People’s Park

Work is continuing on the temple landscaping, especially on the Western side. Recently we created a rising stairway of faux lava, a path guiding pilgrims to ascend the small knoll to the circle of giant boulders we call People's Park. The paving stones were poured and while the concrete was still somewhat wet, a special vinyl mold was hammered lightly into the surface. This creates the indents and shapes of natural lava rock. We also added our own Hawaiian petroglyphs. The rocks will turn black as the micro-critters begin to inhabit the surface. This area will be planted more in the months ahead, when the rains relent a bit.

New Greenhouse Arrives

Since the concept of the greenhouse has gone far beyond what the monastery ever imagined, the decision was made to order another one. A secondary greenhouse, as explained by Yoginathaswami, can help us move out of the labor-intense raised-bed garden and use less manpower to grow more food. Win-win.

More to come as this several thousand piece greenhouse gets built.

Arrival of Selvanathan Sthapati

Selvanathan Sthapati, chief architect of Iraivan Temple, arrives on island to begin another phase of our ongoing grand granite project. Below are some photos from Sthapati's past, and ours:

Selvanathan Sthapati’s grandfather and father of Ganapati Sthapati--late Vaidyanatha Sthapati with Ramana Maharishi in 1949. This photo was just recently presented to him. The story goes that the grandfather had finished some work he had been commissioned for and reported to Maharishi that he was “done.” Maharishi told him he was not done and there was much more work for him to do.

Gurudeva reviewing plans for Iraivan Temple with Selvanathan Sthapati at the carving site in Bangalore.

Iraivan Tours Ramp Up

The lovely spring weather brings with it the opportunity to spend more time giving tours out and about the sacred gardens, and of course Iraivan Temple could be one of the greatest things to see now that the silpis are back. Dato Vijay Eswaran and his wife Umayal are visiting from Malaysia and excited to see the Nandi Mandapam, completely sponsored by the couple.

Yogaswami Mahasamadhi, Sunshine & Silpi's

The monastery is in full motion for our short four day phase followed by a long three day retreat.

Iraivan's Final Stone Carvers Arrive

After months of visa coordination, on-site clearing, cleaning and preparation, the last batch of silpi artisans arrive on Kauai. Today they are getting settled in to their new home and start orientation tomorrow.

Yoginathaswami reports that the first objective will be to check where we left off all those years ago and measure critical markings on the Nandi Mandapam again so we can establish accurate continuity.

Much more to come from Iraivan in the days ahead. This is an exciting time to say the least.

A New Phase Begins

The monks are now beginning their work week. In the world this is usually called Monday, however in the monastery's lunar calendar today is Sun 1 and we will work until Sun 5 before having our version of a "weekend" consisting of "stars."

The Ganapati Kulam's office building, the Media Studio, is undergoing more refinements with the help of shishyas Aditya Vinadhara and Jnanideva Cevel. The two will help for several weeks on our taskforce program.

Iraivan Stone Hauling and Cleaning

The mighty Siddhidata Kulam are rounding up granite stones and moving them in place for the next batch of silpis who arrive in just a few weeks. The foundation of Iraivan is getting cleared for work, and that means moving some serious crate collections that have built up over the years. Luckily our monastic staff has forklifts, big-wheel trucks and gas-powered pressure washers to get the work done swiftly. Here's a small slideshow of their recent effort.

Monastery Entry Sign

One of the most recent additions to the monastery is this grand new entry sign welcoming people upon arrival. For scale you can see the older sign below the large one, most definitely an improvement.

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