Planting Noni Trees

Over the recent two day retreat, Acharya Arumuganathaswami, Natyam Nandinatha, Natyam Jayanatha and our hired worker Doug, all worked to plant 288 new Noni trees in our field on the other side of the Wailua River. We currently have over 700 trees already grown and producing fruit. The soil of this new field has been properly ripped by a huge bulldozer to break up a hardpan left from 100 years of sugar planting which was stunting the trees. Hopefully this will ensure healthier growth for this new set of trees.

Placing Elephants on Iraivan

Recently the granite, mother and baby elephants were place on Iraivan's foundation. They had previously been sitting next the the temple on their original crating. It is safer if they are up on the foundation, away from moving work vehicles and other risks. Their final destination will the the main stairway leading up to the temple entrance.

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