Celebrating Satguru Siva Yogaswami

This morning at Kauai Aadheenam the monastics observed a short puja for Satguru Yogaswami's Mahasamadhi during the Ashlesha nakshatra, at his corner shrine in the Guru Peedam. Local devotees were invited to take part in the puja, which including the the chanting of Yogaswami's 108 names. It was followed by Natchinathanai singing and blessings from Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Click here to read about Yogaswami's life and teachings in The Guru Chronicles.

A Visit from Bobby and Kathy Page

Several days ago, Bobby and Kathy Page arrived on Kauai for a short stay. The two artists are part of the team in Colorado who are helping to create the bronze statues of Gurudeva, Ganapathi Sthapati and the shiplis, which will reside close to Iraivan Temple. The two visited the monastery and attended the Ganapati Kulam's morning meeting. They expressed their joy at visiting the monastery and were very happy to see the completed statues in their new home. Aum Namah Sivaya

Satguru Bodhinatha Photos

There is a small project in the Ganapati Kulam of gathering more photos of Bodhinatha and Gurudeva for the website. Here is a small collection of photos for you.

Through Molly’s Lens

Molly Leon, a professional photographer, poet and blogger was one of our visitors recently and shared these beautiful photos with us. Please check her out at mollyleonstudios.com

March 28th Homa

This morning the mathavasi began their new phase. As usual we held our weekly homa. This will be a six day phase and includes several important events. Monks and local church members will be attending a short puja on Sun 3 in celebration of Yogaswami's Mahasamadhi. That same day begins Sadhu Paksha, a several week retreat for the entire monastery. During this time the monastics break their early morning routine and instead wonder and meditate in the sacred gardens. It is also a time free from tour days and in general, restrictive of excessive outside guests. On Sun 6 the monks will observe Guruthondu Day, banding together to make progress on a single project of the guru's choosing. And lastly, during the coming retreat, we observe a padapuja to Gurudeva during the chitra nakshatra. All in all it is a busy but blessed week. Aum Namah Sivaya.

"Life is a series of experiences, one after another. Each experience can be looked at as a classroom in the big university of life if we only approach it that way. Who is going to these classrooms? Who is the member of this university of life? It's not your instinctive mind. It's not your intellectual mind. It's the body of your soul, your superconscious self, that wonderful body of light. It's maturing under the stress and strain, as the intellect gives back its power to the soul, as the instinct gives back its power to the soul, as the physical elements give back their power to the soul, and all merge into a beautiful oneness." Gurudeva

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