Mauritius Pancha Ganapati Part One

We wish to share a few photos of our youth gathering on Pancha Ganapati at the Spiritual pf Mauritius on December 22. Youth, mostly from our membership and those attending one of the regional Saivite Hindu Religion classes of the island attended the event. Here is sishya Poshan Munian performing an arati to Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati before the activities start.

Sishya Sivarathna Manick does the presenting for the first part of the program.

Kulapati Amba Valaytan, our most senior Kulapati present is invited to welcome our guests and say a few words about the event.

The first item is a song on Lord Ganapati by some of the SHR students from the Rempart region class.

All parents present are seated in the tent while activities go on on the steps of the Mandapam.

Here is one very young lady from one of the classes near Flacq, performing a dance.

Three youth from Quatre Bornes role playing on the reasons behind the celebration of Pancha Ganapati in the home….

… while some of their friends are demonstrating the meanings in a home environment playing the roles of different members of the family.

Kulapati Rajen Manick reads the message of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami which stressed on each of the five days of the celebration.

A fun musical chair activity four our smaller ones…

A demonstration of the Chariot festival by the SHR class in Flacq. The students fashioned different chariots for this item.

Sishya Geeradevi Canagasaby another youth of our membership presenting the program…

A classical dance dedicated to Lord Ganapati…

We are posting the second series of this Mauritius Pancha Ganapati celebration at the Spiritual Park on next TAKA. Till then… Aum.

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  1. Rouba Narrainen says:

    Thanks for sharing the photo of pancha Ganapati celebration. Very proud to see these kids praying with lots of faith.
    Om Gam Ganapatiye namaha

  2. Suresh says:

    Dear all,

    Was amazed to see such a temple and way of life beyond the shores of Tamil Nadu. GREAT!
    We are also doing our little bit by honoring Odhuvars, part of the traditional endowment of Rajaraja Chola. Visit the website, for more details.Allare invited to nominate their favorite Musicians.Please pass on this message to all Music Lovers.


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