Innersearch Diary – Day Eight

Our intrepid Innersearch journalists give us their report on June 19, 2010:

Our day began at the Rudraksha Forest, where we were given instructions on how to perform Rudraksha Forest Sadhana by Sannyasin Sivakatirswami, who also reminded us of Gurudeva’s powerful message that “The superconscious is real only if used.” He also explained Gurudeva’s vision of Lord Siva in 1975, which has now manifested into Iraivan Temple.

Everyone walked silently on San Marga, the straight path to God. Throughout the silent journey, we were blessed by Ganesha darshan, we climbed Muruga Hill and finally we reached the Svayambhu Lingam. Bhajans in praise of Lord Siva were followed by a Svayambhu Lingam puja and meditation with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the monks.

After this we had an outdoor class with Paramacharya Palaniswami, sitting next to the giant granite Dakshinamurti (Silent Guru) under the banyan tree just across from Iraivan Temple. He shared with us his wonderful insight into using superconscious experiences as they come, harnessing life around the experience and perpetuating the experience. When you stumble on your sadhana, be forgiving to yourself, else it may become a negative affirmation.

He also answered some of the questions that Innersearchers had submitted earlier. In response to a question on how to find more time for spiritual practices in a busy lifestyle, Paramacharya said, “It is not important how much time you spend, but how much intensity you have in your efforts that matters.”

We visited the Kilohana Plantation, which used to be one of the several sugar plantations on Kauai, having lunch at Gaylord’s, who had been our caterers throughout our stay in Koke’e State Park, and had done a fantastic job of serving us several meals at the monastery. After lunch, we took a train tour of the plantation, which showed us the various fruit orchards as well as the animals around the plantation. We arrived back at the temple and had an afternoon class with Bodhinatha. He spoke on the Iraivan “New Self Image” Sadhana, the Power of Affirmation and Hindu Tools for Success. He shared with us that Iraivan is a moksha temple, meaning that being in the presence of its sanctum sanctorum brings the pilgrim closer to freedom from rebirth on this planet. Satguru also advised us on four spiritual practices which would help us in the process of attaining moksha: good conduct, service, devotion and meditation.

After this powerful message, we paraded to Iraivan temple with Satguru and the monks for a very profound experience of a homa inside Iraivan Temple. The energy and vibrations in the temple, with the agni fire, the presence of Satguru and the monks chanting Sri Rudram, were extremely uplifting. Everyone was given the chance to offer grains into the homa with Satguru.

At night, we had a semi-formal dinner at the Kauai Beach Resort on the pool deck with great entertainment by local musicians. We also celebrated Shamala Raman’s 23rd birthday at dinner, and she was gifted a shawl by Satguru.

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