Yesterday's Tour

With the end of Sadhu Paksha the gates of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery open wide for our first Public Tour in three weeks. Guests are always so grateful and seem to sense how special is this land they tread.

Another group of divine souls who now know about Iraivan Temple, a little about our monks and our Parampara.

This sacred lotus says it all!

Extra help in the mini mela on tour days! Valli Alahan from the Kauai Mission with Dipanjali Mardemootoo from Mauritius are helping Isani Alahan.

Tour day is noticeably less potent when Bodhinatha is traveling and not in His chair when we return for the signing of books.

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  1. Anjali says:

    Aum! The lotus picture is so beautiful, I had to save it!!
    Hellos to Valli, and Isani, et al!!
    Love and Light, Anjali

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