Dr. Thiagarajan Continues His Work Here

Dr. Thiagarajan continues with his seva here. Today he finished translating about 280 squares of the complete Snakes and Ladders games.

If you love Sanskrit Chanting, you can hear him on the YouTube video below, chanting in Iraivan. You can also get his CD’s at his web site.

Many guests have commented on the beautiful chanting they hear in Kadavul. Many of these chants are by Dr. Thiagarajan. You can have them in your own home too!
Click here to go to his web site. Find out about his mission to preserve and propagate our holy languages and scriptures. Find out more in the article and interview we did here in Hinduism Today

You can get his chanting CD by clicking here.

This version of snakes and ladders is very sophisticated and complex.

It is a complete map of various states of consciousness, character traits, lokas, behaviors etc. We roll the dice and depending on the square we land on, we proceed toward Moksha or slide back down to the bhuloka.

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  1. Kumara says:

    Thank you, Dr. Thiagarajan, for making available so many of the exquisite Sanskrit stotras. I have several of your CD’s and they are such wonderful blessings! Aum Namah Sivaya!

  2. Easan says:

    This family home evening we played our first S&L game from Hinduism Today current issue. It is a lot of fun. Lots of intricate thought went into creating this game.

    We didn’t have a die or cowrie shells, so i devised an alternative. I do have a clear cube and a deck of cards. So i took out all cards over 6. Then each player rolled the blank clear die, and called out whatever number, 1 through 6, they saw in their tyemuif. Then that is the number of cards they deal, and turn over the last card, which indicated how many moves to make. This created a nice sense of free will ( the mental creation ) and karma ( the random card ) in each player’s turn.

    All players highly recommend the game.

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