Many visitors take note of the tiny trees here and there on the grounds, bonsais cultivated in the traditional way by master Tandu Sivanathan. His Ichiban Apprentice, Sadhaka Rajanatha, is working on a banyan, cutting the roots back and repotting it to discourage growth.

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  1. eleni says:

    The bonsais are so beautiful! Thank you Tandu and Sadhaka!

  2. roze says:

    so nice to see my brother, miss you, love you

  3. amma debora says:

    I know how happily you dedicate yourself to these chores – and I´m sure the bonsai will flourish exactly the way you intend it to! Good job, Sadhaka Rajanatha!

  4. Savitri Palani says:


  5. David Lippmann says:

    Thank you so, so, much, Master Tandu, and Precious Sadhaka Rajanatha, for all your blessings, every day in every way!!!

    Om Siva Om,


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