September 2019 News Video

Our September 2019 video covers events in September and early October including monks’ recent travels, our resident taskforcers, our progress on our new greenhouse, and an Iraivan Temple construction update.

Greenhouse Construction and Pulling Wire

Jai Ganesha!

With the help from Aditya and Jnanideva, who are both here on taskforce, the Siddhidatta Kulam was able to make progress on a "head house" for the greenhouse. This small building will act as a storage shed and more, for things like plant nutrients, which would get too hot inside the greenhouse itself. In other news, progress has also been made on a new electrical line which will allow us to abandon a much older line that runs through our cow pasture. This line feeds the Noni Building, the Greenhouse and another building. Our monks have long learned to never underestimate the amount of work it takes to pull a bundle of wire through a pipe.

Garlands Galore

Aum Namah Sivaya

Our 2019 Mahasamadhi celebrations are coming up soon and we're happy to report we've received a timely shipment of beautiful cloth garlands for the many murtis around the property. The garland had been made for us in India. Upon their arrival the garlands were laid out and organized by taskforcers Arinien and Yajatadeva. The two of them then set about to place them all around the aadheenam. Here are some photos of how things are looking. Aum.

In Southern California

In early October, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Yogi Jayanatha traveled from Canada down to Southern California. There, they visited members' homes and had satsang. This was their final stop before returning to Kauai from their 25 day journey on October 6th. Aum.

Travels in Canada

At the end of September, Paramacharya Sadasivanathswami and Yogi Jayanatha traveled up from Tucson to Canada. While there their primary hosts were the Pillay family, who first took them for a quick visit to one of Canada's most beautiful national parks, Banff in Alberta. Following their exploration of Canada's natural beauty, they then traveled to the city of Victoria, British Columbia. While there, they visited the Pillay's home and and event was held for Paramacharya to give a public talk to more than 100 seekers and devotees. Paramacharya's talk was focused on the intricacies of meditation and on the complexities of karma. The talk was deeply appreciated by those who attended.

Aum Namah Sivaya

Golden Gurudeva – Part II

It has been raining every day for weeks. This poses a challenge for the Deva and Tandu because the sizing/varnish on Gurudeva takes forever to dry. After two weeks they are back on the job.

Renovate Bodhinatha Ryokan, Pt 2

Part 2 of the Renovation Bodhinatha's Ryokan - Painting and Trim

Happy Jayanthi!!!

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Today we celebrate Satguru's 77th Jayanthi. Today Satguru also happens to arrive back at the Aadheenam from his recent trip. This evening Satguru will enjoy a special meal prepared by his monks. Remember to leave your birthday wishes in the comments!

"Without a Satguru all philosophy, knowledge and mantras are fruitless. Him alone the Gods praise who is the Satguru, keeping active what is handed down to him by tradition. Therefore, one should seek with all effort to obtain a preceptor of the unbroken tradition, born of Supreme Siva." Kularnava Tantra

Ladies Working for Siva

While the monastery has no female residents, and non-monastic members (both men and women) leave the property by 6PM, the ladies are actively involved in Sivathondu in the public areas. They are in immense help to the monastery. Being clerks at the MiniMela and being temple hosts. They also help the Pilliyar Kulam with tags for items and other chores related to the Minimela.

The members take take turns dealing with the tide of visitors, which has grown to over more than 3,000 month every day from 9-12 noon. They have to answer questions of the wide-eyed tourists who know nothing about Hinduism, "What is that Dancing God?" Answer serious queries about the monastery from Hindu pilgrims, "What sampradaya does this temple follow?"

And act as polite policewomen. "No photos allowed the temple... Can you please put on a sarong? Don't put your feet out while sitting. No, you can't do go Iraivan, to do that come on a tour day...." This list of questions go on and on. They have become quite the diplomats.

All the monks really thank you all for this service. You have no idea how much it is appreciated! Thank you!

California, Arizona and Texas

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami have been actively making their way through California, Arizona and Texas. Here are a few photos of their adventure.

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