Mahasamadhi Final Day

Happy Deepavali to all! Yesterday was an incredibly auspicious day, the final in our Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Observances. We began with our morning arati for Gurudeva.

Gurudeva's shrine is scintillating with energy and his presence is all around us with blessings pouring from within.

This morning Bodhinatha presented everyone with the annual Mahasamadhi souvenir.

This year we are giving away set of DVDs containing selections from our video archives. Shishyas around the world will all receive a copy by mail soon. A limited run was produced and 700 extra will be made available for sale in the Minimela store soon. We will make an announcement when it is available.

Our silpis all received copies. This group of artisans’ tour of duty is almost over. They will return to India in late December.

The booklet is beautifully designed, with pockets for the DVDs built in.

Kumar Gurukkal receives a copy.

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  1. Sheela says:

    JAI Gurudeva! I love you! Jai Bodhinatha And ALL at the Aadheenam whose every breath is testimony to Gurudeva’s teachings. Thank you SO much for ALL that you do. I love you! It feels like like my heart will burst, it is so full of gratitude for your sharing through TAKA … Aum AUM

  2. Sarasvathi Iawarapatham says:

    Jai to our Kailasa Paramparai! Jai to our Satguru & all the Monks,Swamis,Acharyas,Paramagurus! We, your sishyas thank you very much indeed for the enlightening work you continue to do,to ever uplift us.Thank you.
    Om Namasivaya

  3. amma debora says:

    What a beautiful souvenir! Congratulations to the Ganapati Kulam for putting it together so beautifully!

  4. Chelliah Kandappa says:

    Gurudeva,OM Namasivaya
    Will I ever get a chance of joining this great fraternity at least in my next birth

  5. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    ~Guru Brahma~
    ~Guru Devo~
    ~Guru Shakshat~
    ~Tasmai Shree~
    ~~~Guruve, Namaha~~

  6. tinathayalen says:

    jai gurudeva….where can get booklet cd in malaysia?

  7. David Lippmann says:

    Without Guru Deva, without the Kauai Temple, without God Siva, and the Gods, I would no doubt, still be a hopeless drunk, feeling hpelessly trapped, in the instinctive areas of the mind.

    It took so many years, for Guru Devas precious message, to penetrate my thick head, to say the least.

    Thank You, Guru Deva, Thank you Kauai Temple, Thank you Beloved Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

    If my physical body, were to cease functioning, tomorrow, I would leave this world, knowing all my dreams, had been fulfilled, thus far.

    Maybe there should be a book, about those of us, who have so struggled with such outragious karmas, and yet, through the Grace of the Living Sat Guru, have been somehow, to some degree, substancially reformed.

    I love you so much, Master.


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