Sun Two

The Ekadanta Kulam of one, Saravananathaswami gave his report. After a year’s break from member and student communications he is back on the job. He’s moved his office and picked up the threads of continuity from Sivakatirswami who had been communicating with students and member in his stead for a year.

The Pillaiyar Kulam also gave news of their activities. Shanmuganathaswami has been away for a month and is now back working hard on Hinduism Today subscriptions and preparing for the next trip to California. Muruganathaswami reports that there has been a rise of sales of the complete trilogy on our internet minimela site. Some people as far away as Finland have ordered all three books.

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  1. Esan says:

    Jai aravananathaswami ! Jai Sivakatirswami !

  2. toshadevi nataraja says:

    jai Ganesa!We are always so well taken care of to have the right teachers and helpers every step of the way. My study of the Master Course continues to help me improve in all aspects of life.Jai Grudeva! Jai Satguru Bodhinatha! and heartfelt thanks to Saravanathaswamiji and Sivakatirswamiji. May we truly be worthy of the work you do on our behalf. Aum Shanti

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