Sun One Homa

Here on Kauai, Yogi Jivananandanatha performs our homa today.

Paramacharya Palaniswami gave a talk on “Amma Trauma” describing the way that young monk’s slowly release from their family over time.

Bodhinatha’s tiruvadi are placed in the same spot he usually sits for the homa.

Hanuman, whom we invoke with Gurudeva’s instructions to help bring Iraivan Temple to Kauai

Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, beseeched for blessings before every sacred rite

Agni, the Conveyor of our prayers and supplications to the Gods and devas

God Siva in the form of the Purnakumbha

The San Marga Iraivan Temple’s Maha Sphatika Sivalingam, awaiting the auspicious day of the new temple’s consecration

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