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Engal Gurunathan French Translation

Aum Namah Sivaya

Our thanks to Rajen Manick of Mauritius for providing us this new translation of Yogaswami’s Natchintanai, “Engal Gurunathan” in the french language. You can now download the PDF for yourself on our website here.

Listen to the original song in Tamil:


என்னையெனக் கறிவித்தான்

என்னையெனக் கறிவித்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
இணையடியென் தலைவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
அன்னைபிதாக் குருவானா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
அவனியெல்லா மாளவைத்தா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
முன்னைவினை நீக்கிவிட்டா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
மூவருக்கு மறியவொண்ணா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
நன்மைதீமை யறியாதா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்
நான்தானாய் விளங்குகின்றா னெங்கள்குரு நாதன்


He Made Me to Know Myself

about me – to me – he introduced (1) – our – gurunathan
both feet on my – head – he placed – our – gurunathan
mother – father – guru, he became – our – gurunathan
world – entire – rule – made (me) – our – gurunathan
previous – action/reaction – remove – he did – our – gurunathan
by all three (2) – to know – he who is, not possible – our – gurunathan
good – bad – he who does not discriminate – our – gurunathan
as Self – He shines – our – gurunathan


Il m’a mystiquement annoncé sa présence, notre Gurunathan
Il a posé ses deux pieds sur ma tête, notre Gurunathan
Il est devenu ma mère, mon père et mon guru, notre Gurunathan
Il m’a fait régner sur le monde entier, notre Gurunathan
Il a anéanti les actions et les réactions de mon passé, notre Gurunathan
Il n’est pas possible de le connaître à travers la Trinité hindoue, notre Gurunathan
Il est celui qui ne fait pas de distinction entre le bien et le mal, notre Gurunathan
Il brille comme le Soi, notre Gurunathan

Bringing Forth Our Saivite Scriptures

Aum Namah Sivaya

Today we'd like to announce the release of our latest Web App, which works to fulfill one of Gurudeva's long-standing ideas. As Stated in the Nanadinatha Sutras:

All my devotees revere as scripture The Holy Bible of the Śaivite Hindu Religion—which includes excerpts from the Vedas, the Āgamas, Tirumantiram, Tirumurai and Tirukural—and guide their lives by its wisdom. Aum

So click here to view the Saivite Hindu Bible. This online anthology of Hindu Scripture includes english translations of some of our most important and profound texts, with more to come! It includes excerpts from the Vedic Hyms, the Upanishads, the Kamika, Raurava, Sarvajnanottara and Mrugendra Agamas, the Sri Nandikesa Kasika, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Tirumurai and more. Dive in and start discovering what your scriptures are really about. Aum.

Guru’s Wisdom Audiobook Now Available!


Guru's Wisdom is a prized collection of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Publisher's Desk editorials, which he's written over the years for Hinduism Today magazine. Over time satguru has recorded these writings in his own voice for videos and in plain audio. We've compiled those files here to create this audiobook which can now be enjoyed. Click on the light grey icon on the lower right on the book to show a table on contents. Go here to bookmark it on the web for future listening.

Ganesha Has Arrived!

Our full-color third edition of Gurudeva's wildly popular book, Loving Ganesha: Hinduism's Endearing Elephant-Faced God has arrived in the US from our printer in Malaysia (it took a while, but then Ganesha is known to be a bit ponderous) and is available online here:

For those new to the work, here is some detail and reviews:

Lord Ganesha is revered around the world as the ancient God of success/art/science/culture/society. This beloved elephant-faced Lord of Obstacles is part of Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Nepalese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese religious culture, probably the most pan-Asian of all Deities. And He is the most popular Hindu Deity in the US.

Loving Ganesha unfolds a rich, readable potpourri that will immediately transport you into the psychic reality of this cosmic soul being. Children's prayers, mantras, pujas, symbols, metaphysics, soul qualities, Aum science, Lord of karma, recipes and more is presented in the most complete digest of Lord Ganesha ever produced. Fully illustrated. Hard cover, color, illustrated, 484 pages, 7.125" x 10.25".

"A treasure-trove of information on Ganesha and Hinduism"
Library Journal.

"Whether viewed as instructional or as an affectionate tribute, Loving Ganesha is the comprehensive source for those who seek knowledge, not just information, of this greatest of Hindu Deities" --NAPRA Review

Brand New Version of SivaSiva App!

Siva A new version of SivaSiva App is now available! With an all new home screen, faster navigation, new personalisation features, a new Stories menu (more to come), a Topics of Interest feature, a user guide and more. It now works well on Android! Yay! Go to Google Play: or Apple App Store: Look forward to tutorial videos coming soon.

A Free New Course for Sequestered Families!

Aum Namah Sivaya Himalayan Academy has just completed a free course called "Lessons for Sequestered Families." See: As the name suggests it was created to help uplift and inspire everyone and anyone who might be feeling the impact of the current global situation. Please share it with your family and friends. Asha in Boston had this to say: "Like many families around the globe, ours has been in isolation for the past three weeks. The first couple of days were spent delighting in our newly found freedom, but then… now what? Eventually, we found our own footing and scheduled our daughter’s time with a balance between fun and educational activities. What we have been missing was a meaningful family activity that we all could look forward to. The Lessons for Sequestered Families turned out to be both fun and educational, for the whole family. Our humble gratitude to the monks for creating it… Signing up was easy and the link took us directly to the lessons. The chapters are varied in topics, media, and activities. An affirmation is followed by an audio from the Guru Chronicles, then a children’s story, an upadesha from Bodhinatha, humor from Hinduism Today, a video, art for coloring for the whole family and much, much more. We can choose an activity or go in order. Since our daughter likes to pick, we end up going back and forth between activities for her enjoyment. A big thank you to the monks for this timely family activity. Aum Namah Sivaya!"

Dancing with Siva Audiobook Is Here!


Thanks to Digital Dharma Drive donors, Gurudeva's preeminent book on Saivism is now an audiobook. Click on the light grey icon on the lower right on the book to show a table on contents. Go here to bookmark it on the web for future listening.

Dancing with Siva Audio Book Is Here!

[Go to it on it's own web page]

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Join Bodhinatha in Malaysia

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami will be releasing the Third Edition of Loving Ganesha, Hinduism's Endearing Elephant-Faced God and giving a seminar on the subject. This very popular book by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is now full of colored illustrations from beginning to end. The book launch is:

Entrance is free, but online registration is required.
Please Scan QR code or visit

DATE: February 2, 2020 TIME: 4:00PM - 6:00PM VENUE     Kalamandapam,
    Sri Kandaswamy Temple,
    No. 3, Lorong Scott,
    Brickfields, KL

Hinduism, the Greatest Religion in the World

Cover Insight Sections With the release of the Jan/Feb/Mar 2020 Hinduism Today, also comes the Educational Insight Section as a separate booklet. Here is Gurudeva's fabulous talk, first given in 1973, Hinduism, the Greatest Religion in the World it is still relevant in 2020 and on. You get can the Kindle, Epub or PDF version here

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