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From Singapore

Our two traveling Swamis had a delightful evening at the Sri Sivan Temple in Singapore, of which more details are coming. Meantime, a poem that summarizes the satsang part of the event. Sadasivanaathaswami was sharing with the members how ChatGPT4 is helping the publishing team to proofread and organize/summarize long articles. He asked Chat to write a poem about the swamis meeting the members in the temple, as an example of the AI's amazing talents. In less than one second, this unedited poem was composed based on a simple prompt of three sentences. It describes some of the traits for which the nation/state is known, multiculturalism, promptness, cleanliness, innovation and fines for everything. To manage public cleanliness, Singapore has banned gum and even on the plane it was announced it is illegal to bring gum into the country! Enjoy the poem.

In Singapore where punctuality's "key,"
A group meets Tonight with joy and esprit.
With swamis from far isles,
And Sivaya Subramuniya's styles,
They find "Light and Love," blissfully free!

In temples where "Cleanliness" reigns,
They cast off their worldly chains.
With moksha in sight,
On Siva's San Marga Path of Light,"
They transcend their earthly pains.

A "Multicultural" crew,
From backgrounds not just a few.
Chinese, Malay, and more,
All come through the door,
In search of a spiritual view.

In the land where "Innovation" survives,
They seek out enlightened lives.
From the MRT's speed,
To spiritual need,
Each soul like a lotus thrives.

So here in this small city-state,
Where everything's efficient and "great,"
They've found what they seek,
With spirits unique,
And joy that's first-rate!

In Singapore, a "fine" city, indeed,
Where laws are observed to a "T."
For litter or speed,
Or jaywalking, take heed!
You'll get fined so fast, you won't even see!

"Adaptability's" their forte,
Learning from Gurudeva each day.
Two Hawaiian swamis, too,
Bring a wisdom to the brew,
On their quest to find the right way.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Sishya Family on Pilgrimage

Roshan and Vandana Nathoo, with their sons Tarun, Kavish and Kapil, are visiting Kauai Aadheenam for the first time. They live in Mauritius on the other side of the globe. A long journey indeed, both travel-wise and after nearly three decades of studying Gurudeva's teachings, passing along those teachings to new seekers, attending, supporting and serving tirelessly at our Mauritius Spiritual Park, and sharing Hinduism Today magazine with friends.

A couple days ago, Vandana received Vishesha Diksha, the second of two dikshas that Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas prepare for. Below is the description from Gurudeva's 1995 Saiva Dharma Shastras book, slightly updated for the current context.

Vishesha diksha,"distinguishing" initiation, marks the sishya's formal entrance into the Sri Subramuniya Rishi Gotra, our lineage's select assembly of followers, affectionately known as chelas. After this initiation, the devotee is obligated to personally, daily perform the Saiva Atmartha Puja, which now has new power. This worship is performed during the early morning, followed by scriptural study and 108 repetitions of the Panchakshara Mantra. The puja obligation of vishesha diksha is not fulfilled by attending the puja performed by the head of the house in the shrine room. Each member who has received this initiation performs the puja privately (the long, medium or short version) and then attends the family puja as well. Vishesha diksha is also the empowering to perform yoga, to worship internally and undertake serious austerities. This diksha opens access into inner realms heretofore not accessible. As part of the diksha, the sishya voices and signs the following solemn vow binding herself and her family line to the Sri Subramuniya Rishi Gotra. Vishesha diksha brings the devotee more deeply into the study of Shum, my magical language of meditation, through the Shum Tyaef Lexicon.

Vishesha Diksha Vrata
"Prostrations to the holy feet of Lord Ganesha! Aum Sivaya! I pledge my loyalties to the Saiva Swami Sangam of Saiva Siddhanta Church, to the monistic Saiva Siddhanta theology of Rishi Tirumular and, most importantly, to the holy feet of my satguru in this life, Bodhinatha Veylanswami, as I enter the Sri Subramuniya Rishi Gotra. In doing so, I rededicate myself to the Santana Dharma and now bind myself to the congregation of devotees of Saiva Siddhanta Church, those who uphold the Saiva Dharma--Dancing with Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism and the Creed for Saivite Hindus--and seek to remold the Saiva karma by doing penance for the entire Saivite world as it moves from an agricultural into a technological era and on into a new age of space. As I sit before Guru Mahasannidhanam and the Saiva swamis and the gotra of devotees, I bow before the holy feet of Lord Nataraja, pledging my allegiance as a soldier of the within and a silent minister, emissary of duty to be well performed. I have enjoined my three bodies--soul, mental and physical--to propel new members into our fellowship and make them comfortable in our congregation. May Lord Ganesha bless me, may Lord Murugan bless me, may Lord Siva bless me. May Satguru bless me in this and from inner worlds as I join for all time as a Sivathondar the great congregation of Saiva Siddhanta Church and irrevocably blend my karma with its dharma. Anbe Sivamayam Satyame Parasivam." -------------------------

After the diksha, Kavish and Kapil read and signed pledges to perform the "Ten-Minute Spiritual Workout" and follow the yamas and niyamas to the best of their ability.

The eldest son, Tarun, will be staying on to serve with the monks for five or six months before embarking on university studies.

