February 2017 News Video

Kauai’s Hindu Monastery brings you news from January 2017, including: the monastery’s Ardra Darshana celebrations. This grand yearly festival goes beyond our monthly Nataraja abhishekam to include several hundred more gallons of milk, yogurt, honey, panchamrita and rose water; a visit from hula guru Kehaulani Kekua and her group of students who offered their devotion to the aina, or the “land or “country” in the Hawaiian language; and lastly we focus on Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s monthly upadeshas from Kadavul Hindu Temple.

Golden Gurudeva Mahasivaratri Upadesha – 1989

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Mahasivaratri Mangalam!

On this most holy night of the year we are pleased to bring you another golden audio treasure from the Gurudeva Audio archives: "Being in Siva Consciousness" some themes in this quintessential Gurudeva talk on Siva:

Siva is very accessible, everywhere. But the barrier is ignorance, forgetfulness. There are great truths throughout the entire universe, these great truths lie in your own superconscious mind, waiting to be used. See God Siva everywhere as all pervasive energy. Bliss consciousness, Siva consciousness. A story: "Why didn't you let Siva take you?" Everywhere a guru goes becomes his ashram. Leave the lower nature, look at Siva and don't see anything else. Siva is love and love is Siva. Find out how wonderful you really are. You'll become the knower of the known, the seer or the unseen, the embodiment of the Truth. Worshiping Siva with Himself, all the elements. Be in Siva consciousness.

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Happy Mahasivaratri!!!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

We wish you many blessing on Siva's most auspicious night of the year! Here is a video made by an anonymous devotee expressing the importance of this night. In a few hours our monks will begin a Siva Homa, followed by a night of upadeshas, bhajans, meditation and a final abhishekam to the small crystal Lingam which sits before Nataraja in Kadavul Temple. While Maha Ardra celebrates Lord Siva in full form and glory, on this night of Mahasivaratri we dive within ourselves to discover our everlasting oneness with the Silent Absolute. This is a night of Parasiva, of the core and undefined singularity of all that is. Ultimately tonight is about you, and your deepest, innermost source. In the words of Chellapaswami: "WHO ARE YOU!?!"

Aum Namah Sivaya. Sivaya Namah Aum.

The Garden Is Open

We go again into the garden to bring you some of the season's gifts. One cannot but be amazed that this is February and so much is blooming and thriving and marching toward the buildings!

Bodhinatha’s Sun One Upadesha – Beliefs of Saivism

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas:
"Saivite Beliefs; Religion is Three Worlds in Communication " (February 20,2017)

In our teachings we're both monistic and theistic. In the beliefs of Saivism the idea of the three worlds is the basis and key to understanding temple worship, theism. The inner worlds are there to help you. The essence of the soul is already the same as the essence of God Siva, monism. You just have to find it.

Path to Siva, Lesson 17

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