Iraivan Carbide Chisels: Who, What, When, Where, Why…and How?

Iraivan Temple is built with chisels--there's no getting around that fact. This all important tool just got a facelift and the timing couldn't be better. With the last containers making their way to our island, and the last batch of silpis, the temple construction is coming to an end with a massive emphasis on final carving and polishing. Let's go through this chisel upgrade and explain what all the fuss is about.

Iraivan Work Heats Up Again

After a long rest in Hawaii, Iraivan Temple construction picked up today with a new arrival of granite stones--one of the last shipments needed. Soon all of the stones will be here on Kauai and 40ft containers of granite will be a thing of the past. Our stone carvers are also expected to arrive in a few weeks to begin the final touches and placement of the Nandi Mandapam, perimeter wall and general spot-checks. 2018 is going to be an exciting year.

Washing Iraivan Temple

A new once-a-month cleaning routine has been activated for Iraivan Temple, and the first of the ongoing cleanings has been performed by Nirvani Tejadevanatha and Natyam Dayanatha using the new Genie Boom Lift Operator. A closeup of the control panel inside the lift cabin. Natyam Dayanatha is today's operator, while Nirvani Tejadevanatha operates the pressure washing wand—carefully cleaning the temple stone. The two monks run through a list of pre-cleaning protocols, checking safety measures and operator awareness. Here we go!   Up up and way, the two use the boom's powerful arm to get hoisted into the air and right up close to the stone. Amazing!   The cleaning begins. The temple is in much need of regular upkeep and input of energy. The soon-to-be arrival of stone carvers and this new cleaning routine is really feeling good and the Iraivan area is starting to feel that activity buzz once again. Jai! Thank you to all the donors who help support this giant project.        

Island Members Make Malas

Our local mission gathers once a month to make Iraivan's most profitable source of revenue--island grown rudraksha malas. The seva performed by these divine souls helps make Iraivan Temple a reality, supporting the shipping containers, labor costs, building materials and the endowment that will keep Iraivan funded for the future. From the core of our hearts, thank you. If you are reading the daily blog then show your support as well and let these amazing people know they are loved and supported by commenting down below.

Iraivan's Beautiful Sky

Our Iraivan temple is glorious in the day, but at night the temple enjoys an entirely different vibration. Thanks to Rajkumar for spending the time to get this special shot.

Temple Builders' Pavilion Officially Inaugurated

At about 9:26am on October 17th the life-sized bronzes of Gurudeva, the temple architects and silpi sculptors was formally blessed and opened. After a short chant by Kumarswami Gurukkal, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gave all present an overview of Iraivan and how this collection of masterpieces fits into the future visitor's experience. Then Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami offered a detailed history of Gurudeva's instructions to build the pavilion, followed by stories of Holly Young, the sculptress, and the 32 artisans in Colorado who have done this work over the last eight years. He also spoke of some chain handrails that will come next year. Gurukkal then did a series of beautiful pujas, bringing all of the devas of earth, air, fire, water and akasha to bless and support the pavilion into the far future. Enjoy the photos of the opening:

From Gurudeva's mathavasi shastras 6-11-2001
"So Iraivan is a mind merge of working togetherness which we all do very very well and in a extremely very very nice way. That's why everything works so nicely here and why we have silpis out there and why we are building this beautiful temple which is a testament of the harmony and productivity of all the mathavasi with their brahmachariya and the brahmachariya makes you extremely creative when you are doing it properly.

The silpis create these beautiful statues and temples and their names are not there, you don't know who they are. They don't become famous and they don't advertise themselves. That's the tradition. You do something and create a piece of art and it stands on its own. You don't sign your name on it and stand up and do all that stuff. So its best to always take a humble position or a behind the scenes position."

Jai Ganesha!

"O king, is there anything unattainable
To them who intensely contemplate
On the fragrant feet of the son
Of Ummaiyal, of sweet and comely speech?
The thunderous thud of the swift elephant
And that of the agile horse must give place
To that of the rider of this old dame!
He is none other than the mighty Mahāgaṇapati."
-Saint Auvaiyar

Ardent Striving On the Path

Majestically seated on the manipura chakra, this scarlet-hued God blesses mankind and strengthens our will when we lift to the inner sky through sadhana and yoga. The yoga pada begins with the worship of Him. The yogi, locked in meditation, venerates Karttikeya, Skanda, as his mind becomes as calm as Saravana, the lake of Divine Essence. The kundalini force within everyone is held and controlled by this powerful God, first among renunciates, dear to all sannyasins.

Siva Siva

Aum Namah Sivaya

Wishing everyone a wonderful Ardra Nakshatra. Today, as they do once each month, the monks performed an abhishekam to Lord Nataraja. Today's puja was quite powerful, and we were joined by many wonderful guests in Kadavul Temple.

Now have I realized the path of Hara. In the past I sought Him in narrow paths and strayed. Lo! All the while He stood before me like a beacon light in firmament, guiding my voyage across the sea of my soul's longing. The path of Siva is the proven path. It led them to Hara. It is the royal path that renowned souls have walked, the path divine that took the devout to cosmic space. That path do seek, enter and persevere. Still your wandering thoughts, chant the sacred syllable Si and so persevere on the path of Hara. You shall envision primal light effulgent.

Lord Ganesha

Today Lord Ganesha was looking extra nice, bedecked in golden konrai flowers.

"The God with the elephantine visage I shall never forget--Shankara's son, with massive belly and the thodu in His ear, the Lord who gave His grace to Indra, of whom mantra is His very form." Yogaswami's Natchintanai

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