Plumbing for Iraivan Temple

Before the red granite tile setting begins soon around the outside of the mandapams, we need to install many water drain screens that connect to drain pipes embedded in the concrete foundation. Making that connection requires us to modify PVC piping somewhat. Today a plumber visited to get familiar with the job. He met with Arumuganathaswami and Yoginathaswami to discuss details.

Final Iraivan Temple Shipment Arrives at Last!!!

Today was the long awaited arrival of the final shipment of stones and other items for Iraivan Temple. After a long journey from Bengaluru, these final containers landed on Kauai several weeks ago. They've been going through detailed import inspections and today, at long last, their contents have made it to the Aadheenam grounds. The delivery contained, among other things, the remaining rose granite flower pots which will grace the walls of Iraivan Temple's perimeter wall, the stone carved cladding for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Mandapam and Kodimaram, Iraivan Temple's new Nandi, and the golden Tiruvasi which will stand behind Iraivan Temple's Crystal Lingam once installed. Om Namah Sivaya!

New Garden Area


On this glorious day we are happy to announce that you are the first to know about two new areas on the monastery grounds! Thanks to a super huge excavator and our talented operator Dennis Wong, we uncovered two areas that until now contained items too large for the Monastery's machinery to handle. The first area is our organic waste depot where we deposit palm fronds and other organic matters from our landscaping. The area was becoming a little too full to be used properly. The second area is the space around Chellappaswami's granite statue at the top on the Path of the Saiva Satgurus. It was inhabited by some dead (but still fighting) banyan trees. Now we can look forward to the beautiful gardens that will be placed in their absence!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Tiles Moved onto Iraivan Foundation

Aloha One and All,

Continuing with our progress on Iraivan Temple, a crane was recently brought into the monastery to lift tens of thousands of pounds of heavy granite tiles up from the ground onto the foundation in readiness for the August-October installation. The foundation is currently bare concrete, but when the lengthy and much more complex than you think process of fitting the stones is complete, there will be an elegant red granite floor where pilgrims will walk. We look forward to showing you (and seeing for ourselves) its completed form!

Aum Namah Sivaya

New quartzite walkway

Good mornafterevening, continuing the long tradition of replacing the old red concrete path around the monastery we replaced the old red concrete path by Bodhinatha's office with some brand new quartzite. Even though the process was very distressing for Mr. Path he was very happy to have it complete as he could finally fit in with his quartzite-laden friends. Additionally, if you were wondering, Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock formed through tectonic compression of sandstone within orogenic belts. That definitely wasn't from wikipedia, monks are expert geologists by nature.

Building a Bell Shrine

Jai Ganesha!

Over the last few weeks we've had a team working on an important creative project for future visitors to enjoy. A redwood shrine is being built for Iraivan Temple's granite bell. After completing the design we set about to create the form foundations and several days from now we will be pouring the concrete. After that it will just a little bit of fancy woodworking and viola! A place for pilgrims to summon the inner worlds through the evanescence of a gigantic masterpiece of granite. Aum.

New San Marga Gate

Aum Sivaya! You might want to reconsider reading today's post as it might be too powerful for mere mortals' minds. You have been warned! Today a fierce new fence and accompanying gate have been installed near the start of San Marga. With the new Iraivan Temple parking lot area now open to the public, this enchanted swamp green gate will keep the uninvited from gazing upon Iraivan's celestial glory. It took less than a day to construct this fence but its sturdy frame will allow it to resist our weather's potent power of dissolution. Hopefully soon these gates will open for you so that you might deliquesce in Iraivan's glory. Aum Aum Aum

Pillaiyar Kulam Office Expansion

Bonjour all,

Today we will be visiting a thing that did not technically occur today, but in a way, you reading this right now is creating it today. Anyways!.. Work has begun on the Pillaiyar Kulam office expansion. The Pillayar Kulam is the group of monks who oversee the Mini Mela, magazine subscription, and much much more. The space has been quite tight for a long time so its great to see the building getting a much needed confidence boost. This building will accommodate current and future monks for many years to come. Aum

“Big Brother” Loner Excavator is a Boon

Recently, the small Caterpillar excavator we own went to the shop in Puhi industrial park for maintenance and replacement parts. Because the process is taking a lot longer than anticipated, the CAT headquarters in Honolulu agreed to loan us a slightly larger excavator for free because our projects need to continue moving forward, especially on drier days.

Here are a few photos of the larger machine (with our part time employee Dennis Wong and long-time friend of the monastery) which is a boon since it can make quicker work of some types of projects.

Today’s Story Will Absolutely Floor You!

Aloha all! Today the first 28 of some 50 pallets of floor stones from China arrived today at Iraivan Temple. These are one-inch thick, red granite slabs up to two feet by two feet square. They will go on the second prakaram, the floor area between the temple building and the outer perimeter wall. They're first being set on the ground in front and beside the temple, where they will wait patiently to be raised up to the floor near the Nandi mandapam. We'll soon be meeting with the tile setter, Brian Oliver, to figure out how best to organize the 1800 individual tiles which are in about 70 different sizes. A real-life, very expansive puzzle! Precutting all the pieces allows for more uniformity in the final floor, and also makes the tile setters' job easier—if they can keep track of which tiles go where! Aum Namah Sivaya

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