Love is the Sum of the Law

We present to you quotations from Merging with Siva and Tirumantiram on Love and its identity with Siva. Specifically, these are taken from Chapter 18: Love is the Sum of the Law. Remember, as you go about your day, the love that flows through your Being is the same as the love that flows through everyone you meet. Every animate and seemingly inanimate object. Your family, friends, and that one person (or those persons) you really wish didn't exist. You all share the same love and that love is Siva. Anbe Sivam!

Teta: The Happy Calf

Our newest and arguably cutest aadheenam resident, Teta the Jersey calf, enjoys spending bonding time with her human family just as much than her bovine one. The simple, spontaneous joy which comes from playing with kids, be they human or animal, is infectious and uplifting. They have much to teach us.

Beginning a New Phase

This morning the monks began their new phase. This is a short four day phase leading to the new moon over the coming retreat. Over this last retreat, the monastics worked together to finish the monthly newsletter mailing, and during this morning's homa the newsletters received a blessing before being sent off. Following today's worship, Satguru gave a talk about balancing our time engaged in technology with time spent maintaining an observant awareness of the people and places around us. Aum Namah Sivaya

Spring Is Here And Siva Comes in Many Forms

Our chilly winter (temperatures drop to as low as 55 at night and 65 during the day... burrrr!) is over. Bright spring days with intermittent showers making for happy bowers of flowers and newly planted landscaping "kekis" (little ones) thirsty for water. Tour days continue to be packed with visitors. Aran Sendan hosted the recent April 27th tour.

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