Teaching the Youth to Care for the Elderly

In Saiva Dharma Sastras, Gurudeva says: Outreach service consists of serving Hindus outside the immediate family, such as “hospital visitation, taking flowers to and consoling Hindus who are ill, reading scriptures to the elderly or handicapped”.

As part of the summer camp teaching programs, Rishi Thondunathan takes the students to different elderly homes in the Toronto area, to sing bhajans and interact with the elders in the home. In this way, the children learn first hand the responsibility of caring for the elderly and seeking their wisdom.

These following pictures are taken on July 4th at the Yee Hong Center for Long Term Care in Toronto, Canada.

The resident chaplain of the Yee Hong Center, Rev. Charles Yu, with the youth.

Twenty-five students from last year’s summer camp take turns and visit the Yee Hong Center every first Saturday of the month to perform this service. In a special ceremony at the Sai Illam of Toronto, Rishi Thondunathan presented a “Certificate of Appreciation of Service” to the 25 youth who participated in this program.

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