Ending the Phase

Today is the last day of this 5-day phase for the Aadheenam's monks. Each week on this day, the Siddhidatta kulam starts their afternoon with a cleaning of their office. They all spend time wiping down surfaces (which are receiving extra dust during this time of low rainfall) and cleaning their desks and swapping out the office plants, ensuring they get a plentiful amount of real sunlight.

February Mauritius Ganesha Homa

Click here for description and more photos of the recent monthly Ganesha Homa at our Mauritius Spiritual Park.

Trees, Trees, Trees!

This seems to be the month of new trees. Just recently, many noni trees were planted on Himalayan Acres and just over the last few days the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam planted 57 new fruit trees on our Siva Pannai land. It's been dry, so after planting, these little trees have been receiving plenty of watering. Some of the trees include, lemons, limes, avocado and durian.

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