Today's Pilgrims Meet Bodhinatha

Rudiren Pillay will be departing for his home in South Africa tomorrow. We all want to thank him for his great attitude and spirit of service. He returns renewed with his mantra diksha. At lunch today he gave testimony on how inspired he was to to live among a group of people who are always happy.

One of the monks told him he thought it was a waste of time being unhappy. Since everyone is running around trying to do something to make themselves happy, they would save a lot of time and effort if they would just BE happy.

Durvan is here from Arizona. His home is in Malaysia and he's here working for Intel for the last three months for work. His family met our late Gurudeva years ago. He's looked forward for many years to finally visit Kauai Aadheenam for the first time. Durvan and his family in Malaysia have subscribed to Hinduism Today magazine for many years now.

Prasanna and Maya from Vancouver lived in India for 19 years where he did astrology at Ammachi Ashram. They had a long talk with Bodhinatha.

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