Elephants on Kauai?

Three elephants, in black granite, will be walking up the steps of Iraivan Temple. This is the drawing of the mother and her calf, made by Selvanathan Sthapati about three years back.

Yesterday, jiva Rajasankara sent photos of his recent visit to the carving site, which is near Mahabalipuram where black granite is abundant.

There is more to be done, but the work of art is nearing completion.

It is the habit of calf elephants to follow their mothers in this way, holding her tail with its little trunk.

She is carrying a garland, to be offered to Lord Siva.

What a delightful thing, to see elephants walking on Kauai.

The sculpture will be shipped in the months ahead.

The male will also come, completed last year.

He holds a globe in his trunk, as described by Gurudeva. It represents Hinduism's love of the Earth and its the all-encompassing spirit.

Happy little pachyderm.

He seems to be resting in the shade.

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  1. Judith Cornell says:

    Namaste to the sacred artisans who created such beautiful carvings. Siva is working so inspiringly through them. It is awesome to see the unfolding of the Iraivan temple done in such an authentic way-created with divine inspiration, love, and mantras. Surely the stone elephants have become more potently alive with Siva’s shakti. Aum Shanti

  2. S.DEVAN says:

    Aum Iraivan temple is bringging back the ancient age of Hinduism.The stone elepahant tells us the message of love kind and be good to the green nature.Now days there are many Hindus converting to other religion due to lack of divine teachings.I am from malaysia,people paid 500 TO 800 USD to convert from hinduism to Islam and other religion.This pople are poor and have not propper Hinduism teachings.Temple managements are using the power for political gain only.Would glad if Iraivan temple reps at Kuala Lumpur involve in more preaching and teaching of hinduism…AUM SHANTI

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