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Mauritius 2011 Visit, Part 1

Views of our Spiritual Park riverfront, abhishekam to Narmada Lingam after a Siva homa performed by Satguru Bodhinatha and accompanying swamis, view of Grand Bassin lake in the island’s center, and a singing sendoff at the end of the visit.

Mauritius 2011 Visit Part Two

On the last day of the visit to Mauritius, Nov 23, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami speaks to Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas and students about how our youth, especially in Asia where the educational system is very demanding, often don’t have time in their school years to join the parents for an hour of sadhana in the morning. We need to create more practices for youth to spiritualize their daily life which only take a few minutes. This is a fulfillment of our late Gurudeva’s statement that Hinduism needs to continuously adapt to modern circumstances. He mentions the next book for youth which will be about Lord Ganesha and developing a relationship through keeping a small image of Ganesha in the youth’s bedroom.

Mauritius Spiritual Park Siva Homa

[More views from Bodhinatha’s November Mission to Mauritius] We had our Siva Homa at the Spiritual Park in front of the Narmada Lingam where Vishesha Dikshas were given by Bodhinatha…

More of Bodhinatha and Sishya in Malaysia

Click here for more photos of the homa satsang with Satguru Bodhinatha and swamis in Malaysia, November 27.

Click here for more photos of the homa satsang with Satguru Bodhinatha and swamis November 27.

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