Canada Adventure Day 3

Today is the last day of our "mini innersearch" with the traveling monks and a grand tour of the Butchart Gardens.  This is the story of an amazing woman, named Jeannie Butchart - married to an enterprising concrete manufacturer. Basically he purchased the land to extricate lime stone deposits for his concrete plant and what was left after the quarry was a huge (and ugly) hole in the ground. 
 Usually patrons to the gardens simply walk through on their own but that wasn't enough for our incredible hosts  - Nagarajan and Shamini who arranged for the director of the gardens to host Sadasivanathaswami (don't try this from home – it took a superhuman effort to arrange this special tour).  According to our most amazing guide– Jeannie Butchart (also the plant chemist) was given a few seeds from a friend to start a vegetable garden.  Something magical must have happened as she watched those seeds sprout and looked out over this huge empty pit. She immediately expanded a large vegetable garden. The sides of the pit were lined with exposed rock so she had ropes strung along the sides of the cliff and from a hanging chair started planting ivy. She then sent for Japanese garden masters to come and develop the beginnings of what was to become a massive world renowned English style garden of incredible beauty with 65 full time gardeners that host over 800,000 people each year.
 It was quite amazing and humorous, listening to Sadasivanathaswami and Susan Wright (our additional guide) talking Latin back and forth throughout most of the tour!

Monks Return Home

Swami and Natyam

Swami and Natyam

After almost one month, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Natyam Rajanatha are back in the monastery. More posts following the last part of our journey are coming, stay tuned...

Canada Adventure Day 2: Seaside Promenade, Boats and Homa

For day 2 of our Canada adventure the group went on a long seaside walk and into a beautiful park with grand trees and wildlife.

Canada Adventure Day One: Welcome to Canada!

Eight major cities and one country can't stop these relentless traveling monks. Canada welcomes us and we hit the ground running with a full on 130 guest event later that day. Let's walk through the eye of my lens and see what I saw.

Loveland Bronze Tour

We have a special treat for you today. Thanks to Bobby and Kathy Page, of Loveland's very own Page Bronze team, we bring you the step-by-step process of a bronze piece. Our traveling monks got to see some updates of Iraivan's work, and also an entire lesson on coloring, or bronze patination, work on a sculpture.

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