Go Mata (Mother Cow) Restoration

Chudika Mahadevan works on restoring a cow destined for the Mini Mela.

16 Responses to “Go Mata (Mother Cow) Restoration”

  1. Dulce Solis says:

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  2. Yogandran Ponnudurai says:

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  3. Nalini Ganapati says:

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  4. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  5. Uma Ganapati says:

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  6. Purany Ponniah says:

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  7. Ushadevi says:

    Restoring the world one stroke at a time, Jai Ganapati!

  8. adi sankara peruman says:


    Great art work…should be needing lots and lots of patience…Do u have any other art-work to share?
    Aum from Mauritius.

  9. Kaivalya Sarasvati says:

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  10. Padmaja Patel says:

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  11. Leonora Orr says:

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  12. Vinaya Alahan says:

    Aum and Moo;)

  13. Eric Estenzo says:

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  14. Thillyampalam Sivayogapathy. says:

    Ganapathi Thunnai!

    Holy “Ko Maatha” Vanakkam is a long standing Hindu Tradition,

    especially, by Farmers, as a Thanks Giving, on the day after the

    “Thai Pongal” Day; It is known as ,” Patti Pongal”Day!

    Daily “Ko Maatha” Vanakkam(Prayers), leads to Prosperity too!

    Aum Shanthi!

  15. Rishi Markandeya Nageshwar says:

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  16. Toshadevi Nataraj says:

    Nice work Dear Chudika.Many blessings to you. Aum Aum

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