Iraivan Stone Carving News from Bangalore

We have this update on the beautiful work being don on the stones for the Nandi Mandapam.

Here, Andiappan, is carving the intricate floral designs on the beamstone ( uttataram)

A close up view of the carvings in progress.

Sankaran working on the lower portion of the beamstone. The ornamental carving is different.

A closeup view of both the ornamental carvings.It gives a detailed carved beamstone. Ninety five percent of the major temples have plain beam stone

Silpi Shanmugam carving the beamstone

Silpi Iyyadorai working on the beamstone

2 Responses to “Iraivan Stone Carving News from Bangalore”

  1. Sivasri says:

    This is lovely! The craftsmanship is spectacular and it is a joy to see the creative process unfolding.

  2. Jutika says:

    These are such beautfiful work by the shilpis.

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