A nice group of 30 gathered at the Calgary Hindu Society Temple to listen to Bodhinatha's discourse on "Suggestions for Passing on our Hindu Traditions."

Devotees sang before Bodhinatha's talk.

Bodhinatha goes into meditation for a few minutes before bringing forth the gems of wisdom that the group yearns for.

Bodhinatha performs an arati, then gives his talk.

During the arati, devotees sing sweetly.

Following the discourse, many devotees come forth thanking Bodhinatha for his clear, concise talk and receive vibhuti prasadam.

Young and old come forward.

Bodhinatha steps outside the Hindu Society Temple to take in the fresh Calgary air.

The last morning in Calgary our TAKA photographer went on a nature walk and found some interesting and beautiful landscaping .

Bodhinatha during his daily his walking sadhana.

A unique Canadian bird.

The small brown specks on the green grass are little squirrels. This soccer field was filled with them. They were running and playing in the morning hours.

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