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A Walk Around the Aadheenam

With the recent rains subsiding, it's a great time to get out and enjoy the lush natural beauty of Kauai Aadheenam. Let's see who we come across along the way.

"Just go about and do your work. Enjoy the beauty of the world! See yourself everywhere. That is the greatest secret!" Yogaswami

Temple Builders’ Pavilion

The evolution of the Temple Builders' Pavilion continues. This first image shows it before the three stone chains were installed as handrails, and also before today's black stone frame was installed. It is getting close to perfection! Yet, it was also perfect as it evolved, no?

In Siva’s Garden Today

Every day there is magic in the Sacred Garden. Today we introduce you to Agave desmentiana "Joe Hoak." Joe is the breeder who took a plain-jane agave and gave it multi-color striations. The bees are working the little flowers with a vengeance (no doubt aware that rains are on the horizon). This gem is growing right outside the Media Studio and has become something of a show-stopper while it blooms, a process that takes weeks and weeks as the blossoms open up first at the bottom and then work their way to the top. This agave is making a thousand copies of itself! Siva's cosmos is abundant!

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

Recently we gave taskforcer Yajatadeva the mission of going around the aadheenam with a camera. His goal was to photograph whatever caught his creating eye. Here is the aadheenam through his lens. Aum.

Siva’s Sacred Gardens

Even the monks stop in wonder when we stumble on yet another previously unseen botanical gem in the garden. Here are 21 photos taken during a recent 15-minute hike. Siva, it turns out, is an Amazing Designer, in addition to all His other gifts.

A New Sitting Area to Enjoy

Recently we've completed the installation of a small covered area on the west side of Iraivan Temple. This small wood and aluminium structure houses a picnic table and some stone seats (which are surprisingly comfortable to sit on). So next time you're in the sacred gardens and it begins to rain, or you simply want a great place to sit down and enjoy the sacredness, remember this location and give it a try. Aum.

Into the Gardens

After spending some weeks on a Kauai pilgrimage, the Pillay family enjoyed an afternoon tour of Siva's Gardens, guided by Sadasivanathaswami. They had never put their feet into the waters of the Wailua River, so that was a treat. Follow them as they discover new areas previously unknown.

Colorful Catci

On the northwest corner of Iraivan Temple lies our recently created Shadkonam desert garden. With just the right mix sun a few short bouts of rain, some of these cacti have bloomed. For anyone who knows cacti, you'll know that among flowering plants, there is nothing quite like these arid wonders.

High Above the Sacred Gardens

We thought you'd enjoy this recent Quad Copter shot of Iriavan Temple from straight above. This was taken in order to do some planning for the future of the north-west gardens (bottom-right).

Photo Tour

Today our photographer, LakshmiGrace Phoenix, sent a few more of her marvelous discoveries in the monastery grounds. Enjoy looking through her eyes!

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