Siddhidata Kulam Sun One Garden Day

Every sun one the Siddidatha Kulam team spends all day starting, planting and amending the soil. The all organic garden feeds the monastic community 365 days a year. With much trail and error Yoginatha Swami and Sadhaka Adinatha have perfected the planting cycles of each plant in the garden. Swami utilizes a master calendar that keeps tract of each plant, how long it is grown, what time of year to plant and the best fertilizer to help the specific plant grow.

Sadhaka Nilakantha is preparing special potting soil that is used to germinate our seeds into small plants.

From a seed you see a plant in one to two weeks

Sadhaka Adinatha lovingly tends to the small greens and prepares them to be planted in the garden.

Sadhaka Adinatha inspects the very happy lettuce

Ganesha over see and blesses all the joyous Seva in the garden.

This head of cabbage is growing well.

A variety of greens are grown in the garden. Lettuce, chard, and kale to name a few.

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