Darshan with Bodhinatha

This is Bharatchandra, wife Sangeeta, daughters Tulsi, Krishna and Krupa (not pictured) visiting for first time from southern California.

They got a copy of “What is Hinduism” to be signed by Bodhinatha

They grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and then moved to Los Angeles area about ten years ago.

While in Johannesburg they found our book Loving Ganesha tucked away in a bookstore, right after experiencing a very challenging karma. The book helped them cope with that karma and move on. Consequently, they’ve felt a deep connection with Gurudeva and looked forward to visiting one day.

That day finally arrived and now they want to support Iraivan Temple “forever.”

Big Tour Day

Siva came in many, many forms today, including a whole bus load of metaphysical students from countries all over the world.

Though our stream is still not receiving water from the reservoir, there has been sufficient and regular rain to keep our ponds full and the lotuses are blooming. This one is right in front where all can see.

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