We Support Our Temple Priests

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Acharya Arumugaswami are off to Pittsburg for a whirlwind one day flight, one day on the ground and oen day fly back on Sunday. The Hindu Mandir Executive Council has organized a meeting or priest to discuss key issues for our temples and Hinduism in the US.

Gurudeva made support of our Hindu priesthood a key part of his global mission. We are going to provide our support, insights on issues that may be helpful and to also take interviews for a future feature article in Hinduism Today magazine. Stay tuned for more…and pray for them both because we don’t know how much sleep they are going to get in the next 72 hours!

2 Responses to “We Support Our Temple Priests”

  1. Chandrika Shanti says:

    Warriors of the within! Rest well on your way and when you return, this is one long trip but what wonderful good you will do there.

    Jai Gurudeva!

  2. Amma Debora says:

    I´m sure the trip is going to be a success. Lots of love, Amma Debora.

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