Vegetarianism, Here Comes America

The monks are once more quietly woking on another issue of Hinduism Today. To most readers the magazine appears once every quarter like magic, a feast for the eyes and the mind. In the background, a tremendous amount of research happens, polishing and perfecting text and layout with a dedication that only those who work for love can have.

The next issue focuses on Bali, an enchanting place that will surprise even our most knowledgeable readers.

But the April issue also includes a small piece on a trend that is striding across America: that of quasi-vegetarians, the many who want to live a healthier live and have, correctly, understood that proper food is the only sound foundation for a long life. Somewhat unexpectedly, as if we were, as Gurudeva said, in “harmony with the universe,” this article from food critic Mark Bittman came in today, explaining how he decided to join the movement. It has a few good-looking recipes, too. Enjoy, and live healthier in 2012.

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