Rainbow Salad

Today from Nataraja's Nilayam (the monastery kitchen), Natyam Nandinatha presents a spur of the moment creation - a salad in the form of a rainbow! The red is made of tomatoes and red bell peppers, the orange is made of carrots and orange bell peppers, the yellow is yellow bell peppers, the green is cilantro, kale, and green onion, the blue is cooked red cabbage with a little baking soda which turns it from purple to blue, and the purple is plain cooked red cabbage. The clouds are cauliflower, and edible flowers were used as a garnish. Lightly salted and dressed simply with some rice vinegar and olive oil, you have yourself a light summer salad guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone you serve it to. Enjoy!

Papaya Planting

Recently the Siddhidata Kulam planted 62 papaya trees on land that was recently dug up by machines and made smoother for ease of mowing. Thankfully they snapped some photos along the way.

Iraivan Temple Carving Progress

We've recently received this set of photos from Jiva Rajashankara in Bengaluru, giving us a sense of the recent progress made on the Perimeter Wall of Iraivan Temple. These pieces will encircle the main temple, atop the concrete foundation. Each long section of wall will have a polished granite plaque which will display information about the temple and its founding as well as our lineage's teachings and selected profound quotes from Hindu scripture. Atop each pillar section of the wall will be a polished red granite pot. Progress on these stones is being made quickly because the siplis are able to use power tools, as these pieces are not part of the central temple structure which was limited to hand tools.

Aum Namah Sivaya

Bodhinatha Darshan Photos
—Latest Sun One Upadesha

Our video told the story of Satguru Purnima, but in the past many have requested copies of the very special darshans that come on this most auspicious day. This slide show includes a large version for each photo. If you click the full screen icon, you will be loading the large image. Note this may take a lot of time on some machines. Once loaded, right click to "Save Image As" or "Save Link As" if you want the photo to be saved on your computer. Hit Escape to return to regular view.

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadesha: "Awareness, Meditation, Work" (June 21,2016)

The mind doesn't move; awareness moves. We have control. Sitting still, restraining the mind, nirodha of the vrittis, is what's changing subconscious from the inside out. Being spurred on by the guru, strive for improvement, seeing progress. Look inside, find happiness and then share it. When not in meditation work to refine every attribute of your nature. Be in the world and be fearless. Face what you need to do and do it well.

Master Course Trilogy, Living with Siva, Lesson 99.

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Summer Tour Days Full of Bright Faces

Aran Sendan conducted today's tour and sends us this picture. He says, "The vision of the sacred land and view of the temple has a big impact on everyone, far beyond anything I might have to say to them!"

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