A Visit from Satguru Bodhinatha

Satguru Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami visited the home of Vijay and Umayil Eswaran in the hills of Petaling Jaya. They enjoyed watching the 24 minute Annual Update of the monastery and Iraivan Temple building progress on the iPad. After lunch they visited the Eswaran's new home a few hundred feet down the hill, which by the way, is the same hill upon which the Gasing Sivan Temple is located. Bodhinatha presented the Eswaran's with a wooden "Aum Sweet Aum" plaque for their new house, laser etched by the monks from a Kokee cypress wood tree. Their new "smart" home is full of state of the art equipment, and at the same time there are art pieces hundreds of years old, including some very old doors.

All-Day Seminar in Singapore

On May 11, 2013, Satguru Bodhinatha hosted an all day seminar in Singapore based on the Master Course trilogy. The seminar was given to 25 participants in four sessions with Shanmuganathaswami teaching the third session on color meditation. A summary of the 13 movies presentations, the core of the seminar, may be found by clicking HERE

"Darshan of the Satguru is the blessing of all wealth"

While Bodhinatha is in Texas we are catching up on some images taken during recent tours.

As Satguru Bodhinatha works constantly and actively within the Hindu World, visitors from all walks of life have an opportunity for Darshan during the "open house" or weekly public tour. Many leave with an experience they will not soon forget. Many with books that will give them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the worlds most ancient faith.

Bodhinatha meets with guests after the weekly guided tour

Guests are given a rare opportunity to speak with Bodhinatha and receive blessings.

Satguru Bodhinatha’s January Trip

Vancouver, Canada-- Satguru Bodhinatha attends morning kumbhabhishekam ceremonies of Sri Ganesh Temple on January 21-23.
He also gives a guest lecture at evening gathering of Jeffrey Armstrong's Vedic Academy of Science and Arts, 7--9:30pm. Tickets are available via their website.

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