Deva Seyon Testimony about Kauai Aadheenam

Kulapati Deva Seyon, a long time local resident of Kauai and member of Saiva Siddhanta Church, expresses his point of view about the experience that thousands of visitors to Kauai’s Hindu Monastery have each month.

5 Responses to “Deva Seyon Testimony about Kauai Aadheenam”

  1. Esan says:

    Since you’ve given more tours than anyone — your tours are like Master Course lessons actually — gives this testimony a special gravitas.

  2. Carmel says:

    Mahalo! An eloquent testimony by Deva Seyon.

  3. Debora Murbach says:

    What a treat to see you, dear friend DEVA, and to hear your comments on the experience of visiting the Monastery. I can say that meeting you and Amala was a very dear part of my exquisite experience of visiting Kauai and the Monastery. Bruno and I will always be thankfull to you and sweet Amala.

  4. Isani says:

    Very well stated. Really, lovely. Thank you Deva for your clear and heartfelt sharing of your experience.

  5. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Aum Sivaya Deva Ji. Thanks for your wonderful testimony.Many will want to come to experience what you so lovingly shared . Your family is wonderful in every way.May you be continually blessed every day. Aum Shanti

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