Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah – HAPPY PANCHA GANAPATI!!!

The fifth shakti of Lord Ganesha is the combination of the first and the third in vibration, and it extends into the wonderful feelings obtained by the outpouring of love of this God. Loving Lord Ganesha with all your heart and soul is the combined merging of these five shaktis. This gives the added boon of being able to be charitable; for those who love God perform charity, build shrines and temples and participate in the overflowing generosity from their resources, earning abundant punya, fine merit, accrued for this life and passed on to the next. We can see that harmony within the immediate family and harmony extended to all business associates creates the spiritual dynamic within the individual and the group to burst forth into loving this benign God and receiving His material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual abundance.

The Hindu soul who is immersed in the love of the Lord of Obstacles knows he is not the giver, but only the channel for the giving. He is intuitively aware of the maya of his existence, yet acutely aware of the necessity of sharing his natural, blissful state of having become one with this Lord through the first five shaktis. Such a devotee is the pillar of the temple, the protector of the sadhaka, the respecter of the priesthood and the obedient servant to the holy scriptures, and is seen by all as the compassionate one. Being free in mind, emotion and body, the family that lives basking in the five shaktis of Ganesha performs daily puja and yearly pilgrimage while upholding the five obligations, the pancha nitya karmas,of the Hindu with joyous ease.

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  1. Kiwina Kapi'olani says:

    Happy Holidays and thanks for your efforts to bring Divine Love to Everyone…….Kiwina…..

  2. Yogananda says:

    Thank you. The colorful image lf Lord Ganesha with the the two ghee lamps on each side captured and uplifted me. It is beautiful and awe inspiring.

    Thank you!

    Santa Monica, CA

  3. sheela moothoosawmy says:

    i would like to have the five colours of the fve days of Pancha Ganapati. thnanks.

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