Our three day retreat was “action packed” with a large group of special guests on Star 1, the arrival of a new task forcer, the incredibly powerful annual Tiruvembavai Ardra Abhishekam of Natajara on the second, Purnima day of the retreat.

Here is Bodhinatha carrying the kumbha around the temple on Ardra day.


Of course, since Lord Nataraja is not to be photographed, the amazing abhishekam is only known by those who come here for pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, Julian Calendar Twenty-Ten (2010) New Year’s greetings are flowing in from around the world.

This is a precious message we have received from India from our brothers at monastery at Adi Chunchanagiri

Jai Sri Gurudev
Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Math
Sri Adichunchanagiri Shakha Math, Chickballapur


The horizon is not yet laminated with the golden rays of the sun. Despite darkness, another gifted day is unveiled and given to mankind to perform noble deeds before dusk. Who knows whether another dawn will be there for us or not? Chirping melody of birds, soothing touch of morning breeze, makes the whole world to rejoice. May all be awakened from great slumber to receive the best possible gifts brought by heavenly daughter USHA, the dawn, and the time just before the first ray of the radiant arising sun. May USHA bring peace, happiness, tranquility, prosperity and much more into our life. May your personality be enveloped with divine splendour, effulgence, and untainted homogeneous radiance. Try to relinquish all kinds of passion which may cast off all virtues. Attain emancipation, redemption and renounce all for the cause of humanity through which you will attain ultimate enlightenment which gives eternal, everlasting ecstasy and you can absorb yourself in the ocean of infinite truth and your entire being would be illumined. May you receive the benediction of the benign, benevolent grace of the Almighty on this very good morning of auspicious year 2010.

Yours in the Service of the Lord,

Swami Nirmalanandanatha

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  1. suveeta says:



    could anyone help me in my meditation. Am practicing pranayam since long. And i’ve stopped it since one month as am tired. I want to see aura…but I don’t have any techniques to see it. Can anyone help me please…I’ve been practiving tatrak for one month approximately, but I can’t see anything as I don’t hav e the right way to practice it…Please help


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