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Pool Renovation Begins in Earnest

Before we begin the pool report, a sharing. When Shanmukha Sivacharyar was here in March left a bit of wisdom for all to ponder. He told all gathered for the Big Event:

When turbulence is experienced in our life (health, loss, career changes, karmic challenges, relationships), buckle up. Just pretend you are on a plane that has hit a some rough weather. What do you do? Reach for the seatbelt and buckle up. Then sit back, stay calm and let the pilot, who is Siva, do his duty.

A new project has begun, the renovation of the Kadavul Temple Tank. It is long overdue, and will bring new beauty and color for pilgrims to enjoy. The tank has been drained and now the old surface paint is being removed. Plumbing is being rerouted and improved to make maintenance work easier for the monks.

The pool with then be covered with deep blue, one-inch square tiles. The Tamil Aum, which has faded over the years, will now be remade in tile, never to fade again! The project will take 6-8 weeks.

When asked to explain the purpose of the Hindu temple tank, ChatGPT said: "The temple tank in a Hindu temple serves as a sacred water reservoir, symbolizing purity and spiritual cleansing. Here devotees perform ritualistic ablutions before entering, offering prayers and seeking blessings. It also facilitates religious ceremonies and plays a vital role in fostering a serene and divine atmosphere within the temple complex."

Aerial Photos – May 2023

Aum Namah Sivaya

We recently took a short survey flight with our drone, attempting to map out some future improvements along San Marga. While up there we took a few other shots just for fun. From the air, we're continually reminded of how lush and pure our island environment is. A perfect place of prana and a plethora of pretty plants.

"The whole world is an ashram in which all are doing sadhana. We must love the world, which is God's creation. Those who despise, hate and fear the world do not understand the intrinsic goodness of all."

Moving a Rose Granite Bench

Years ago, seeing the deterioration occasioned by the tropics on all things wooden, we decided as much as feasible to use longer-lasting materials. So when a wooden garden bench rotted out, we had four rose-colored granite benches made by our team in India, and installed them in the gardens.

One among them became overgrown by the foliage, and no one was using it. So two days back we took a team of six out and moved it to a new location. It now sits near the flagpole, overlooking Rishi Valley, a place it will be used often and enjoyed.

Story in the slideshow.

Completing Taskforce Visit

Earlier this month, Saiva Siddhanta Church longtime sishya, Sivajani Nagappan, had darshan with Satguru before completing his several-week taskforce stay and returning home to Malaysia, where the rest of his family will see Satguru shortly. Sivajnani was very helpful to the Aadheenam during the intense period of preparing for the final Iraivan Temple Mandala Pujas. He also enjoyed quiet "recharging" time sadhanas on the grounds.

Satguru Departs on Nine-Day Trip

After a unexpected cancellation of the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo yesterday, Satguru is flying this morning to visit SSC sishyas, Himalayan Academy students and well-wishers in Singapore and Malaysia. This is his first time visiting since the lockdowns began in 2020.

Spiritual Initiation

A few days ago Ramai Santhirapala received her Samaya Diksha, hearing the sacred Panchakshara Mantra and special instructions for daily japa sadhana from the lips of the Satguru. In the Saiva Siddhanta tradition this moment of diksha is considered a crucial point in the long journey of the soul, when the Lord Siva's Power of Revealing Grace comes down to the devotee through the form of the Satguru, opening the door and the opportunity and means to liberation. Ramai has been working hard to prepare herself for this day and will take the blessings back to her Ganga Niliyam in London. Jai to our Beloved Gurudeva! Jai to our Light-filled Bodhinatha! Jai to our Grace-giving Mahalingeshvara!

From Gurudeva's Saiva Dharma Shastras:

Samaya diksha, also called mantra diksha, is the fundamental Saiva initiation, for through it the devotee is formally connected to a particular lineage by virtue of the preceptor's spiritual power and authority. The sutras of Living with Siva carefully prepare the novitiate for samaya diksha. All initiates instruct newcomers not just intellectually but more by example. Novitiates are instructed in how to transform themselves by themselves through daily puja, temple worship, attending festivals, tithing, vegetarianism, pilgrimage, scriptural reading, Gang sadhana and more. Samaya diksha is the blessing and empowering to enter the kriya pada and perform certain daily sadhanas, including chanting the Panchakshara Mantra, Aum Nama Sivaya, each day at least 108 times on a mala of rudraksha japa beads.

The Subconscious Mind – Part 1

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gives his weekly upadesha in Kadavul Temple at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery in Hawaii. It is part of a series of talks elaborating on the inspired teachings of Śivaya Subramuniyaswami as found in his book Merging With Śiva.

"What is your subconscious mind? Think about this for a minute. Realize that everything that has once passed through your conscious mind in the form of experience is resident right now within your subconscious."

New Siddhidata Kulam Shop Progress

Progress is steady with the new Siddhidata Kulam office and machine maintenance shop. The contractors have covered part of the roof and outside walls with metal sheets, installed windows and doors. The walled section in the photo is where the new office will be. There will be two flloors--office on the upper floor and dehumidified storage on the lower floor. Today our longtime devotee Easvan Param and his team are installing wall boxes for receiving the new electrical power.

New Backup Power Generator for Aadheenam Main Building

Every once in a while during a major storm on Kauai or for other reasons, we lose power to the Aadheenam buildings. For decades we've had a gas generator that automatically turns on 17 seconds after the regular power goes out and it provides electricity to our central building including Kadavul Temple and the kitchen. Then it automatically turns off when the regular power grid returns back to normal. The generator was getting old and not working as well, so a close sishya donated a new one and installed it over the past couple days. We appreciate this stability-enhancing equipment.

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