Jai Hanumanji!

He is finished! After many years of planning, designing, quarrying, carving, sculpting, fine-tuning Hanuman stands 12-feet-tall at our site in Bengaluru.

Jiva Rajasankara sent these photos yesterday, just in time for Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations on TAKA. Notice the magnificent detail in the drapery, seldom seen since Michelangelo's day.

Even the crown chakra on the back of his head is elegantly detailed. Holding his mace of power, the power of humble service.

To see the tail so delicate in granite will astonish those who know how difficult this is to achieve.

Next: Ship him to Kauai, design a base and install near Iraivan Temple. We are so proud of our team in India, who continue to amaze and enchant us.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Hooray!!! Oh my goodness….wow……..magnificent….Jai Hanumanjii!! Thank you for all your strenght..in manifesting Iraivan..

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