Bodhinatha Departs for Phoenix

A temple in Phoenix has invited Bodhinatha for the Kumbhabhishekam. He is off on a whirlwind two-day trip, comes home and then departs again on Sun One for Santa Cruz.

2 Responses to “Bodhinatha Departs for Phoenix”

  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa!Bon Voyage Guruji. I am waiting to enjoy the TAKA coverage when Guruji returns home.The smiles on the faces of the Swamis and Sadhakas and Guruji’s own special smile and the beautiful welcome ritual. Have a safe and productive trip Dear Satguru.Aum Aum

  2. Anjali says:

    Om Jai Ganesha! I am so looking forward to the Santa Cruz retreat! I know our dear Guru has powerful words and prana to share with us.

    Safe travels!

    OM Namah Sivaya.


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