Mahasamadhi Day Two

Our morning began in the temple today with an arati for Gurudeva. He was powerfully present. As one devotee said in the video below it is as if his presence is like a powerful perfume that fills the inner atmosphere.

Yesterday Paramacharya Palaniswami spoke about the continuity of the line of gurus. It was interesting to note Bodhinatha’s talk he gave on ways to serve others and then to read this translation of Yogaswami’s Natchintanai:


The body is a temple,
The mind is a votary,
And love is worship.
Know this and walk intently.
Thou lacketh nothing. So the Vedas declare.

The Lord, inseparable e’en for a second,
The crafty ones cannot see.
Thy inmost core, His sanctum,
And the life force is the Lamp.
Ponder till the truth dawns within.

The distinction of friend and foe
Eschew and repeat Siva-Siva,
And be immersed in joy.
So excellent is this goal
That it’s worth your constant pursuit.

Strive steadily and know thyself
And shed the dual consciousness by His Grace.
This life being evanescent,
Seek to serve thy fellow brethren.
This indeed is virtuous conduct.

By service meek will evil recede,
By service will super powers flow in,
Sickness shall flee and fearless you become.
Such beatific bliss inexpressible
In felicity sweet be thine.

To see the soul in all as Sivam
And do good is to seek His Feet.
Sorrow shall not touch them,
And joy everlasting be their reward.
Truly shall they attain the Lord of Thillai.

In steadfast faith do thou consecrate
Thy body, spirit and all thou art,
And in that instant shall thou be blessed
With the radiant feet of Nataraj.
This indeed is Truth

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami ki jai!

Leaving the temple we have a perfectly clear day as the sun rises behind us and Mount Waialeale rises in the distance.

At 9:00 the pilgrims join Yoginathaswami for a tour of Iraivan Temple with detailed explanations of the various works in progress and new additions.

Bodhinatha continued his seminar this morning.

He is using a new technique of putting discussion points to the group, eliciting insights and questions. It makes for a dynamic session.

In the afternoon our traditional havan is held at the Svayambhu Lingam this year. The flame and Gurudeva’s tiruvadi are paraded from Kadavul to San Marga.

Going around Iraivan….

Arati to Dakshinamurti…

Then over to the Svayambhu Lingam.

All the devotees came forward to make offerings in the homa.

It was another day full of the sweet bliss of satsang with devotees and Gurudeva’s powerful inner blessings flowing like a river of love and joy through all our hearts and minds.

Thank you, Gurudeva!

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  1. David Lippmann says:

    Thank you! Thank You! Guru Deva! I love you, so very much, Beloved Lord Sivaya Subramuniya Swami!

    Thank you, for continuing to Bless us all, everyday, in every way, from the inside out.

    And thank you so much, for the Shum Teachings, the Master Course, and everything else!!!!

    Forever in Your Service,


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