German Edition of Gurudeva’s Toolbox Online!

We are very happy to announce the release of the German edition of Gurudeva's Toolbox, translated by Professor Devarajan Sankaran. PDF, Kindle, Nook, ePub and Web viewing versions are available here: Gurudevas Werkzeugkasten. Thanks to our Digital Dharma Donors for their support which sponsors the cost of these productions.

Gurudeva's Werkzeugkasten für ein spirituelles Leben wurde von den Mönchen des Kauai Hindu Klosters anlässlich Gurudeva's Todestages 2005 als Andenken und zu Ehren seines Vermächtnisses und seiner Lehren zusammengestellt. Bei dem europäischen „Innersearch " Treffen verkündete er: „Ich habe Ihnen alle Werkzeuge zur Verfügung gestellt und es liegt an Ihnen, ob Sie sie nutzen oder nicht." Seine wesentlichen Lehren beinhalten eine vollständige Sammlung von Werkzeugen (Hilfsmitteln) und Vorgehensweisen, die den Fortschritt auf unserer spirituellen Reise bewirken. Er hat diese Methoden ab 1949 über eine Periode von 52 Jahren Praxis als Guru entwickelt. Er hat immer betont, daß es keine Notwendigkeit für zusätzliche Werkzeuge und Methoden gibt – die vorhandenen Werkzeuge sollten wirklich genutzt werden.

Spring Break Brings Many Pilgrims

Mango Desk Tops Near Completion

The desktops for the new Media Studio are being made of a special mango wood. The tree, a giant one, was gifted to the monastery a few years back, and we recently milled the massive trunk for the new desks for the monks. Today they are receiving their finish, creating stunning contrast and bringing out their beautiful designs.

This ancient tree had such color inside, and after being planed and sanded, the wood looks more like some exotic art form. Check out the closeups in this slideshow. Notice one of them has a natural edge, so you can still see the shape of the tree.

Which one should we send off to MOMA?

Bengaluru: A Big Worksite Change

Jiva Rajasankara sent us photos today, along with a story about the worksite neighborhood. When we moved into the area in 1990 it was out in a desolate, almost desert-like area. There was a highway half a mile away, but little else.

But Bengaluru is growing, and apartments have been built right on the other side of our temple worksite walls. As happens, the new neighbors are unhappy with the noises from the equipment. To assuage their discomfort, our team is building an 18-foot-tall wall, for which the photos here show the supporting steel structure. Plus, they have planted a hedge of bamboo, not just any bamboo, but Bheema Bamboo, one of the fastest growing in the world. Within two years there will be a wall of bamboo to further muffle the noise. Big job for our team.

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