Ayudha Puja

Recently we held the annual Ayudha Puja, blessing the many tools that make Iraivan temple possible. This puja is a part of Navaratri and while the monastery doesn't observe this festival, ayudha puja is considered an important event, with special prayers for all tools all machinery used by the silpis. Traditionally, the first stone for a new project is blessed on this day, and today that was the first stone in the next layer of the Nandi Mandapam. After the short puja and blessings, Satguru gave gifts to each of the Siplis. Aum.

A Desert in the Tropics?

Yes, we are building a desert on our lush island. It is to be called the Shadkonam Garden as the sign says and is shaped like a six-pointed star. Two days back a crew came to pump the concrete paths, and they brought a boon. Their leader, Jim Fain, told Sadasivanathaswami that "Today's labor is free. My team wants to give this gift to the temple project." It went quickly, about three hours and they were done, and by sunset the forms were removed. Enjoy the slideshow.

October 2018 News Video

Our October 2018 News Video covers events in September of 2018 including: recent progress on Iraivan temple; the cladding for Kadavul Temple's Nandi Peedam; activities of our task forcers; and some recent guests.

A Ramp to the Inner Sanctum

Today we are excited to see the preparation of a heavy-duty ramp leading into Iraivan Temple's Inner Sanctum. This ramp will support the Spatika Lingam's Avudaiyar on its way within. The Avudaiyar weighs 4,600 kilogram or 10,141.26 pounds! So this Ramp has to be strong.

What Are Our Saiva Forehead Marks?

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas
Path to Siva Commentaries

What Are Our Saiva Forehead Marks?

The three stripes of vibhuti across the forehead signify trying to purify ourselves from the influence of anava, karma and maya. There are two ways we're attached to the world, that which gives us pleasure and pain. We're slowly changing our karma over a period of many lifetimes through wise action in the present. With humble action we work on lessening the ego-sense rather than enhancing it.

Path to Siva, Lesson 54

Master Course Trilogy, Living with Siva, Lessons 53-54

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Guru Jayanti

Om Gurunathan

Tomorrow the aadheenam celebrates Guru Jayanti, honoring Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's 76th year in this life. Above is a slideshow honoring our guru with words of wisdom from the Kularnava Tantra, emphasizing the guru's importance in our lives.

"As in the vicinity of fire, butter gets melted, so in the proximity of the holy Sivaguru all bad karmas dissolve. As lighted fire burns up all fuel, dry and moist, so the glance of the Sivaguru burns up in a moment the karmas of the shishya. As the heap of cotton blown up by a great storm scatters in all the ten directions, so the heap of negative karmas is blown away by the compassion of the Sivaguru. As darkness is destroyed at the very sight of the lamp, so is ignorance destroyed at the sight of the holy Sivaguru." Kularnava Tantra

Have a Seat!

Yesterday Doug assembled four new picnic tables made of dense recycled plastic which will not rot in the tropics. Here Valli and Savitri are the first to enjoy one, sitting near the Banyan Mandapam.

Iraivan Temple Progress

Today the Siplis are hard at work preparing and jointing the next layer of stone which will sit atop the Nandi Mandapam.

Blooming Orchid

As you enter the Path of the Satgurus, a new flower greets you. It is the giant orchid Grammatophyllum wallisii. Also called giant orchid, tiger orchid, sugar cane orchid or queen of the orchids, it is native to the Philippines. The spike on this one is about 7 feet long, holding many dozens of large, showy blossoms. There are several of these in the sacred garden, of two different colorations.

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