Off to the Islands

The three bronzes that make up the next masterwork from the hand of Holly Young and the studio of Bobby and Kathy Page are crated up and will head today for Kauai. Several months in the making, this remarkable three-part diorama is truly amazing. Bobby sent these photos from Colorado this morning so we can all celebrate their journey to Kauai Aadheenam.

Satguru Returns

Our Satguru Bodhinatha is back home from his London travels and is greeted by all the monks and local church members.

Monks on Mission: Sri Lanka

Sannyasin Yoginathaswami and Yogi Adinatha are making their way around Sri Lanka and India for business and pilgrimage.

Kadavul Karttikeya is Bathed on His Holy Day

Vaikasi Vishakam celebrates the anniversary of Lord Karttikeya's creation. On Vaikasi Vishakham day, Lord Karttikeya's birthstar vishakha nakshatra, in May-June, elaborate abhishekam is conducted in all His temples. It is a time of gift-giving to panditas and great souls, weddings, feedings for the poor, caring for trees, spiritual initiation, diksha, and conclaves of holy men.

For the full size photos please visit this public dropbox folder and download all you can.

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