They will be assembled to make a new table for the conference room in the media studio.

September Work on Iraivan

At Iraivan, the intricate carving of the side stones, the "Yallis", that will adorn the steps to Iraivan, continues, as does the work on the perimeter wall.

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