Young Children Learn Ancient Hindu Civilisation – ( JB, Malaysia )

Himalayan Academy resources are indeed a boon to many teachers outside the monastery who thirst to impart important, factual and accurate informations about ancient Hindu civilization to youngsters and adults alike.We were invited by Srimati. Shantini to observe her students project/presentation on 5th August in JB. She is a freelance teacher of a wonderful kind.Thus,our report takes us into another dimension of how effectiveness of teaching can be deployed;using various interactive tools as well as persuasive intelligent coaching, teaching and delivery wrapped-up in a fun way that appeals our youngsters and made a tremendous positive impact on them.(Ganesha too is an observer!!)

With less resources available on hand, she researched and freely used many informations, teaching aids from Himalayan Academy resources as her teaching guide and formating syllabus. She has about 30 odd students and classes were held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In this project, 2 groups were given task to research, prepare and present on ancient Hindu civilization. Age brackets are: 4 -- 9 years and 10 -- 14 years old. Today, is their day. Kids having their final rehearsal before presentation begins.

Kids from another team surfing trough their project works using hand held computer. I must say these kids are pretty much advanced, ahead of time as compared to their other peers or even the older adults!!

Vedic slokas are sung before commencing the project works.

Srimati Shantini gave a broad overview of advanced Hindu early civilization. How that civilization strived, ahead in many fields at that time, notably in the field of science, medicine, astronomy, etc. Children were thought on why they need to know their Hindu roots, take pride and able to articulate convincingly to others.

The first team, presented their research papers -- Lost City of Harappa ( Indus Valley. A role play -- panel of speakers and a host.

Questions were posted to panel members and them answering with aid of audio & video projectors.

The second group presentation topic was on Indus Valley Civilization. A very interactive presentation and took everyone back to future -- 2,500 BCE and 8,000 years back. This team seemed just been back from archeological sites!!

Artifacts from Indus valley -- slide show!!

They even set up a mini Indus Valley civilization museum and explained the various artifacts found and how many of those iteSrimati are still around, used by Hindus till today.

Srimati Shantini summarizes the presentation, a review of how they had performed and getting feedback from them and parents. One of the kids, Laxman has this to say,"Before this, I didn't even know anything about Hindu early civilization but now I am and thankful to my teacher and parents who gave me this opportunity to learn our roots and appreciate them well enough". Srimati Shantini concludes the day, thanking everyone, especially the parents who gave 100% support. The day ended vedic mantra recital.

Our future, in their hands. Bright,lovely and brilliant kids they're indeed. The torch bearers that will carry on our ancient tradition and religious practices farther and beyond. We,the adults learned as much how the kids had learned.

Kids and their fabulous teacher. A perfect model and example how basic knowledge of our roots can be infused to our kids, applying modern tools, innovative, creative teaching delivery methods and getting them to participate as a cohesive team at a very young age. Kudos to all and to their parents who had been providing their unequivocal support. To Srimati Shantini and parents, "Thank You for bringing the school to home" -- Educational and a fun filled!

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  1. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Thank You sister Shantini! We’d a wonderful presentation!!

  2. Shanthini says:

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. And you’re right, our children are indeed the brightest, most precious gems we have on Earth. We should all harness this most precious resource of ours, not only for our future but also for the future of this most brilliant of philosophy, Hinduism. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Hindus who came before us and to those who have struggled to hold on to our faith for us now.

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