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Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the July/August/September 2016 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. “It is easy to talk high philosophy in Hinduism, ‘man is God,’ ‘we are divine,’ it is easy to say profound things…however to put these principles into practice to the extent that we really are a more spiritual person, that is the challenge. And that, is what we will explore here.”

An Update from Our Bangaluru Carving Site

Aum Sivaya everyone, we have just received these photos from Iraivan's carving site in India. The silpis are working hard to finish the perimeter wall and Nandi Mandapam stone pieces.

LakshmiGrace Phoenix Photographs Iraivan

To behold Iraivan Temple's interior from its southwest corner as the sun sets is truly something to behold. Normally, it would be difficult to even convey a suggestion of what this looks like in person by means of a camera. However, if you happen to be the skilled photographic artist LakshmiGrace Phoenix of LakshmiGrace Designs, you know how to do it. Living on Kaua`i, LakshmiGrace visited the Aadheenam and offered her services by capturing the late afternoon majesty of Iraivan Temple's Mahamandapam, and we thank her for it.

May 2016 News Video

Our May 2016 news video covers events in April 2016, including the birth of the monastery’s new calf named Teta; the progress on the bronze statues of Iraivan Temple stone carvers and our observance of the Hindu new year of Durmukha, 5118.

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