New Stairs

About half a year ago we had to remove the old, dilapidated stairs and deck which led up to the Sun Palace. Over the last few days however, the monks of the Siddhidatta kulam prepared the area, poured concrete slabs and installed this wonderful, aluminum, spiral staircase. Jai!

Iraivan Railing and Steps

Two projects making great strides this week are the installation of the last section on Iraivan Temple's hand-railing and the placing of the top of the "Na," "Ma," "Si," "Va," "Ya" steps which leads into the sanctum.

Nandi Mandapam Progress

Work continues on Iraivan Temple's Nandi Mandapam. Several weeks ago we lifted the most recent layer of stones onto the structure. Having placed the stones the silpis are working now on small refinements in parallel with the Mukha Mandapam's Floor installation.

Laying Floor Stones in the Mukha Mandapam

Today the silpis are nearly finished laying the heavy stone tiles that make up the floor of the mukha mandapam, leading to Iraivan Temple's inner sanctum. Beneath the stone tiles is a layer of sand which is added or subtracted to level each piece just right.

Krittika Deepam and Iraivan’s Avudaiyar

Aum Namah Sivaya.

It is so true that "everything was finish long ago."

While we don't always plan the timing for certain events related to Iraivan, the temple has its own magical way of making things happen. Though not originally planed, after many years the Avudaiyar was moved from storage into Iraivan Temple on Skanda Shasti day. Just a few days ago, the siplis and the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam were able to make the final move of the Avudaiyar on Krittika Deepam day, a major Saiva puja day and a festival closely associated with Iraivan Temple.

For the next few thousand years or more it will be here!

Bronze Avudaiyar Arrives at Iraivan Temple!

Happy Skanda Shasti! Today the bronze Avudaiyar, the base for the Temple's Crystal Sivalingam, was transported to Iraivan Temple and moved into the inner sanctum where it will eventually be installed. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Avudaiyar Ramp Construction Continues

Recently the Siddhidatta Kulam completed the construction of the heavily reinforced ramp that will support the Avudaiyar on its way into the inner sanctum of Iraivan Temple. The 10,141.26 pound Avudaiyar will be lifted onto this ramp and then guided on rollers into the temple.

A Ramp to the Inner Sanctum

Today we are excited to see the preparation of a heavy-duty ramp leading into Iraivan Temple's Inner Sanctum. This ramp will support the Spatika Lingam's Avudaiyar on its way within. The Avudaiyar weighs 4,600 kilogram or 10,141.26 pounds! So this Ramp has to be strong.

Iraivan Temple Progress

Today the Siplis are hard at work preparing and jointing the next layer of stone which will sit atop the Nandi Mandapam.

New Roofing

Over the last several days, the monastery's kitchen received new roofing and copper flashing. The work was done by our good neighbor Bobby Soares, His son and his longtime friend and coworker under the aegis of his company Garden Isle Roofing. The team removed all the old, dilapidated roofing tile and replaced it with the same blue roofing material we have on other buildings. This is an old building, and the new lighter roofing will help by not weighing down the aging structure. Thanks Bobby!

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