Happy Jayanti!!!

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veyalanswami!

Today is Satguru's 73rd Jayanti celebration. As satguru likes to keep things simple, the monks will be having a special Jayanti dinner for Satguru tonight.

From the Kularnava Tantra:
And Lord Siva said: How can My subtle perfection, which is one, omnipresent, attributeless, indifferent, undecaying, unattached like space, unbeginning and unending, be an object of worship for the dualistic mind? Hence it is that I as the Supreme Guru have entered into the bodies of human Satgurus.
Even My gross aspect, being full of light and energy, is imperceptible to human eyes. For this reason I have assumed the form of the Satguru in the world, and thus protect the race of sishyas.
As Mahesvara, in human body I secretly wander on the Earth in order to favor sishyas. As Sadasiva, I assume the modest and merciful form for the protection of sadhakas. Though remaining above samsara, yet I appear and act in this world as though I were a man of samsara.
When the fruits of sin predominate, Satguru is seen as a person. And when the fruits of virtuous acts prevail, Satguru is seen as Siva. Like blind men deprived forever of seeing the sun, unfortunate jivas are unable to see the real Satguru, the embodiment of Mahesvara, though He is present before their eyes. It is undoubtedly true that Satguru is Deva Sadasiva Himself, for who is it that grants Liberation to seekers if Satguru be not Siva Himself?
O Beloved, there is not the least difference between Deva Sadasiva and Sriguru. Whoever makes a distinction between them commits a sin. For by assuming the form of a preceptor, the Gurudeva severs the multitude of bonds which bind jivas to the state of pasu and enables them to attain the Self, Parasivam.
Om Namasivaya,
Sivaya Namaha

Bodhinatha Talks About Handling the Conscious Mind

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Sun One, September 9th, upadesha has wonderful guidance on dealing with the external, conscious mind in our spiritual life.

"Dealing with the Conscious Mind" (September 9th, 2015)

On the spiritual path be careful to not let the worldly approach of others influence us. Take time each day for spiritual practice; turn off the externalizing and limiting conscious mind thinking. Overcome the use of anger in the world. Become strong, get greater willpower, gain control over the mind. Consciousness of the Sat Yuga is in the mind of those of us who are spiritually oriented but not in the world of those who are oriented toward violence.

Master Course, Merging with Siva, Lesson 171.

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Bodhinatha’s Latest Upadesha on Bhakti Yoga

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

"Bhakti, Devotion, the Key to Meditation" (September 6th, 2015)

It's easier to meditate after puja. If you try and practice meditation without devotional practice you can build up the ego and spiritual pride. External and internal worship. Give up pride, build up humility through devotion and worship; see Siva in everyone, even one Being. Good character is needed to be successful in bhakti yoga. Stay tuned for the release of our new book on this topic - "Character Traits".

Master Course, Merging with Siva, Lesson 147.

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Satguru To Visit Mauritius

An invited to attend a religious ceremony and an Inspired Talk by His Holiness Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, Spiritual Head of Kauai Aadheenam who is on a short visit in Mauritius.

Event: Friday 11th September 2015

September 6th Homa

Today begins a new phase for the monks after having had a two day retreat from their regular routine. Today is also Ardra nakshatra, so at 9am it will be celebrated with our monthly Ardra abhishekm to Lord Nataraja. Following today's homa, Satguru gave an upadesha on today's Master Course lesson about internalizing worship.

What do we mean by internalizing worship? In external worship we are trying to see God and communicate with God with our two eyes and our physical nerve system. We enjoy His darshan and feel His shakti. In deep meditation, the external worship is deliberately internalized, and we are trying to see God with our third eye and feel God's all-pervasiveness through our psychic nerve system. Externalizing bhakti is really much easier than internalizing it. But once the externalized bhakti is perfected, it will be easy and natural to internalize bhakti right along. When this is accomplished, the most rigorous hurdles and time-consuming practices of yoga, which often lead the person onto anava marga, will have been side-stepped.

To internalize worship, after the puja is over, sit before the Deity and draw into yourself all the pranas you feel around your body. Then draw those energies up the spine into the head. This is done with the mind and with the breath. It is very easy to do. It is especially easy when one is at the end of a major karmic cycle. The bhakti of uncompromising surrender, prapatti, to the God during a temple puja awakens the amrita. The amrita is the sweet essence from the sahasrara chakra. It is the binding yoke to the Divine. Bind yourself in the lotus posture after temple worship and simply internalize all the feeling that you had for the God during the worship. That's all there is to it. The yogi yoked within enjoys the amrita that flows from the cranium throughout his body. Devotees who want to awaken the higher chakras and sustain that awakening on the safe path will throw themselves into becoming uncompromising bhaktars. Then all the Gods of all three worlds will open their hearts and shower their blessings upon them.

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