Monastic Family Visit

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami's sister, Devi Marks, recently visited for about a week after a couple years break. Besides spending time with the monks, there were a number of new things to see, such as the stately lava rock San Marga bell arch. And she got to witness the concrete foundation pour for the Iraivan Temple stone bell tower.

“Big Brother” Loner Excavator is a Boon

Recently, the small Caterpillar excavator we own went to the shop in Puhi industrial park for maintenance and replacement parts. Because the process is taking a lot longer than anticipated, the CAT headquarters in Honolulu agreed to loan us a slightly larger excavator for free because our projects need to continue moving forward, especially on drier days.

Here are a few photos of the larger machine (with our part time employee Dennis Wong and long-time friend of the monastery) which is a boon since it can make quicker work of some types of projects.

Aadheenam Devotees in Bangalore Sponsor New Nandi Earring

Every weekend our SSC sishyas conduct online satsang, which Satguru joins partway through to give a presentation. Recently one of the attendees shared a nice testimony, which sishya Jiva Rajasankara in Bangalore heard. He got inspired to connect with the man to find out more about him. His name is Madan Ganesh, with wife Sumathi and two children. It turns out they also live in Bangalore, just a half hour drive away.
Jiva learned that Madan's family found Gurudeva's teachings online a couple of years ago and are now formal students of the Master Course and supporters of Kauai Aadheenam activities. Jiva invited the family to visit the carving worksite to meet in person and see the last two container's worth of temple items being shipped to Kauai. They were inspired to the point of deciding to sponsor the gold earring for Iraivan Temple's new Nandi, and also expressed their wish to become formal sishyas of our parampara some day. Here are a few photos of the family.

Sri Subramuniya Kottam Dedication for Year 2022

Devotee Rishi Thondunathan reports from Jaffna, Sri Lanka--
"We, the devotees of the Sri Subramuniya Kottam, dedicate the year 2022 (January 5, 2022 - January 5, 2023) as the Year of the Nandinatha Sampradaya for the following, very special reasons:

The 150th birth anniversary of Paramaguru Siva Yogaswami

The 80th jayanthi of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

The 50th anniversary of Satguru Bodhinathas initiation by Gurudeva in Alaveddy, Sri Lanka

The 50th anniversary of the installation of Pasupatheswarar Siva Lingam in the Sri Subramuniya (Ashram) Temple in Alaveddy, Sri Lanka

The 40th anniversary of Gurudeva's installation of the Sri Shanthilingam with his own hands in Kopay, Sri Lanka.

For these auspicious reasons, we plan to have celebrations all through this year and are also planning several charitable activities to mark these special occasions.

Above all, our main focus will be completing the "Sri Subramuniya Temple Project," a spiritual sanctuary to preserve our beloved Gurudevas legacy in Sri Lanka."

Rishi also noted that Satguru Bodhinatha's sannyas initiation day and Sivaratri fell on the same day this year. "We had a wonderful Maha Sivarathri and initiation day at our Sri Subramuniya kottam. Nallai Adheenam Karthar, Jaffna Chinmaya Mission Swami, Vethantha Madham swami, kilinochi Chinmaya Mission Brahmachari and Dr. Aru Thirumurugan are the special guests along with the local devotees.

Here with I'm enclosing a few pictures.

Mauritius February Ganesha Homa

Click below for more photos of the February homa at our Spiritual Park, which also constituted the annual student prayers which had been delayed. Visit:

January Mauritius Ganesha Homa

Click here for more photos of the homa at our Spiritual Park:

December Mauritius Ganesha Homa

Click here for more photos of the homa at our Spiritual Park

Mauritius November Ganesha Homa

Click here for more on the November Ganesha Homa at our Spiritual Park

Mauritius October Ganesha Homa

Click here for more photos of the October homa at our Spiritual Park.

Mauritius September Homa

Click here for more photos of the Ganesha at our Spiritual Park in Mauritius.

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