Mauritius Spiritual Park Upgrades

Jai Ganesha!

We've recently received these photos detailing some of the nice work that has been taking place at the Mauritius Spiritual Park. As you might remember, the park had been renting temporary tents to cover the many visitors that visit the park during the monthly Ganesha Homa. What you see here are the permanent structures that have now been built for our guest.

Off to the US Mainland and Canada

Yesterday evening, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami began their three-week journey to the Mainland and Canada.

For more info about attending events with Satguru while he travels see: Kauai, Hawaii June 21 Syracuse, NY June 22 - 24 Chicago Jun. 25 Kansas City, MO June 26 - 27 Newfields, NH June 28 - 29 Montréal June 29 - July 1 Chicago July 1 - 2 Raleigh, NC July 3 - 4 Maryland July 4 - 8 Return to Kauai July 13

A Day in the Siddhidatta Kulam

Mayuresh and Arinien are both starting out their stay at Kauai Aadheenam by helping in the Siddhidatta Kulam. That is the group of monks responsible for the care of our gardens, buildings, vehicles and more. Currently the team is working primarily Iraivan Temple construction oversight and on the building of our new greenhouse. Today our two taskforcers enjoyed helping with the greenhouse project.

New Taskforcers Arrive at the Aadheenam

This week Mayuresh Visswanathan from Carlsbad, CA and Arinien Mootoocurpen from Mauritius have arrive on Kauai to participate in our taskforce program. While here they will come to the Monastery each morning and spend the day worshiping, meditating and performing seva alongside the monks. Mayuresh will be here until August and Arinien will be visiting for up to six months. Aum Namah Sivaya

Morning Meditation

Each morning at 6:00am, the most important part of our monks' day takes place. It is more sacred and significant than any of the work that they do. It is their commitment to the inner being and nonbeing, from which all else can emerge and flourish. Today we capture a few sneak shots of the monastic meditation. Not pictured here are the monks who perform late night vigils and, of course, the monk behind the camera. Beforehand is a 5:30am Siva puja. As they sit down to meditate the monks recite a chant speaking of the greatness of renunciation and then repeat a chant to our guru parampara. This is followed by an affirmation for the order and its purpose. Here is a translation of the first mantra, from the Yajur Veda, Mahanarayana Upanishad, 10.21-24:

"Immortality is attained not by work, not by progeny, not by wealth, but only by renunciation.
That which recluses attain is laid beyond the heaven, yet it shines brilliantly in the purified heart.

"Having attained the immortality consisting of identity with the Supreme, aspirants who strive for self-control, who have realized the conclusions of the Vedas and have attained purity of mind through yoga, and steadfastness in the knowledge of Brahman, preceded by renunciation, are released into the region of Brahman at the dissolution of their final body.

"In the citadel of the body there is the small, sinless and pure lotus of the heart which is the residence of the Supreme. Further in the interior of this small area there is the sorrowless ether. That is to be meditated upon continually.

"He is the Supreme Lord who transcends the syllable Aum which is uttered at the commencement of the recital of the Vedas, which is well established in the Upanishads and which is dissolved in the primal cause during contemplation."

Pouring a Cement Foundation

Today the cement foundation was poured for the upcoming bathrooms outside the Pillayar Kulam Office. These facilities will be much appreciated by our ever growing crowds of guests who visit the Aadheenam each day.

Golden Gurudeva – Religion,
the Working Together of the Three Worlds

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami During he 1990's Gurudeva recorded a number of talks that were for a general public audience. In these he used language understandable by every listener. Some were on the phone which anyone could hear by calling "808-822-SIVA". Another was done as a radio pilot. This talk is amazing. Gurudeva says that the gift of Saivite religion is the working together of the three worlds. What are the Deities? How to we approaching the temple. Puja, establishing a shrine, the power of darshan from the deities; the pujari's function; gaining permission to practice yoga, religion. And more. It is also available in the SivaSivaApp

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