Around the Aadheenam

Follow the camera lens of Arunesh as he takes us on an exploration around the Aadheenam and contemplate some words of wisdom along the way.

Brass Shinification

Brass is a beautiful thing, when you take the time to clean it. The tradition cleaning process of lime, tamarind, and vhibuti required quite a bit of effort so some of the many many murtis and other items around the monastery go a while without shinification. So this week we cleaned many of the murtis in display around the Ganapati Kulam as well as a few bells and pots from Bodhinatha's office scrubbing them so vigourously that they will be seen shining in the second world. It's amazing what you can do with a few natural ingredients and possibly the most important ingredient: the grease of the elbow. Aum

Guests on Pilgrimage!

Aum Namah Sivaya
Today our monks had the joy of hosting the Tanzi family from Boston. They're here on an extended two month pilgrimage to the island and plan to make frequent visits to the temple during that time. This is a wonderful time to visit our island. We currently have clear, warm weather and our upcoming celebration of Guru Purnima is only weeks away. Aum.

A Visit from Amma Anne!

Aum Namah Sivaya

Recently the monastery had the pleasure of hosting Amma Anne for a week, who was visiting from the Seattle area. As an Amma of our monks, she arrived bearing gifts of cookies and chocolates for our monks to enjoy. While here she was hosted by Tillainathaswami, who took her around the grounds to see the many developments that had taken place since her last visit. Om.

Plumbing for Iraivan Temple

Before the red granite tile setting begins soon around the outside of the mandapams, we need to install many water drain screens that connect to drain pipes embedded in the concrete foundation. Making that connection requires us to modify PVC piping somewhat. Today a plumber visited to get familiar with the job. He met with Arumuganathaswami and Yoginathaswami to discuss details.

Tirukural – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Avoidance of Drunkenness

Verse 929
A grieving mother consoles her son who has drunk himself into a stupor. She is urging him, unsuccessfully, not to drink anymore. Meanwhile, her other son, being a bit foolish, rushes to save a drowning man, thinking that he can go underwater with a candle and it will illumine the man's body.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

You can access the entire text, in Tamil and English here:
Weaver's Wisdom

Verse 921

Those who crave intoxicating drink each day
will never be feared and never find fame.

Verse 922

Do not drink liquor. If some wish to, let it be those
who have no wish for the esteem of exemplary men.

Verse 923

The sight of a drunken man's revelry is unbearable
even to his own mother. How, then, must it appear to the wise?

Verse 924

The virtuous damsel called Decency will turn her back
on men who indulge in the vile vice called drunkenness.

Verse 925

Spending one's wealth to purchase self-oblivion
results from being oblivious to proper conduct.

Verse 926

Those who always sleep are akin to the dead.
Those who constantly drink are like men who take poison.

Verse 927

The drooping eyes of those who secretly drink betray that secret,
evoking their neighbor's relentless ridicule.

Verse 928

Stop denying, "I never drink," for next time you drink,
your mind's hidden deception will be betrayed then and there.

Verse 929

One may as well carry a candle under water to search for
a drowned man as use reason to sober a drunk drowned in drink.

Verse 930

Why can't the drunkard who, when sober, sees another's drunken
stupor realize the degrading shame of his own drunkenness?

Bonsai Trees Closeup

For many years our local sishya Tandu Sivanathan has patiently, carefully nurtured various bonsai trees on the Aadheenam grounds. Here are closeup photos of some, revealing nuanced results of the art form. More photos to follow at a later time.

Landscaping Around Iraivan

It has been many years coming, but in the last few weeks we have finally begun to terraform the land right around the temple. All these years this area (see the red-dirt surrounding the temple in this photo) has been a storage and construction zone, with large trucks arriving to offload crates from India, giant cranes working to lift stones in place, all of which made it impossible to do much there. But wait! Now the wait is over and Dennis Wong is shaping the land. His primary goal is to make it even, so the abundant Kauai rain waters shed evenly away from the temple in all directions. Water is the mortal enemy of any building, and if we are to actually have a temple that lasts a thousand years, this water management plan is critical.

So Dennis (who has worked here for 40 years making the gardens and ponds) is out there morning to night in dozers, excavators, skidsteers, 12-ton compactors, cutting the earth to perfection. The slides tell the still-in-progress story.

New Rudraksha Malas

Here are some beautiful malas recently strung by local sishyas for selling in the Minimela giftshop. The malas move like hotcakes and we can barely keep up.

Ajay and Lata Shah Visit Satguru

Aloha , Today is a quiet and calm day at the monastery. We are all winding down from an intense and exciting festival phase, as we like to call it, as it really doesn't feel like a normal phase at all with how much is happening! Anyways... Back to the news! Today Ajay and Lata Shah, longtime donors to Iraivan Temple, came for a short visit today, they were shown around by Shanmuganathaswami who took then to Iraivan. They also had darshan with Bodhinatha! Aum Namah Sivaya

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