New Phase Begins

A dynamic new phase begins today. And thanks to Hitesvara Saravan and our sound team we have another talk for you ready to listen to. See the side bar for Bodhinatha’s latest upadesha

Visiting Priest

Some belated photos of Sannyasin Arumugaswami looking at palm leaves with a visiting priest.

New Visitor Information Center Walls Go Up

The walls for the new Minimela library and visitor information center are going up….

Little Devas from Holland

On the way down the Tiruneri path these three little devas stopped to pose for us. They are from Holland and their mother comes to stay on Kauai for some months every year. Pelr on the left with her younger brother Cameran and littler sister Bo (we are not sure the spellings are correct).

They were full of questions for the monk with the camera

“Where do you sleep? What do you eat? Who feeds you? Can you get married? Why is the dot on your head black? [It was from this morning homa ashes] Can we get a black dot too?”

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