Poem on Lord Shiva

One of our viewer form Trinidad and Tobago writes English Poetry based on Sanskrit-Hindi literature.

The following for Lord Siva, based on the famous Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra, from the Rig Veda, found in the Sri Rudram

Trayambakam Yajamahe

Upon the tresses of life’s fragrant breath,
Came Love, Compassion,
And the bliss of Realisation;

As I came to know that all these three,
Are the soft beautiful eyes of Mahadeva,
For He is Trayambakam;

The beautiful one of three eyes,
And Yajamahe;
We worship him with all our hearts,

Sugandhim, pushti and vardhanam,
He pervades the universe with His sweetness;
He nourishes all and sustains everything.

Oh Lord, my God of Gods,
Open my heart and release my soul,
Lift me to the heights of devotion to You,

As we tread our path of BhaktiKarmaGyana,
Give us liberation and free us from death,
Mrtyor mukshiya mamritat,

Just like a ripe fruit
Is snapped from its stem,
Quickly, effortlessly and with consummate ease:

Urvarukam iva bandhanan;
Give us Realisation of the Brahman,
The permanent reality of the universe,

Grant us Your Sat, Chitta and Annand,
That we may be free in life,
To live the bliss of Your Realisation,

And always worship at Your Lotus feet,
With all our heart and all our love,
Om Shri Trayambakaya Namah.

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  1. Amma Anne Deer says:

    lovely : )

  2. Purany Ponniah says:

    So beautiful ! Aum !

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