Bodhinatha In Saturday and Sunday in Malaysia

On Saturday Bodhinatha had darshan meetings with devotees all morning and then gave his “Hindu Tools for Success” presentation at the Kalamandapam of the Scott Road Murugan Temple. There were over 300 attentive participants in the program. Our devotees had tables set up with books and literature and reported that distribution was brisk.

On Sunday he met with devotees again in the morning and also the Council on Missions of the Malaysia Mission.

In the afternoon the Hindu Heritage Endowment Estate Planning Seminar was held at the his hotel. All available seventy seats were filled. Two professionals gave the main presentation on wills and on the employee provident fund, the Malaysian equivalent of social security as well as some general thoughts on prudent family financial management. The presentation was extremely well received. Coordinator of the event, Kulapati Guhan Sivalingam felt the program went very well and hopes more such seminars in Malaysia in the future.

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