June 3rd Tour Day

Visitors Tour Day

As we head into summer, visitor traffic is picking up. School and university is out and whole families are on the move, many with Hawaii and Kauai Aadheenam in the travel plans

Guruthondu Day at Iraivan Temple

Recently the monastery observed Guruthond Day. It is a unique day every three months, when the whole monastery joins together on a single project determined by Bodhinatha.

This time the focus was on Iraivan Temple. The wooden railing which goes around the temple's foundation has been in need of replacement. The entire monastery formed up into 4 teams, each taking a section. In an amazing whirlwind of forty hands and forty legs and 20 brains all working in concert, in about 6 hours the old railing was dismantled and a new one built in its place.

As a small side project, another group of monks worked to clear the path down to the river, whcih we call "Bali Hai" which had become blocked with debris after some recent clearing in the area. Now monks and pilgrims can once again make their way down to the sacred Wailua for meditation or Ganga sadhana. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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