Lambodara Kulam on-line cooking training

During a break from their kitchen duties the sadhaka of the Lambodara Kulam sometimes look for cooking tips.

Here's Sanjay Thumma at showing how to make dosai. Of course, Sanjay is using white rice. The monastery's kitchen turns out some pretty decent brown rice idli and dosai. For the batter to turn out right you'll need short grain brown rice, non-iodized salt, filtered water (not flourinated/chlorinated tap water) and a warm place (33C / 91F) to let the batter ferment. The ammas at also have some really helpful tips.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Jai!!! I love this site!! I have learned to make many yummy South Indian dishes!!


  2. pavan says:

    I Like Food Recipes of Vahrehvah

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