Uncrating a Big Shipment

The last shipment of stones was huge. They were off loaded around the temple. Now comes the difficult, painstaking job of removing the crates, without damaging the stone. More perimeter stones along with the final course of the perimeter wall, and other wonders.

Two Yogis on Innersearch

Our Innersearch photographer reports: Yogi Jayanatha and Yogi Dayanatha shouldered lots of responsibilities on a daily basis. Before and during Innersearch they worked tirelessly to make sure Innersearch pilgrims stay, transportation, food and all coordination with Rishi Thondunatha's team work seamlessly. But this is what they do as part of their duty and responsibility apart from their intense daily sadhanas. Shown here are photos at Kadaitswami's Samadhi Temple in Jaffna, Both Yogis got on a different role during the visit to Jaffna at Kadaitswami's shrine carrying the Palanquin of Lord Siva with Uma Maheswari and Rajeswary. Kadaitswami's bronze murthy was placed in the front of the palanquin as the procession was taken around the temple perimeters

Kodimaran Placed Into Iraivan!

Yesterday was a marvelous day at Iraivan. The Kodi Maram was lifted by crane and four top roof stones of the Nandi Mandapam roof where placed around it. It was magical. It is really tall! Congratulations to the Siddhidata Kulam and especially the silpis and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami. The logistics of the operation was a "smooth as glass!"

Kodi Maram Unwrapped

Today the Kodi Maram was removed completely from its crate and prepared for Larry Conklin, our crane operator, to place it in the Nandi Mandapam. The bottom of the Kodi Maram is wrapped with lead sheets to preserve the wood. Brass screws are used to secure to lead sheets to the Kodi Maram.

Iraivan Temple’s Perimeter Wall

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we look at the progress being made to place the initial layer of stones for Iraivan's Perimeter Wall. These are the sections and interlocking tower pieces which will display bronze panels that will offer pilgrims the temple's history, words of wisdom and scriptural verses. Today, Sannyasin Yoginathaswami and Natyam Dayanatha are working with the silpis to place more sections upon the foundation. Currently, just under half of these stones have been moved into location. They must be carefully adjusted and leveled in order to support the top sections which will eventually line the wall. Underneath the wall will be a section of lava rock which will slope down to the ground.

January 2019 News Video

Our January 2019 news video covers events in December 2018, including: recent progress on Iraivan Temple; our change of seasons; and the aadheenam's celebration of Ardra Darshanam.

Perimeter Wall Placement

Yesterday the Silpis (with the help of Yoginathswami and a fork lift) moved many of the main portions of Iriavan Temple's perimeter wall into place along the east side of the foundation. As seen in the final photo, the finished wall will have a center section, small pillars on either side, top pieces and red granite pots to adorn tops of the pillars.

Iraivan Temple Updates

With the shiplis here on Kauai, work on Iraivan Temple is continuously moving forward. On Thai Pongal we took a short tour of everything that has been happening this week.

Iraivan Temple Progress

Aum Namaha Sivaya

Here follows quick update on the work taking place at Iraivan Temple. Click through the slideshow to see what's happening.

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