Pillaiyar Kulam Storage Space Blessing

Construction finally wrapped up on what is affectionally known as the "Way Back Room," which is attached to the previously constructed "Back Room," which itself is attached to the longstanding Pillaiyar Kulam administrative desk space rooms. A few days ago they help a simple puja to sanctify the new spaces, wrapping up about six years of extending the original building to add storage rooms for holding most of our publications and Minimela inventory. Next they will begin moving items in here and reorganizing all the rooms to make everything categorized properly and easily accessible.

Our Spiritual Park

Activities at the Spiritual Park in Mauritius are moving forward dynamically, with classes, catalyst training, translations, satsangs and physical improvements at the seven-acre sanctuary where the river meets the ocean. Additionally, preparations ar underway to receive our two swamis in September for five days, a rare visit by Sadasivanathaswami and Tillainathaswami.

Sadhaka Vatshalanatha Performs Atmartha Puja

One of the requirements for a new monk is to learn and then perform the Saiva Atmartha Puja (home shrine puja) in front of Satguru and all the monks. Sadhaka Vatshalanatha recently did this at 5:30am in place of our normal puja for the monks. This accomplishment is a stepping stone towards him next learning the parartha puja (established temple puja), which he will eventually perform for Ganesha and Murugan Deities in Kadavul Temple.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Sishya Receives Mantra Diksha

On the auspicious full moon day of Guru Purnima, Gunamaya Sivananda from Tijuana, Mexico, received mantra diksha from Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami after several years of study and sadhanas. She now joins the fellowship of Dikshasishyas in Saiva Siddhanta Church. Mantra Diksha is formal blessings from Satguru for "Aum Namasivaya" to become the mantra used for performing daily japa-- chanting a mantra 108 times. A summary explanation from Dancing with Siva book-- Is Initiation Necessary to Perform Japa? LOKA 138 The most precious of all aivitemantras,Nama ivya is freely sung and chanted by one and all.Mantra dkshbestows the permission and power forjapa yoga.Without this initiation, its repetition bears lesser fruit. Aum. BHSHYA The Pachkshara Mantra is the word of God, the name and total essence of iva. But to chant Nama ivya and to be empowered to chant Nama ivya is likened to the difference between writing a check without money in the bank and writing a check with money in the bank. Nama ivya is the gateway toyoga. Initiation from an orthodoxguruis given after preparation, training and attaining a certain level of purity and dedication. Thegurubestows the authority to chant Nama ivya. After initiation, the devotee is obligated to intone it regularly as instructed. This forges theishya'spermanent bond with theguruand his spiritual lineage,sampradya,and fires the process of inner unfoldment. From the lips of my Satguruntha I learned Nama ivya, and it has been the central core of my life, strength and fulfillment of destiny. The secret of Nama ivya is to hear it from the right lips at the right time. Then, and only then, is it the most powerful mantra for you. Theiva Sahitaffirms, "Only the knowledge imparted by aguru,through his lips, is powerful and useful; otherwise it becomes fruitless, weak and very painful." Aum Nama ivya.

Yoginathaswami and Yogi Dayanatha Final Trip Photos

After finishing in India, our team visited Malaysia for a couple days to have satsang with Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas and informal Kauai Aadheenam devotees, and visit a few temples including the famous Batu Caves. Yogi Dayanatha mentioned that a lot of tourists come to Batu Caves after 9am, so they were glad to have visited earlier in the morning. Then, on the way home to Kauai, they made another short stop in Singapore to meet a few families and visit a huge indoor tropical garden.

Satguru’s Recent Visit to Singapore & Malaysia

It's been two or three years since Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas and well-wishers in Singapore and Malaysia could visit with Satguru, so that was nearly the sole focus of his recent week spent there, minus one day due to a flight cancellation from Honolulu.

Malaysia was the first stop, with multiple padapujas. Satguru met with many families individually, presided over some brahmacharya vratas, held a group satsang at the Iraivan Illam center, met with current leadership at the Malaysia Hindu Sangam, and stopped by longtime supporter Dr. Arjunan's home where he also touched base with the current Swami posted at the local Divine Life Society branch.

Singapore was the second stop, with padapuja satsang at Dohadeva and Nagavathy's home and another satsang at the hotel complete with a dance offering.

Completing Taskforce Visit

Earlier this month, Saiva Siddhanta Church longtime sishya, Sivajani Nagappan, had darshan with Satguru before completing his several-week taskforce stay and returning home to Malaysia, where the rest of his family will see Satguru shortly. Sivajnani was very helpful to the Aadheenam during the intense period of preparing for the final Iraivan Temple Mandala Pujas. He also enjoyed quiet "recharging" time sadhanas on the grounds.

Vani Takes Vrata Shishya Vows

This morning, Vani, who visiting here from London, took her vrata shishya vows with the blessings from Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. She's here with her parents who are on pilgrimage to Kauai Aadheenam for the first time from Mauritius. The family gathered in the Guru Pitam following the morning's Siva Puja in Kadavul Temple. Vani read from her new vows and signed them, as did her parents and Satguru. Many blessings from the Kailasa Parampara for this new stage on the path! Aum Namah Shivaya

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