A Satguru in Sri Lanka

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganthaswami continue their journey through Sri Lanka. They are visiting many of the special locations mentioned in The Guru Chronicles. Over the last few days, they traveled to Batticaloa, visited the Yogaswami Girls Home, Sivathondan Nilayam, the Vipulananda boys home, the Thirunavukkarasu Gurukulam and the Murukandi Temple at Elephant Pass.

Word got out that Bodhinatha would be traveling through Batticaloa and people gathered for Darshan. They stopped the Van and Bodhinatha gave blessings.

Temple, Satsang, Redwoods and Google

Following two more, very successful Chinamya mission events on Sunday, our two traveling monks decided to visit the Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple in the afternoon. Gurudeva gifted the temple its first Ganesha murti many years ago. Today it has several talented priests who perform services throughout the day. Upon arrival there was a new car blessing being performed out front, a small havana inside the temple to the left, what appeared to be a namakarana happening to the right, and of course hundreds of Hindus performing personal worship. We noted that the Ganesha shrine was particularly powerful in this temple. That evening the monks attended the Golden Gate Mission satsang, where Aurumuganathaswami gave an abridged version of the presentation he'd given at the Chinmaya Mission events, as we as a explanation as to our goals in regards to the textbook issue and this trip to Sacramento.

The following day had a more open schedule. Our two monks made their way across the bay to find some redwood trails, and sure enough they did. A redwood reserve nestled along a hilly ridge was the destination. The wooded trek involved a little more ice-cold winds and freezing rain than anticipated, but it was still quite enjoyable being out in nature and getting a little much needed exercise after such an abundance of travel. Of course it was mandatory to hug a few redwood trees. Following their hike, the monks made their way to Google, where an acquaintance of ours, Rolf, is one of the team leaders of Google's transportation initiatives. Rolf gave us a tour of some of the Google campus, all the while explaining a lot of what goes on there and some of the history behind it.

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha On the Road

Our California team arrived Los Angles a few days ago. The plane landed in the late evening, and they quickly proceeded to a place to stay the night in the giant city. As many know, the weather has brought rain, wind and even a small tornado (fairly close to where our monks were staying) to this usually dusty, concrete jungle. The next day our monk drove along the 70mph freeways for hours, darting in and out of traffic, blinded by the constant mist which sprayed from beneath every vehicle on the flooded speedways. They had several meetings with university professors to discuss the text book issue which we now face, and to get some insight for the upcoming structural quality commission which the monks will be attending, and where our list of recommended edits to the California textbook narrative will come up for review. You can view the proposed document here. That evening the team met with several parents and school children to discuss the issue and get some firsthand accounts of the 6th and 7th grade presentation of Hinduism. That was followed by a short Satsang at the home of Mayuran and Amanda Muttulingam.

Our monks left LA the following morning at 6am and made their way up the interstate to Fremont, California. The two worked their way up the the grapevine, experiencing miles and miles of flatland, replete with, you guessed it, grapevines, but also citrus fruits, almonds, and many other fields of trees which would actually be producing fruit if they had water with which to do it. in an odd juxtaposition to the dead, brown trees, the ground had received a few days of heavy rain allowing for the grass throughout the fields to glow bright green in the morning sun. A thick fog played over most of i-5 as the morning sun evaporated the plentiful groundwater.

The two travelers had been invited to attend the Chinmaya Mission events in Fremont, San Jose and San Ramon. Acharya Aramuganathaswami gave his talk to parents at each group, explaining the issue with the current texts book standards, giving ideas as to how parents can participate, and getting feedback and personal testimony from parents about their child's education. Today is the final of these three events in San Jose.

Monks Educational Mission To California

monks leave for Ca

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha leave home today for the open road of California's educational highway. The primary goal of their trip is to meet the Sacramento Instructional Quality Commission to discuss the standards for presenting Hinduism in California schools. Stay tuned for more updates...

November 29th book launch in Malaysia

Click Here for more photos of History of Hindu India book launch

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