Hanuman Arrives on Kauai!

This week Lord Hanuman arrived on Kauai in all His green-jade-bronze glory. Our freight company brought him up to the aadheenam and placed him next to the mound upon which he will stand long into the future. With the help of Yoginathaswami in our CAT skidsteer, the team carefully lowered Hanuman’s heavy crate to the ground, after which, our hired worker Doug made quick work of the side paneling. What was revealed was nothing short of a masterpiece. Next week we will enjoy the exciting moment when Hanuman is stood up and placed on His hillock. Jai Hanuman!

Lord Ganesha

Jai Ganesha!

Every month when chaturti rolls around, our Kadavul Ganesha get an extra nice alankaram. He is dressed up nicely and given extra care. Today our 3am vigilee took a nice photo of Him.

"Aum, attired in white and all-pervading,
O moon-hued, four-shouldered One
with smiling face so pleasing,
upon You we meditate
for removing all obstacles."

Greenhouse Ganesha

With the grand success that has been our hydroponic greenhouse operation, our next step is to create a second greenhouse. This new one will be complemented by all we've learned while establishing the first one, and it will also be rated for severe winds, increasing its chance of survival if another hurricane should make landfall on Kauai. To this end, the monks of the Siddhidatta Kulam have been working hard to begin the assembly of the frame. The concrete slab was poured last month and all the pieces of the greenhouse frame have arrived.

Last week the team was working on this as a morning project, only to find things not flowing as smoothly as desired. The only part of the project that seemed to move flawlessly was the establishment of the greenhouse's small Ganesha shrine. So with that, the team focused on finishing the initial setup of the shrine. Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah

2018 Mahasamadhi Final Puja

On November 5th the Aadheenam observed the 227th Chitra padapuja to Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. This, at the end of four days of morning pada pujas and classes for pilgrims. Sivachariyar Kumar Gurukkal performed the elaborate homa and the following abhishekam to Gurudeva's tiruvadi.

2018 Mahasamadhi Parade

On the second afternoon of our Mahasamadhi festival the group paraded tiruvadi from Gurudeva's shrine out to Umbrella Ganesha, Iraivan Temple, the Swayambhu Lingam, Rishi Nandinatha and Rishi Tirumular, and finally to Dakshinamurti.

"Nothing is more precious than the first soul-quickening, life-changing shaktipata from a guru. Nothing is more central to spiritual awakening than the progressive dikshas, or initiations, he bestows." - Gurudeva

A Class and a Cactus

Yesterday our 2018 Mahasamadhi pilgrims enjoyed a class with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami. Afterwards that journeyed out to the new Shadkonam Garden to plant a tree. Well.. not a tree exactly, but rather more of a cacti. This beast of a cactus will grow to about the size of an apple tree. Everyone gathered around and Kumar Gurukkal performed a short puja for blessings. After placing the cacti in the ground, everyone joined in to offer fertilizer and water. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Mahasamadhi Classes and Pujas

Yesterday afternoon, visiting pilgrims enjoyed a class with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Early this morning everyone joined in Kadavul Temple for a short puja to Gurudeva's tiruvadi.

2018 Mahasamadhi Celebrations Begin

This morning the monastery began the new phase. This phase is our annual festival for the the 2001 Mahasamadhi of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. This week, close devotees from around the world visit the aadheenam and enjoy special pujas and classes with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and other swamis. This morning was day one, and we began with a homa. It was also an auspicious time for Shanti Suresh, visiting from California, to take samaya diksha, receiving a blessing from Satguru to chant the sacred manta "Aum Namah Sivaya."

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