Satguru’s Recent Travels

Here are a few photographs of Satguru Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami during there recent travels in Adelaide, Australia.

Yogaswami Guru Puja in Sydney

Yesterday Afternoon Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Shanmuganathaswami attended a Siva Yogaswami monthly Guru Puja in Sydney Australia, at a nearby community center for the elderly. The program consisted of singing, mainly Natchintanai, and arati to a picture of Yogaswami with a short talk from Bodhinatha at the end. These are some of the pictures taken on the occasion.

Off to Australia!

Yesterday Satguru Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami left for a long flight to Australia. They will be gone for 10 days, returning to the monastery just in time for Ardra Darshanam.

You are invited to Darshan & Wisdom in Adelaide

Bodhinatha will be visiting Adelaide on December 11. We invite you to attend if you are there. If not, invite your family and friends in or near Adelaide.

An Invitation to the 2014 Mauritius Innersearch!

There are still seats available for our 2014 Innersearch travel-study program. This year we will be flying to the island nation of Mauritius.

To pique your interest, we have appended some photos of our 2008 Asian Odyssey. We hope they give you a taste of the spiritual, cultural and just-plain-fun experiences one can have while on Innersearch.

This is your opportunity to travel with a satguru and his monks on their periodic journeys, engaging in a personalized instruction based on The Master Course. Twenty-two Innersearch travel-study programs have been held since 1967, taking hundreds of seekers to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and dozens of other regions. You can be sure that Innersearch is not your typical excursion but a travel experience that combines the mystical path of Indian spirituality with a superlative retreat from your day-to-day routine.
Each voyage is a pilgrimage to the divine and spectacular inside of you. The all-pervading beauty, color and grandeur of the outer voyage is but a reflection of the bliss and richness of the inner voyage as we delve the within together. A typical day includes morning classes exploring the esoterics of meditation and discussing how to live a spiritually dynamic life in a modern world. There are hatha yoga and meditation classes, question-and-answer sessions, instruction in Shum, Gurudeva's language of meditation, and lots of time for informal sharing with Bodhinatha and the swamis. Some of the most enriching moments are when we meet with Hindu communities, often joining in grand celebrations as they welcome us to the temples they have erected around the world. Next year's Innersearch Travel-Study Program will be extra special, as it will be the first program held on the lovely island/nation of Mauritius and promises to be one of our sweetest journeys. Less grueling travel then previous programs, more upanishadic time with Bodhinatha and the swamis at our very own Spiritual Park which sits majestically at the confluence of a river and the ocean.

During our days on the enchanting island of Mauritius, much of our time will be spent at the Spiritual Park, having outdoor classes, exploring the park's paths, trees and river, meditating and enjoying the divine presence of the Deities. Once a month a large homa for Lord Panchamukha Ganapati is held at the park, drawing thousands of bhaktars from all over the island to receive His blessings. We will have the opportunity to join in the monthly homa at the Spiritual Park on July 6. Be prepared to be amazed at how Gurudeva's little spiritual garden has become the venue for the largest monthly Hindu gathering in the country.

Click here to visit our Innersearch information page for more details

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