Guests and Pilgrims

We have had many visitors from Canada lately, most very happy to leave the frozen North and enjoy the less frigid Hawaiian climate.

Our visitors today are from Ontario, Canada and are accompanied by friends from Detroit, Michigan. Here they pose in front of the handcarved stone chain displayed temporarily on the western side of the Iraivan Temple. Rajendran and Hasu Patel from Michigan, and Pankuj and Mini Patel, Kirti and Bhavna Shah all from Canada.

In front of the Iraivan Temple sanctum.

Three more Hindu families enjoyed the beautiful morning puja in Kadavul Temple. All remarked on the peacefulness and spiritual beauty of this sacred place.

They later posed for a group photo after returning from a wonderful tour of the Iraivan Temple. (L/R) Mohan and Sudha Narayanan from Arcadia, FL; The Kamaraj family -- Mahiranan (12), Aranand (3), Kanmani and Jawahar all from Tracy, CA.; and Sohena and Chirag Patel from Allentown, PA.

Kanmani and her two sons Mathiranan and Aranand happily harvest some curry leaves before they leave the Aadheenam. Although three year old Aranand is not too sure he wants to be photographed.

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